Imagine a tree.  Do you see the trunk, the branches, the leaves? 

Do you see them moving in the wind?

Do you see things in your mind’s eye?  Most people do, some of them very vividly, but about 1% of the population doesn’t see anything in their mind’s eye and I’m one of that 1%.  It’s called Aphantasia.  A lot of people with Aphantasia don’t see anything at all when they close their eyes – just a blank field, although in my case, I do see something – I see Energy.  It’s like a golden swirling mist and over the past few years, coupled with gifts of Clairsentience and Claircognisance, I have come to understand that it holds a beautiful and unique ‘language’.

I have “total aphantasia.” That means that I not only don’t see things in my mind’s eye, but I also am not able to replicate in my mind other senses like sound, taste, touch.  One of the trickiest things is that I don’t have much of an “internal dialogue.”  That one only really came to my attention a few weeks ago when I discovered that most people apparently have this sort-of running conversation going on in their heads.  Unless I specifically want to think of something, my mind is generally quiet.  Which, in many ways, is really good because I am not a person who likes noise!! 

Why is this important?  Well, it’s not, except that it helps me to understand why my brain seems to work differently to other people.  Why I have problems with memory and why one of the skills I love most is my ability to pour words and stories onto my computer seemingly from nowhere and with absolutely no thought.  I’ve always said that I can organise my thoughts better when I’m typing – I type at 90wpm so I’ve assumed that it was simply that hand-writing was too slow.  It also explains why my Spiritual Teacher can give me a question to ponder, and then I will then give absolutely no further thought about that question until I ‘know’ it’s the right time.  Then I sit at my computer and let the words flow.  Much as is happening right now.  I’ve laughed for many years at how when someone asks me to write a reference or to help them with a tricky letter, I can appear to be doing absolutely nothing about it for a few days and then… there it is.  I’ve joked for years that I must be working subliminally – and it seems I may be right.

My teacher asked me a question the other day.  She invited me, when looking at this question, to consider the first thing that pops into my mind and then to move out of my mind and stretch the concept.   The question?  Why are we here?

Now, that is definitely a question that requires thought.  I sat on it for a day.  In my usual way I seemed to be giving it absolutely no consideration, then, under the cover of the running water of my shower I started to think on this in a way (outside of typing) that works for me – I vocalise.  I think out-loud.  I talk to the tiles on my shower wall.  It’s amazing how much clarity you can gain when you do that!

Am I going to tell you what came up for me.  No.  Not yet anyway, other than to say that when, with my Teacher, I went deeper into these thoughts, the conversation became very enlightening both from a personal perspective and for the Collective.

Topics such as this question, Yugen, Wu Wai, Melding Spirituality into physical 3D life and much more could be discussed at our next IKoK Chat on Zoom.  Do you want to miss out???   No?  Then I invite you to join us on Friday, 22nd October at 8.00pm CDT (if you are in the US).  That’s Saturday 23rd October at 11.00am AEST is you are, like me, in Australia, but please, check your local time. 
You can register for this free live event by going to the IKoK Facebook page where you’ll find all the information you need.  There’s a link below for that page.

Hope to see you there
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The International Koalition of Krones (IKoK) is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective in it’s continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”

The Founder of the IKoK, Essence Ka tha’ras, is, amongst many other things, a Master Metatronic Numerologist. If you wish to explore her work, and the work of the IKoK, there are links below.

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Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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