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by Auri’An

Dreaming Big

 I had a dream.  It was a dream that has been with me for most of my life – and that is a lot of years. I met a man with the same dream, but his was much bigger than mine and we became friends.  I didn’t have the faith that would allow me to … Continue reading “Dreaming Big”


When we see a spider – especially a big one – most of us will jump into freak-out mode.  There is something that just so ALIEN about the spider and all those legs…  I had a visit from Spider a few days ago.  A middle-sized Huntsman spider, about the size of the palm of my … Continue reading “Spider”


“How can we justify being focused on spiritual and philosophical pursuits when there is so much pain and suffering in the world?“ This is a question asked by my Teacher, Essence Ka tha’ras. I love her questions. They usually come when I’ve just got up in the morning and am still stumbling around trying to … Continue reading “Focus”


Pelican came calling a couple of years ago with information for humanity as a whole – and for us as individual aspects of that Collective.  We should be aware that when Pelican comes into our lives, we really need to have a good look at what should be reviewed in our personal life, and in … Continue reading “Pelican”


The other day, I was driving into town and I noticed two Straw-necked Ibis.  The first two arrivals for the cooler months here in the Far North of Queensland, Australia.  The arrival of the Ibis reminded me of the Journey of Discovery I took a couple of years ago with my Spiritual Sister and Teacher, … Continue reading “ANOTHER VISIT FROM IBIS”

Cycles and Bridges

WordPress (the host for this site) has raised a challenge for bloggists to incorporate the theme of ‘bridge’ into their work.  @WordPrompt  Here are my thoughts…. When you think of a bridge, most people reading this would think of a structure that gets you over an obstacle such as a river, a train-track or a … Continue reading “Cycles and Bridges”


It is said that we are all Creators. Certainly we are the creators of the life we are living. Whether you perceive your life as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ your choices contributed to where you find yourself today. I’ve made some tough choices in the past and, in retrospect, a lot of them have not been … Continue reading “Choices”


One of my mottos is “Flip the Fear. Find the Bling.” I was relaxing the other day, reading a book, when a phrase jumped out at me. It was something along the lines of “It’s the irritation caused by a single grain of sand that causes the oyster to build a pearl.” That got me … Continue reading “Irritations…..”


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