Djaki Kundu – Genocide happening in Queensland

Photo: Queensland Police throw an Aboriginal Sovereign Elder to the ground.

I’m not indigenous. 
I am, however, an Elder in my society.

As an Elder and as a Krone I expect a level of respect. 

The level of respect given by our First Nations people, here in Australia, to their Elders, is deep. 

Much deeper than that which is given to the Elders of our white societies who are often dismissed as not knowing anything.  Those who fought for the very freedoms that are slowly being eroded in this current ethos of separation are seen as being of little or no value.

I have seen the respect for the life lived, the knowledge gained, the wisdom that our Traditional Owner Elders hold and have found it sad that we white folk cannot seem to learn from these ancient peoples.

And I don’t have words for the way we arrogantly consider ourselves superior.  Simply because we carry skin that hasn’t adapted through millennia to hot, harsh climates.

Over the last few days, I have been watching a tale unfold.  A tale of genocide.  Of oppression.  Of avarice.  Of dis-respect.  A tale that was old when white folk first started travelling the globe, eating up all they found. 

This is the tale of Djaki Kundu. 

Djaki Kundu is an ancient place.  A place on the Seven Sisters Song Line.  A place of healing.   A place where the First Nations of this land we call Australia have met for eons.  And this place, Djaki Kundu, has just been destroyed.  Elders have been arrested, denied medical assistance, imprisoned.  For trespassing on their own land.  Land which has been theirs for longer than white man has existed.  Land to which, even under white man laws, they hold sovereign rights. 

Human Rights have been violated.

Genocide is being enacted.

Their meeting place, Sacred place, place of Ceremony; their Direction Trees which have taken hundreds of years to train to point in a specific direction, Sacred Bunya Trees, ancient artefacts that would throw away the book on what we believe about this land, all gone. 

All gone under the bulldozer.

All gone to further what the Queensland Transport and Main Roads deem far more important than an ancient sacred site – a road.

I mean…  how can it be sacred?  It’s not like Westminster Cathedral, is it? 

Well – it’s much, much older than Westminster Cathedral, or Notre Dame or even the Egyptian Pyramids!  This, on the Seven Sisters Songline goes back in lore to the arrival of humans on this planet.  And it doesn’t matter what your thoughts are on that…  what matters is that it does matter to the Kabi Kabi. 

Even if these things are of no interest to you, I cannot believe that you could sit by and allow, on our very own doorstep, to see police (and without name badges and not willing to give name and badge number) abusing an elderly woman, throwing her to the ground, wrenching her arms behind her back as she cries in pain and shock face down in the dirt. She was still outside the area that TMR have fenced off. She is an older woman and no threat.

I cannot believe that you can condone Aunty Bucky being dragged to her feet, crying in pain, and when asked by another person if she is OK replying that no she is not OK.  I cannot believe that you would think it right that this elderly woman was manhandled into the police vehicle, thrown in belly first and then shoved the rest of the way, on her face, as if she was a sofa being taken to the dump.  And even more, I cannot believe that anyone would condone that the ambulance that was called was not allowed entry.   That the police would not allow entry for medical assistance for injuries they had inflicted on an elderly woman until the other ‘protestors’ who have every right to be on their own land, leave.

Did the protestors leave?  Did they acquiesce to this bullying blackmail.  Yes.  Because right then it was more important that Aunty Bucky get the medical help she needed.

Please share this.

Djaki Kundu is not the only Ancient Sacred place that is being destroyed, defiled, in this way. 

Genocide is not just about people – it is also about the killing off of a way of life. 

Human rights apply regardless of the colour of your skin or your spiritual or religious beliefs.

This is happening in a small town in Queensland, Australia.

Would you stand up if it was your place of worship – your sacred space – that was being defiled in this way. 

It could be.  Your town could be next.

There are links below for more information on this ancient site Djaki Kundu aka Seven Sisters Dreaming aka the Gympie Pyramid.

NOTE: Aunty Bucky was taken to hospital and received treatment for the injuries inflicted on her before being referred to her doctor.

KABI Dreaming

350 OcSu7top7boe6r1 na77ts 8106:r12a24  · Djaki Kundu update 30 October 2021: Waiting outside of Gympie watch house. Tribal Elder and our friend Nikki (Bonji) were assaulted by police at Djaki Kundu and arrested. A nurse who offered to give medical assistance was assaulted by police officers. Nichole’s husband was also assaulted. An ambulance was turned away by police. Dhakkie, Gilburri, Seamus, Zac and Paul have also been arrested, we suspect there may be others. We are unsure of their medical condition at present. We are very concerned for the health and well being of all concerned, and especially for the condition of Aunty Bucky and Nichole. Don’t be silent stand together against human rights abuse. Bona wup’pin.

Aunty Bucky tells why this is important to her in the description on this video of her being abused by police:

Police continue to support the Queensland TMR who are continuing to destroy Aboriginal Cultural artefacts and the sacred landscape of Djaki Kundu, in breach of our human rights, which are acknowledged to be upheld in the Queensland Human Rights Act 2019. The rights to continue cultural and spiritual religious practise are also upheld in section 116 of the Commonwealth Constitution.

Police and TMR are both acting in violation of Queensland Laws. The sacred site of Djaki Kundu is situated on land set aside from settlement by the Crown in 1842 with the Bunya Proclamation. The Bunya Proclamation was never lawfully repealed. Always was always will be Kabi Bunya Djha.

My experience visiting the Gympie Pyramid

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