Hi – I’m Auri’An

2022!!!   Where did the last two years go?

There has been so much that the people of this planet have had to deal with – and I am not going into blow-by-blow info on that – you all know it!

For me?  It’s probably been the best two years of my life.

I live in a small community in the north of Queensland and until mid-January 2022 we really hadn’t been hit by the virus; there was very little in the way of isolating, mask-wearing etc and after surviving Tropical Cyclone Yasi ten years ago, the residents of this town are tough.  They know what real fear is.

I’ve been working in the community as a volunteer in many things: helping young kids learn to read, hours spent at the local Visitor Information Centre / museum; lots of arts and craft stuff; hosting the C Files (where experts share knowledge and locals share experiences) at Australia’s only UFO Festival and recently I’ve joined the committee of our Regional Arts organisation.  I’ve learned how to weave, built beautiful mandalas from toilet rolls and become addicted to polymer clay.  Life has been busy. 

The work with the International Koalition of Krones has been a major player in the last two years, we have recorded live Zoom chats (links to some of our chats can be found here); I also started a You Tube channel and a Podcast.  Phew!

I have just become old enough to qualify as an Aged Pensioner!  MAN, I find that to be a source of continual amusement, and that means it’s time for another review of where I am going as I continue to travel this path of life.  I sat down, looked at what I enjoyed and what I didn’t and realised that the things that were giving me most grief had to go, and that is the podcast and the You Tube Channel.   I like writing.  I enjoy writing way more than actually talking.  I enjoy making memes (check out my memes page – you are welcome to copy and share).  I do sometimes feel as if I am talking to myself – but that doesn’t matter.  It brings me a sense of accomplishment, keeps my brain functioning and improves my touch-typing skills (I have a new laptop and in the space of about 6 months I have managed to wear off the letters on most of the keys!)

So that is where I am.  I am still Krone, I still have advice, opinions, ideas, thoughts on a host of subjects both Spiritual and Physical and I’m quite happy to share them.  And still, it is your choice if you want to take any of these things to heart.  Or not. 

May 2022 bring to you a year of peaceful exploration of where you are on your life path and in what directions you want to travel. And when you know this direction – may you joyously step out onto the path.

Over the last year or so I’ve undergone a huge transformation in my Self. I’ve worked on the fear I’ve always lived in, on the need to always subsume myself in order to help someone else, and now, with the COVID-19 shutdown, I have been able to take time to anchor all the changes and am ready to move into the next stage in this life of mine.
I am totally committed to my Spiritual Path, I am a Healer, a Spiritual Awakening Facilitator and a fully qualified Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Therapist/Teacher specialising in those tricky times of change, stress, anxiety and more, mainly through talk-therapy, mindfulness, common-sense and homework! If you want results you have to be prepared to do the work!

At the beginning of May 2020, Spirit sent me a nudge with a message that it was time to stop working with individuals (especially as most are quite comfortable with their anxieties and pains, or rather, they’d like to get rid of them but don’t want to do the hard yakka) and that it was time to step up and into the work I am here for – helping the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as it navigates this tricky time in history and makes the decision as to which road humans will take into the future – that of Peace and Love or of Pain and Suffering.

I closed down my business, Ki’An Healing, and only a couple of weeks later I became one of the founder members of the International Koalition of Krones.

I have no idea what this blog will bring to the world. I could end up talking about everything from the meaning of life to how beautiful is the view from my desk to spouting off about things going on around us. I’ll just let it flow. That’s part of the fun of being a Krone – I get to have my say on whatever I want!

My work has begun.

Gy’ She’ em.


2 thoughts on “Hi – I’m Auri’An”

  1. Hello Sister Krone,
    I came to visit and see what is happening on the other side of this planet! LOL
    I was also looking for a Subscribe button, but didn’t find it.
    If there is one I’ve overlooked please let me know!

    Ģy’ Shé em
    Krone Essence Ka tha’ras

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