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Bashing Hope?

Oh MAN!! I am seeing so many posts about the imminent Spiritual Ascension – how all the ‘bad’ people will die and the ‘good’ people will rise up and live the good life. This is apparently going to come in on solar winds, our light bodies are going to be activated and all that apparently unused DNA. is going to light up…..

Do you know how many times I have seen this rubbish since I started my journey? Too many to count. I’ve seen it from well-known personalities, from unknown people with big Egos; from people who seriously believe in what is no more than a glorified Doomsday prophesy.

And when the designated date goes silently past, and nothing happens, these people all shut up. For a while.

Yes, I understand that this belief is really just showing where these folk are on their journey, and no, I don’t judge them. They’ll work it out eventually I hope. It just makes me tired. This is the kind of Energy that causes problems in the first place. Energy built by Ego on a distorted view of the religious Rapture.

Humans, made the mess we live in. Humans, have to clean it up. Or not. Right now we are on the “or not” track and I tell you, this is not a timeline reality we want to knowingly travel. I know, I recently ‘traveled’ approximately 150-200 years into the future of the timeline we are currently on, a time which my friend and teacher calls “HD Reality.” Believe me, we do not want to go there. We have to clean up this mess.

Some will say that it gives people hope to believe in such things. Yes. I believe strongly in hope – but time after time this type of hope is smashed. What happens then to the folk who pinned all their hopes on that sort of event – on the knight in shining armour riding to the rescue just in the nick of time?

Hope. This kind of ‘hope,’ the ascension style of hope, asks nothing of people. Just that they pin their beliefs on it happening and don’t do any of the work that is needed to make it happen. Some people will do individual work to improve themselves, but this is Collective work we need right now.

Do I have the answers? Nope. Humanity will no doubt keep stumbling on, making mistakes, sometimes fixing mistakes, sometimes making them worse, but I do know that this knight in shining armour isn’t going to ride into the Energy of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and wipe out all the bad stuff like chalk on a board. Ain’t going to happen and the sooner we work this out and get to work – without the fear and anger – to bring about a resolution, the better we as a Collective will be.

There are those whose work is to split us apart. Divide and conquer. And their tool of choice is fear. We can’t separate the Physical from the Spiritual and so we need to come together physically and spiritually, to say No, we will not be separated. We are One. One People on this Planet. And we need to do this without feeding that Fear. That should not be our tool of choice.
People are starting to come together – but they are picking up the tools of Fear and Anger. We are the silent majority. We need to come together in the Power of Silence. The French have done it in the past, as have the Turkish. Now the world needs to do this. Peacefully. Silently. Together. Citizens of Earth.

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Energetically Shooting Myself in the Foot?

There are times when I can be so dense.

I work with the Law of Attraction.  I teach my clients how their thoughts create their reality.  I even paint a verbal picture of how Spirit/Universe/God/whoever looks at Mrs X and says how very much she must enjoy arguing with her neighbour because she’s always talking about their arguments with everyone who stands still long enough to listen, and how Spirit/Universe/God/whoever thinks that it will make sure that Mrs X gets lots of that argumentative Energy sent to her because she obviously enjoys it.  It’s sort-of funny.  What you focus on is what you get is the bottom line of working with the Law of Attraction.


Except, when it came to me, I totally managed to misplace how Belief also plays a part.  How the deep-down beliefs that we hold – those that are such a part of us that we don’t even consider them to be a ‘belief’ – are also in the game. 

Money is a good example.  Being an older person, but not old enough to retire, I have, for the last year or so, been living on unemployment benefit.  This is roughly 50% of what is considered the bread-line in Australia.  So money, or rather the lack of it, is a constant in my life.

I work really hard to maintain a high-vibrational frequency: I volunteer, I do what I can to help others da-da-da…  I also have this almost-constant refrain rolling through my head about money.  Or the lack of.  How I can’t afford to get my hair cut or a colour put through it.  How I ride a tricycle because a car is way out of budget; how it’s eggs for dinner again because they are cheap.  Anyone on a tight budget understands this – it colours just about every thought.  You have to weigh-up every pair of socks you need to buy against what else you could use that money for.  It’s almost impossible to stop thinking about the lack.

What I also do is ‘flip’ those thoughts:  my hair is beautiful in it’s natural state and the grey is so shiny; the tricycle is fun, I decorate it and put Christmas lights all over it so people don’t miss seeing me; how eggs are no longer the dietary villain but are actually a food that gives me almost everything I need. I am, actually, a heap better off than many people on this planet.   I meditate,  chant affirmations, I work in the physical world to promote my counselling and healing business and keep telling myself that it WILL get off the ground and that I WILL become self-sufficient again and so much more.

But there’s that deep down belief, the one that is always at the back of my mind however much I flip thoughts and actions – that I’ll never have enough money; that money really IS the actual root of all evil, after all it was a major player in all the dramas that have happened in my life…. And on it goes.

Today, I was reading “Act of Faith – Conversations with P’taah” when I had a ‘light-bulb’ moment and mentally slapped myself upside the head!  How many times on a daily basis do I say that “Everything is Energy?”  How often do I bemoan that many spiritual people mouth words but don’t really understand what they are saying?  I actually love these moments when my ‘humanness’- my fallibility is pushed up front so I can’t help but fall over it.  And there it was – the reason my manifestation of a flow of money to me and through me wasn’t happening.  I’d thought I’d been working so hard on not focusing on my lack of money, yet all the while I was still holding a deep-down belief that money was something bad.   I had totally forgotten that money is simply Energy.  No bigger, no smaller in importance than a light bulb or a flower bulb or absolutely anything else in this reality.  Simply an Energy form, made manifest into physical reality in order to exchange it for other energy.  Money itself isn’t evil, money itself isn’t what stops me getting my hair cut and coloured.  Money just is. 

It’ll be interesting, as I work to dispel this belief structure of mine, to observe how it all works.  How changing my beliefs about money from something that has always been a major player in my life dramas into simply Energy, works with the Law of Attraction.  How those pieces of paper are actually unimportant.  It’s the possibilities that they energetically hold that is important.  Everything – including money – is simply Energy.

Thank you BB – I know you have been trying to explain this to me for a while.  I THINK I’ve got it – at least, I am aware and working on the concept!

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I am blessed in that I have friends who challenge me. They have a tendency to say something off the wall that flings my mind into overdrive and I delve deep into whatever thoughts arise.

One such friend, who lives in America, is a master in posing metaphysical or ethical questions – before my first cup of coffee in the morning! The question will await me on Messenger or Face Book and MAN that is challenging at 4.30am! And I love it. When something grabs my attention I wholly commit to seeking my answers; which usually flow with ease and a confident Knowing of my Truth at this particular point in linear time. It’s as if I had been working on the question for months. In the case of this friend, I delve into my beliefs and my current knowledge and learn where I stand on a whole variety of somewhat tricky topics, and I grow in my knowledge of Self and the Truths that change as I move through this linear world.

Another friend threw me a real curve-ball the other day. It was an unusual question, in some ways relevant to the conversation, but totally unexpected and I was rather surprised that my normal Knowing didn’t jump up and provide the answer. I know I said I would rather not, and that answer was accepted, but I have since spent many hours turning over the question – and my response. The question was “Would I accept charity?”

Normally that would be an easy question. No, I wouldn’t. I have an intense need to be self-sufficient. I come from a working class family where there has always been a sense of pride in the presentation of a certain level of living. For example, as a child I was always well dressed, but few probably knew that my mum would stay up all night sewing these clothes, re-purposing from old cast-offs. As an adult I’ve lived times of plenty when money was not a big issue and I have lived times where funds are extremely limited. During each of those harder times, I have followed my mother’s lead and not allowed people to see the difficulties.

One of these difficult times has stretched back for the last 10 years. The bank made an error in a business loan that they wouldn’t fix. We fought this for years through every avenue we could all the time getting into more and more debt.. We knew that if we dropped the ball in appearing ‘comfortable’ the vultures would descend upon us really quickly. Finally we handed the whole lot back to the bank and then had to survive a whole 12 month period with zero income. We sold everything we owned in order to pay the rent and keep a roof over our heads. And I had to learn to accept charity.

I discovered I am a proud woman. I also discovered that if I refused assistance, I was refusing to let people help me in a similar manner to which I have helped others. It shocked me that I was so willing to offer help but too proud to accept. It was another lesson from Ego. I would like to be able to say that this lesson has been learned and I could accept that which is given, with love and humility, but I can’t. During that 12 months, recovering from injury and with no income, I had to learn to let go of that pride, that strong drive for self-sufficiency because at that time there was no other option. I needed to learn that it takes strength to admit that help is needed – and even more than admitting, it takes strength to accept help with dignity – especially from people who do not expect a return. Each time, it broke my heart.

Things are still not good, but they are an awful lot better than they were. I’m holding my own. Not attempting to keep up appearances, but also not willing to let them slip too much.

Now, perhaps, you can see why that question, “Would I accept charity” caused me to dig deep within Self. Right now, the answer is no, I won’t. But last year – I had no choice. It was accept or live on the streets. Is it pride that drives me to say no, even now? I honestly don’t know. But what I do know is that I have two arms, two legs and a half-way reasonable brain and I’d much rather earn my daily bread.

And that first friend, the one who asks the tricky questions early in the morning – it was she who taught me that I give and I give and I give. Isn’t it time I allowed someone else to do that occasionally?