Eeeeek! What a Year!

Many years ago, when I first married, someone blessed me with the following:

May you live in interesting times.

I didn’t know it then, but I certainly do now – this is often as much a curse as a blessing, and for me it very definitely was more on the side of being a curse.  I lived a life filled with drama and disasters.

2021 is almost at a close and it certainly has been “interesting”.  In the big picture it most definitely has seemed to be filled with drama and disaster, but despite this, there is still much to make life worthwhile.  There is this beautiful planet we call home; there are our families and our loved ones; our dreams and our desires; our community and our work.

My 2021 has been amazing.  I am fortunate to live in a part of the world where Covid has yet to appear, so there has, in all reality, been very little impact on my personal life, but I am a part of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity of Earth and so I have watched as we all worry about the future we appear to be heading towards. 

Last year, 2020, my dreams and desires for my future appeared to be dashed to the ground as plans crashed with the advent of this pandemic.  This year, for me, was about getting back into a place of equilibrium and planning for a stable future.

There has been a lot of background work on Self, but now, as 2021 draws to a close I look back and see that I’ve not done too badly.  It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but circumstances have led me to move house twice – and now I am in my perfect ‘forever/as long as possible’ home.  I’ve had surgery to fix a problem that has been causing me chronic pain for the past 4 years; my voluntary work within the community has expanded and brings me much joy and I have made a commitment to self, that as I recover from my surgery, I will commence working on improving my physical health. 

Something that has brought me much in the way of knowledge, challenges, inspiration and more is my work with the International Koalition of Krones.  Through that work I am now exploring the world of Podcasts and You Tube videos and, after having my work peer-reviewed, I’ve realised that one of the things in my life that has been missing for a while is consistency.  And that brings me to the way I am currently pointing for next year. 

My plan is to produce a blog every week and, being aware that not everyone loves the written word as much as I do, it will also be published as a podcast on several platforms including Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and more. You’ll also find me on You Tube and Facebook.

My work is mainly with Energy and Spiritual knowledge but as we say in the IKoK: you can’t separate the physical from the spiritual, so I tend to have a fairly practical view of the world and how we can travel through it.  I’m planning to have posts dealing what I see in the world – either in my own community or in the wider world; I’ll post stuff relating to dealing with the stresses that we are all dealing with – after all I am an Holistic Counsellor and qualified to assist in that way.  I’ll be posting meditations – because I am also a qualified Meditation Therapist and I know how beneficial it is to simply stop and breathe; and I will be continuing with Animal Medicine posts – sharing messages that come to me from the animal world to the human world.

What I don’t do, is talk love and light fluffy stuff.

I hope you will join me and travel through 2022 with joy in your heart, learning how YOU can make a difference to this world by making a difference in your own life. 

Author: Auri'An

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