Creating Reality, Shelf-life and the Power of Attraction

Starseeds came here to assist humanity. We didn’t come here to fix things. We didn’t understand when the shelf-life of our initial work had expired. We know that we create our reality, but are we taking responsibility for creating this reality?

Nothing lasts forever. Everything has a expiry date. At least, I can only think of one exception to that rule – honey. Apparently that lasts forever.

And that’s what I want to talk about today – how everything has some kind of shelf-life; how everything will come to a time when it no longer serves it’s purpose.

Starseeds came here to assist humanity.  We all know that.  Many of the early arrivals – and I could be considered one of those, I am of the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo generation – came here to simply pave the way.  We didn’t come here to fix things.  The energy was dense when we arrived – too dense for Indigo and subsequent generations to survive, so when those generations finally started to arrive in numbers, our work was done.  Except a lot of us didn’t realise that – and therein, lies a major problem.

We didn’t understand that the shelf-life of our initial work had expired.

We’d completed what we’d originally come here to do, and so we settled down and continued on with all the things that we knew well and had become comfortable with.  Things that nowadays are fairly main-stream such as readings, smudging, crystals and healing, but at the time, they were still considered weird and hippyish. Many of us had grown up in the 60’s.

Everything has a shelf-life.  A time of creation, of birth; of growth and maturity and then it gradually fades away, gets superseded by the next cycle or even implodes on itself.

But we’ve become long-lived in our comfortable and confident in our way of life and we’ve taught the younger ones what we know.  That’s been the way that knowledge has been shared since forever.

Except we now live in a world of high speed.  Where everything can be found, discovered, half-understood, and all at our fingertips.  So many of our youngsters, our Newbie spiritual children, have forsaken the older, tried and tested methods of being taught, which can take many, many years, and they have forsaken them in favour of the immediate gratification of the wonders available on the internet.

And the result is the warping of knowledge.  The twisting of Truths to suit the experience of the Neophyte who then, believing she is a Master, starts to teach the next layer of Newbies. And a Neophyte teaching Neophytes is a dangerous combination.

It’s barely been a decade or two that generations of knowledge has been melted down into words that are most often blindly spoken, with the depths – the Energy behind the words – not perceived.

The Power of Attraction is one such thing.  We know that we create our reality.  But are we taking responsibility for creating THIS reality – the reality timeline we have been living through for the past couple of years – and will, possibly, for the next 13,000+ years? 

In the hands of Neophytes who think they hold all the answers, the Power of Attraction has become simply a method by which you can work toward visualising all your dreams coming true – the home, car, money, perfect partner and other things that many people dream of. But what is forgotten is that it is not just our desires that we attract. Every aspect of our lives are affecting our reality. So why would it be such a stretch to understand that the virus, vaccination, loss of freedom, loss of body autonomy isn’t also a result of our powers as Creators.  Creating doesn’t pick and choose!  You can’t be responsible for only creating the pretty stuff.

I am creating my own reality. 

We say that, envisaging the perfect scenario we want to see in our lives.

I am creating my own reality.

Look about you and recognise what we – Starseed – have created on this planet.  Look at what has been created in just this past two years.

But – I hear you call out – I didn’t create this mess. 

But – I say – yes you did.  And so did I.  Everyone of us has played a part.

Every thought, every word, every deed carries Power.  Every swear word you spoke, every piece of hatred, every finger pointed in judgement, every violent movie you watched, every time you were triggered by fear or took notice of advertisements telling you are not good enough.  Every time you mockingly laughed at someone; walked past a homeless person, or a disabled person or someone who was hurting and turned away, not wanting to get drawn in. 

Every time you had the ability to help someone and didn’t.  Every time you gave Ego full rein.

This is the shelf life that has to go.  We have to let go of our refusal to take responsibility that we, together, created this mess.  We need to own up to it.  And we older Starseed must take the greater responsibility.  We allowed knowledge into the world that the world was not ready to use safely.

So how do we fix this?  To be honest, I don’t know that we can.  But how can we not try?

We Krones have been talking about not being able to separate the physical from the spiritual for one heck of a long time, and whether your focus over the past few years has mainly been the physical or the spiritual realms doesn’t really matter – what we need to do going forward is stop thinking of them as separate things.  We cannot separate the physical from the spiritual. What we do in one realm affects all others.

We know we have power.  We know we are creators of our reality.  What we give focus to is what we use to create our reality.  What we focus on – whether it’s in the Spiritual, emotional or mental realms – will become a part of our physical reality. 

We have to start creating physically, intentionally, beneficently, knowingly and stop just spouting words like Love and Light.  That’s fluffy stuff now.  It’s become so overused, so mundane that the strength and intention in those words have minimised, become negligible.  Phrases like this longer carries the energy it used to.  The path has become harder. 

I’ve to what some would call the future. I’ve travelled down this timeline we are on.  I’ve travelled twice into the linear future of this timeline.  I do not want to go there again.  I do not want my physical descendants to live in those times.  I do not want to reincarnate into those times.  But I will.  And so will you.  That is a given.  If we stay on this path that we appear to have chosen, it will last for over 13,000 years and we will reincarnate into that reality. More than once. There is no ‘going home’, at least not until we clean up our mess.

The shelf-life of the reality we were born into has expired and anew reality is being birthed. It is being born of the thoughts, deeds and actions of every human on this planet. Ever human is a part of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and has a voice in how things move forward.

Starseeds are playing a role, but the future timeline reality we will all travel is not only our responsibility. We are here to guide remember, not fix.

What you can do is show the way. We need to start by understanding our contribution to this birth of a new reality and do everything we can to make sure that beauty, kindness, compassion and respect remain choices that human and starseed can make.

So let’s put a short shelf life on this current reality.  Let’s own up to our part in creating this current reality.  And each of us, individually and collectively, must do whatever we can to change things for the better. 

Let’s help each other.  Support each other.  Let’s not accept this discrimination that is separating us.  Let’s not bow down to fear.

Let’s focus on the beauty in the world.  Let’s add to that beauty where we can.  Let’s stop allowing fear and anger to overwhelm us.  Let’s practice compassion.

Let’s focus on this current reality as having come to the end of its shelf life.   It has taught us many things about ourselves and given us many opportunities to rise above it.  Let’s encourage the cycle to renew in the way that will move us off this timeline reality and onto a better pathway.  Let’s learn the lesson and move forward.

And let us be very wary of what we create in the future!

Remember – Flip the Fear, Find the Bling.

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Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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