Igniting Courage

Journey #2

Things happen – sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes they creep up on you and just about knock you off your feet. 

Things happen – sometimes they are just embarrassing or awkward; sometimes they make you want to curl up and hide from the world.

Things happen – that confuse you, or makes you question everything you know about yourself.

You are a human, having a human experience, and it is impossible to escape ‘things happening’.  The thing is, how do you react when they do?

For me – I sometimes get overwhelmed.  I cry.  It sometimes seems as if I will never stop crying.  I can’t think.  My mind turns to mush and I literally cannot remember anything from one minute to the next.  Other times, other things, and I suddenly find a strength I had no idea I owned and I jump in and deal with whatever it is.

When things happen we are faced with a choice.  In this card, is the rider holding a flag of surrender?  Is she racing away from danger?  Could she be riding into danger?

Whatever the ‘thing’ that is happening turns out to be, there is one thing it is so very important not to forget.  We are strong.  We are valiant, and we are courageous.

In this card, the rider has no saddle or stirrups, she has only one hand on the reins because the other is holding the flag – which could be of surrender or of peace.  It makes no difference if she is running from or to her ‘thing’, she has trust in her companion and guide, even as, in the form of a horse, it is taking a leap over a wall.  She is not only strong and valiant and courageous, but she also has trust and faith that whatever direction she chooses – it will be the right one.

Author: Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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