If you over-esteem talented individuals,

People will become overly competitive.

Lao Tzu. Tao Te Ching. Chapter 3

These two lines , written millennia ago, are very applicable to our current society.  It appears that competition and striving to be ‘top dog’ is built into our psyche.  At one time it may even have been a contributor to the survival of our species – a way of finding those individuals who are worthy of leading the tribe.

We have a tendency, as humans, to put people we consider ‘talented’ on pedestals.  We raise them up with adoration – or even with our dislike or discomfort.  We talk about them.  We watch items on TV and social media about them.  We pour our Energy in their direction.

When I read these two lines, my thoughts went to how we idolise certain people within our society.  Actors, singers, politicians, religious leaders – and even those who just know how to say the right words we want to hear.

Some we raise high because they make us feel good for a short time, they help us escape our everyday lives.  Some we put up on a pedestal, not because they are particularly ‘talented’ but because they say the same things that we agree with, that we believe.  Some are lifted to these lofty heights because they tell us what to do and we don’t have to wade through all the confusing knowledge and information that challenges us and can make us feel uncomfortable.

And these people climb their mountains, always striving to reach greater heights.  But are those heights beneficial to our society?  Are these pedestals raised on a foundation of wisdom, knowledge and grace, or are they built upon our need of entertainment, titillation, and ego?

When we focus on these icons of society, we are ‘feeding’ them Energy.  Our Energy (attention / focus / time / money / adoration / hatred etc) flows in the direction of our attention.  It doesn’t matter one little bit if the idol is beneficial for you as an individual or for the entire Collective Consciousness of Humanity and beyond – or not.  It is our Energy (attention / focus etc) that allows them to climb to the top of their mountain.  They’d never get there if we didn’t give them that Energy. 

We need to take responsibility for those we pushed to the top of the mountain – their actions (their power to be beneficial or not) are due to our focus (Energy) being directed their way.

 – and never forget that there is always someone coming behind, eager to push the idols off their pedestals and climb up there themselves.  We need to be discerning in where we focus our Energy.  Or that competition could, just, get out of hand.

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