Who is Auri’An?

Yesterday I divorced my husband.  It was probably one of the most easy things I have ever done.  We are great friends, get on really well in almost every respect but, we both realised only a few months after we got married that we should have just stuck with friendship.

At the time I was deep into the archetype of Rescuer – or if you prefer the Jungian definition, The Caregiver.  I’m a strong Empath and at that time in my journey, having come through some pretty hard stuff myself, I wanted to fix everybody else’s problems.  My husband had some health issues that he was ignoring and I felt that he needed rescuing.  Looking back neither of us doubt that I saved his life on a couple of counts, but a big Ego (me) and a possible need to be saved (him) are not reasons to marry. 

We scraped by fairly well, mainly by living separate lives, for almost 16 years and I can’t see the friendship ever fully falling over, but when we filed for divorce, there was a possibility of another Mrs Thomson and the question of name and possible name changes came up in conversation. 

Things like this get my mind working deeply.  I start analysing self and digging into my history and my desires for the future, and I realised that I did not want to remain as Mrs. Thomson.  I also realised that both my previous names – my first marriage which ended in widowhood at an early age and my maiden name, felt very heavy.  There was much baggage attached to both names which I do not want to carry forward into this new stage of a life that is filled with potential.  A new name was needed. 

I meditated. 

I am a meditation therapist/teacher and meditation is my first port of call to resolve sticky problems.  At the very least my mind gets a time to calm down and get centred, but there are also times when my meditation goes deep.  Very deep.  I frequently travel within meditation and I also interact with Guides and other Beings.  This meditation brought forth the Big Guns – not just any Guide, but my Master Guide. 

For those of you who are sceptical of such things, it may be a good idea to skip the next paragraph, LOL, because this could be too far out there for some folk to accept – but here it is.  It’s my belief and in this case, that’s all that counts!

I went on a Journey.  I am Starseed from the Almaak constellation in the Andromeda Galaxy.  I have journeyed ‘home’ a few times and that is where I ended up in this meditation.  I have also interacted with a Being there named Layhangh.  On this trip Layhangh sent me on a Journey through several of my past lifetimes, but that’s not really relevant here.  What is relevant is that this Journey was to “learn who I am.”  I learned many things – including my name.  Auri’An.  If I wanted to make this my legal name in this lifetime, I’d also need a family name.  That turned out to be so easy!  Layhangh is a family member.  Lay is the family name. 

My new name – Auri’An Lay. 

OK sceptics – safe to read on…   LOL.

The divorce doesn’t become absolute for one month and one day, and I promised myself that I wouldn’t make any legal changes until that time had passed.  Changing your name in such a drastic way is not something to be undertaken lightly.  It is a major thing requiring major deliberations.  But whether I change it legally or not, it is the name I am using from now on. 

For me, this change of name represents a line in the sand. A physical representation of the leaving behind of all the drama, trauma and history of Sue Thomson and all her other names. A metamorphosis from the fear-driven person I was to the new story I am writing for myself.

Hi there…..   IN-Joy I greet you. 

I AM Auri’An.

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