A Cheeky Little Bird

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Far North of Queensland, and I was sitting at my desk, with the patio doors wide open onto my balcony, with amazing views of water, ringed by mountains, when a cheeky little fellow came to visit. 

He walked across the balcony, stopped, and looked inside my lounge room and then calmly walked in.  He totally ignored me and proceeded to explore.   He walked into the kitchen, came out, did a tour of the sofa, inspected the coffee table had a good look at my meditation cushion and then just as calmly walked out.  Obviously his dinner was not to be found in my house!

Who was my fearless little visitor?  One of Australia’s most gorgeous, cheeky, and gregarious birds – a Willie Wagtail.

It’s common where I live, to see one of these little fellows when I go for a walk, hopping along, wagging that gorgeous fantail across the grass in order to disturb the insects and find his dinner.  And as you keep walking you often become convinced that it’s the same bird that you see just a little further on.  I rather think that Willie Wagtails like play games with you to make you think you are seeing the same bird when you are not! 

Let’s remind each other how wonderful this world is!

Whatever their game is, it is guaranteed to make you smile.  You just can’t help but grin.  These little birds lift your spirits and let you know that life really is worth living.  They are just filled with positive energy that they are so very happy to share with you, and all they ask is that you communicate that energy to other people you meet. 

But it’s not all fun and games with a Willie Wagtail.  They are very territorial and, like any fierce warrior will take on threats that are huge in comparison to it’s small size.  These little birds will even have a go at a crow or a kookaburra if they think their territory is being attacked!

What is the message from Willie Wagtail?  It doesn’t matter how big your problems are, you’ve got this.  If you have something to resolve, something that makes you angry or anxious – especially if it’s something that has hung around for a while, then it’s time to look into it and see what you need to do heal.  He brings good luck and the knowledge that the karma we carry can be resolved. 

Willie Wagtail also reminds us that we are here for the long game and we need determination and hard work in order to achieve our goals and our dreams, and if you find the going tough, if you feel alone in your struggles or need help in protecting what is yours – call on Willie Wagtail for help.

Life isn’t only about hard yakka – be curious, learn new things, and share Willie Wagtail’s sense of fun by smiling at everyone you meet – including yourself!

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