A Neophyte View of Energy. Part 4

I’m now working on the basis that you have read Parts 1, 2 and 3 and understand that EVERYTHING is energy.  (if you haven’t, let me know and I’ll post links).  You have a mental picture of your Energy Ladder, you know that there is no such thing as negative and positive energy, there is just energy, and the frequency it vibrates at.  You know that low frequency energy cannot rise and maintain its low frequency, so provided you don’t drop down to its level, it simply cannot affect you.  And you understand how easy it is to shoot yourself in the foot and lower your vibrational frequency and that of those around you.

Today I want to continue that theme, but turn it around a bit.

We are all working towards raising our vibration – the frequency of the energy we maintain.  You see the social media flooded with posts about “upgrades,” “downloads” and “Ascension Symptoms” (I have thoughts about that…maybe a topic for another chapter!),  I’m a Neophyte, I don’t have heaps of information about these things. I have my current ideas which I may share, but time and time again, I think I have a handle on things only to discover something new that blows all my ideas right out the window!

After the last chapter, we understand how we keep sabotaging our vibration by jumping into situations without asking the three questions.

Whoa….. I hear you!  What three questions?   Socrates’ Test of Three….it’s long, and I already chatter plenty.  Check it out on Google!

I want to discuss today how we stop shooting ourselves in the foot.  This is super tricky for me.  You remember how an aspect of my empathy is my ‘Mummy Gene’?  That super strong desire to fix everyone’s problems?  That Mummy Gene makes remaining objective and neutral almost impossible and has been the reason for oceans full of tears throughout my life.  But I’m working on it.  I’m working hard, because if I don’t get a handle on it, Spirit may jump in to help out.  And it is my experience that those lessons are learned extremely well because Spirit can make them extremely memorable!  This one I want to do myself.  Without direct Spirit help. Lol.

Before getting any deeper into all this, we need to look at practical ways to release pent up low-frequency emotions in a safe way, so you don’t risk lowering that frequency you have worked so hard to raise by shooting out an emotional response to a dickhead! Lol.

I thought I’d tell you how I deal with these emotions.  I’m not always successful, in fact, until very recently I had an abysmal track record (thank you Mummy Gene!) and recently (ie just three weeks ago) I totally let rip to the other admins.  Shot myself in my foot and skidded way down my energy ladder.  The admin are awesome by the way!  I AM after all a Neophyte and fairly new at this, I fall over!  They picked me up, dusted me down, pointed me in the right direction and gave me a gentle shove!  I now have an amazing visual to help me, which developed from something Essence Ka tha’ras told me.  I’ll share that in the next chapter

How do I, personally, release such energy…..  One way I release is by writing an email to myself or the person I am angry with.  I write it letting all my emotions of anger, fear, worry and frustration spill on the page.  I type at 90+ wpm so I can really let rip.   Then I read the letter, feeling the energy and searching for something in there that is from a place of Love.  It’s ALWAYS there although sometimes you have to dig deep to find it.  Then I edit the email, or even re-write it, from that place of Love.  I work to bring that higher energy frequency to the front.  I may have to do that a few times before it’s an email I could actually post!  But I don’t post it.  I delete it.  Poof!  Gone.  And so too is my fear and anger.  A word of warning….if you try this do NOT put an address in the Send To box!  That can open a whole world of trouble if you hit Send!  Lol

That method works well for the strong re-active emotions, but what about sadness, grief, financial worries, concern over a family member or a pet.  These are generally non-reactive emotions that can pull you down just as easily as the harsher anger.  These too have fear at their core but there isn’t always something tangible you can fight.  These emotions I dance.  I’m a trained ballet dancer, a fitness professional of many years, a fusion belly dance teacher.  I bring all these skills and passions into play and I dance.  I don’t think.  I simply allow my body to express itself.  Sometimes in my home to music which expresses the emotion I most strongly feel, sometimes on the beach to the sounds of the ocean, the wind in the trees and the Celestial Om that constantly plays in my ears.  In this way I find Peace.

There are many ways you can safely release your emotions.  I invite you to share your ideas in the comments.  By sharing you may say just the right thing at the right time to help a fellow human in need.

May you live in Love and Peace

OM ciraMjIva bhava kAma sukSema

Choosing our Path

We are constantly blasted with the fears and the hatreds of the world.  Except these are not “of the world” they are the fears and the hatreds of humans.  Some humans.  A small percentage of humans.  What is potentially frightening is that these people have recently been given permission from an authority that was once considered the most eminent position on our planet and is now rapidly becoming a side-show of dis-respect.

This moment in our linear time is a pivotal point.  We are at the crossroads where we must choose the forward path of humanity.  The choice is simple really.  Do we want to live in Love, in Peace, in Harmony with Gaia; in a place where our children do not need to fear their neighbour; in a society where each individual knows that he or she is an element of the whole; where no-one has to worry about the most basic needs of all Mother Gaia’s children – fresh, safe water and clean air.  Or do we want to devolve again, swamped in fear, hatred and bigotry?

Almost two years ago, I received a message from my Higher Self.  It was the first time I had received such a message, and the only time it was given in such clear and concise words.  The message warned of a choice to be made – the path of Humanity or the path of the sub-human.

Humanity was described as the ability to Love, to hold compassion, to understand with empathy.

Sub-humans are those who CHOOSE not to hold compassion.  Who CHOOSE hatred and fear.

The message warned that there was still time to choose which path, and to Love those who appeared to be following the lesser, sub-human, path.  It reminded me that these people are also Children of Gaia and they yet had time to move away from their fears and hatreds.

We have now reached the time of The Choosing.

Those who have already chosen the Path of Love must come together.  A World Group Collective Conscious Mind.  We must all act together without faltering to bring about the future we want to see.  The future where our children, and their children, can thrive.

For many years, Group Collective Conscious Minds have been forming and doing phenomenal work.  Often quietly in the background.  No fanfare, no bells and whistles, no song and dance.  In Silence, in Love, people have been Gathering.

The Water Protectors of Standing Rock are leading the way.  They are showing us that Love and prayer, song and community can and will overcome those who have chosen the sub-human path of greed and the raping of Gaia.  They hold the future of All in their Energy, their Strength and their Love of Mother Earth.  These are true Rainbow Warriors and it is time to start to bring the Group Collective Conscious Minds together.  To make our Choice.


Sue Almaak Dancer

A Neophyte View of Energy. Part 3

 NOTE:  This post was specifically written for the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Facebook page.

We’ve spoken about how everything is simply energy.  That there is no such thing as positive and negative energy.  It’s just a matter of how far up you are on your energy ladder!  There’s a couple of links below if you’ve missed the last two parts and want to catch up.

This is going to be a little heavy.  It’s going to require you to do a fair bit of looking at yourself…..but I promise, it’s worth it.  If you are not ready to climb further up your energy ladder, then I recommend you save this for another time.  When you are ready.

Here we go……

Today I want to focus on how we keep shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to our individual energy level and in the collective groups we are a part of.  It’s something we all do, but is not seen too often in our Spirit Family here, simply because our admin team are vigilant about keeping our collective energy at a high level.

Consider the Standing Rock protest as an example because it’s something we are all aware of and have strong feelings about.  As empaths we feel very strongly about the atrocities that the Water Protectors are enduring.  We can almost feel with them the strike of the rubber bullets, the freezing cold of the water.  I was coughing for days after watching them breathing tear gas and mace.  We can all feel the hatred and, yes, the glee of the police as they commit these crimes.  We feel the sadness as the ancestor burial sites are desecrated.

Read that paragraph again, but this time feel your own body’s reaction.  Feel the tightness in your chest, your heart racing, the sick feeling in your stomach, the pain in your ribs, the cold or the heat in your hands.  The urge to stop reading this.  As an empath do you recognise that feeling?  It’s exactly the same as fear.  It’s the feeling of adrenalin being released into your system.  The Fight or Flight hormone.  Yep…there is a strong physical reason you feel these things.  Your gift is that you are more sensitive to that experience.

Fight or flight?  Which do you do?  Most empaths choose to hide.  But sometimes we feel so strongly we need to fight back.  And social media is a wonderful place for an introverted empath to fight back.  When you see a post where, let us say, a troll is being disrespectful and it really gets to you – so much that you slam back knowing you are safe, in your safe space at home, feeling all the repressed emotions bubbling about and you just let rip.  You feel better.  You’ve released your anger…..but what about the energy of the collective consciousness of the group you have just fed all that anger into?  Anger is an aspect of fear.  That group was already being energetically pulled down by the troll, and you, by letting rip, have just fed that fear.  Do you see it?  It’s one of those tricky conundrums that are hard to see…in this case, because you feel better for letting your anger go.  But you just passed it elsewhere.

So here’s a hypothetical situation.  Actually it’s the kind of thing you see everywhere on social media.  Someone posts something, let’s say a petition to protect badly treated animals.  There are lots of compassionate people signing and raising the energy by showing their love and need to help this situation.  Then someone makes an inappropriate remark.  How does that make you feel?  Do you get all defensive about the animals’ situation and fire back with another comment, telling the person to get real and wake up?  Do you step back and ignore the whole post, or do you feed loving, calming energy into the post?

And what if a second person starts adding disrespectful and inappropriate comments?  What do you feel then?  Is your annoyance rising?  Do you respond again, tell them to shut up and get a life?  How DO you react?

Let’s have a look at what is happening energetically.  I find it helps to think of it as the energy ladder rungs.  We have a hypothetical post that, because of the content is vibrating fairly low.  The fear is graphically shown.  Let’s put it on the 2nd rung of the energy ladder.  It is, however, posted in good faith in an attempt to aid – the intention is from a high place, so we’ll move it up to the third rung.  Then several people add in good, positive, compassionate vibes – 5th rung.

Now this is where it gets interesting…..  That inappropriate comment is added and each person involved with that post has the choice to respond or not.  The comment has caused a two rung slip in the energy – we are on rung three again.   If the comment is ignored it’s possible to raise the energy again, but if you respond……Whoa….

First, if you respond, you drop the frequency of your energy.

Which means an additional drop for the post because you are letting rip at the idiot who made the inappropriate comment…. 2nd rung on the ladder

And if there are more inappropriate comments that are responded to by more people……well I’m sure you get the picture.  It rapidly becomes filled with anger and falls ever closer to the murky bottom of the ladder.

That’s a very simplistic example, but I find it rather mind blowing, that you can make a public comment, and affect not only your energy, but an entire post.  And in our case, where we are nearly all empathic we feel, and can be affected by that energy drop.

It seriously points out how easy it is to slide down your ladder and bring others with you!  Think about all the situations where similar low frequency energies get to you, and you respond…. The person who queue jumps ahead of you; the guy who drives into the parking slot you were about to reverse into; the argumentative work colleague.  The list is endless.

At a time when we are all trying to “raise our vibration” why shoot yourself in the foot with a comment that is not deeply thought out first.  And if you feel you really must voice your thoughts….think first, is this gong to be beneficial or will it simply add energy to the fear?  Is this the right place to say these things?  We need to be mindful.  Especially in this time of Choosing.  We are currently choosing our future.  It’s super important that we choose the right path.  The one of Love and not the one at the murky bottom of our ladder.

That is what we see in the Water Protectors.  They choose not to respond, or to respond only with love and prayer.  Everything is considered and spoken of in what they term ‘A Good Way”.  All so that they do not lower their energy frequency and do not contribute to lowering the energy of the whole group.  Recently, you may have noticed, the Elders appear to have stepped in and are reminding everyone of the need not to focus on the bad, the who owns what.  We are so busy sharing the live feeds and getting angry about the abuses, that we are inadvertently feeding the low frequencies.  The Elders are telling us to stop,  to recognise this lower frequency of energy and send Love.


Hmmm.  Tough stuff today, but worth thinking about.


A Neophyte View of Energy. Part 2

NOTE: This post was specifically written for the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Face Book page.

In my last post I talked about everything being Energy, that there is no such thing as negative or positive energy.  I spoke about the energy ladder and the amazing strength of the Standing Rock Water Protectors and much more. Now I want to have a little fun.

But first….

Most First Wave Blue Ray Indigos are empathic.  We feel the pain and fear of others, sometimes we feel their happiness and joy.  The higher frequency energies don’t hurt us, so we barely think about them, but it’s a different story for those lower frequencies.  Sometimes they HURT!  And so we focus on them.  And when we do that, we are stepping down the ladder and into the frequencies of that hurt.  Which feeds them strength.  Your energy joins the party and a horrible cycle starts up.  All empaths have been there.  Probably many times. You feel the pain; you focus on it, unintentionally feeding more energy, strengthening those lower frequencies, which then have the strength to hurt more, and you find yourself curled in a ball by a tree or in the corner of the room totally swamped in pain.

So you go get crystals to protect yourself (I’m not knocking crystals and their ability to help here – they are lifesavers at times), you build a protective bubble around yourself and duly armoured you step gingerly out into the shopping mall.  You are wary, watching other shoppers, prepared to run and hide.  Been there?  I’ll be surprised by any empath who hasn’t done this at some point.  But think about it….all this protection and preparation is drawing your focus onto the very frequency that hurts you!  You are actually feeding that low frequency!  Sheesh….it’s almost impossible to escape!

Except when you FULLY understand that it IS simply energy and that it cannot hurt you unless you drop your energy down to that frequency. Then all you need to do is climb your ladder as high as you can.  Low frequencies cannot rise and remain low.

It sounds too simple.  It IS simple in theory but it takes strength to acknowledge this truth and to then go live it.   I know this, I’ve been there.  PTSD and agoraphobia.  I lived it for 30 years.  I once spent two days under the table hiding and tearing the skin off my hands.  But I am a strong woman.  Like many First Wave Blue Ray Indigos I’ve fought battles in this life and emerged stronger.  This was one of those battles.  When I realised that these fears and panics were mainly not mine, that I was empathic, that was an amazing release and gave me new ways to cope.  Then when I discovered it is all simply Energy, not negative, not bad, just energy with a frequency that rings low on the scale and which I am particularly sensitive to recognising; and I started to view these fears through that knowledge……. Wow!

And that leads me to the focus of this post…. When you understand the fears of being an empath, and are able to stay half way up your energy ladder, they simply no longer bother you.  You can, from your higher rung, observe but not be drawn down.  You know who is hurting, that’s reasonably easy to work out when you can see it’s not your pain.  You no longer need to build protective bubbles around yourself, because you are too high up the ladder for low frequencies to reach you!

It’s like a mantra for empaths….low frequency energy cannot rise up to meet you and remain low frequency!  Repeat 108 times!  Lol.

Suddenly you have the most amazing and valuable gift at your disposal.  This skill that you have feared, that has caused you untold anguish, becomes the sense you rely on the most!  It is the sense we were given for this life – to read and understand energy frequency.  I call it my 7th Sense!

It is the gift that allows you to feel the energy in a room and to change it if it reads low.  It is the ability to look at a FB post and know it is filled with fear, so you can avoid getting pulled in.  It is being able to deeply appreciate the joy of good news.  And it is the gift of giving high frequency energy to others.

So here is the first part of our game.  Go to the Healing Circle post on the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Face Book page. Put your hand over the Mandala on your device and feel the energy.  For me feels like my hand is filled with blood – warm, tingly.  Hot even, if the energy is very strong.  Then lift your hand as high as you can over your device, close your eyes and move your hand slowly back towards your device until you feel that energy again.  You can feel auras in the same way.  You may already know how to do this, but from comments I’ve seen, there’s a few folk who’ve not tried it.  As I write this I feel that energy is about 10 inches out!  It fluctuates depending on the number of folk seeking healing.  I test it every couple of days and channel energy into it when it drops lower.  If you can feel this (and are a member of that page), please feel free to do the same.

Then look at the Mandala.  Focus and then allow yourself to draw the energy to you for healing, and as you do, watch the pattern.  Then start to draw energy from Source and conduct it through you and into the Mandala, for healing purposes, and as you do, watch the picture.  It changes.  The energy level within that circle is so high there is a reaction your eyes can pick up!

If you see that change, comment what you see.  It will be interesting to find out if we all see the same thing.

For me, at this time, empathy is no more than the ability to read the energy of other beings; understand what it is telling you and knowing where it is on the ladder.


To sum up…..

Empathy is the most Wondrous gift and tool for change once you learn not to allow your fear to overcome you

Fear is a low frequency energy that lives in the murk at the bottom of your energy ladder

Low frequency energy cannot affect you unless you go down the ladder to meet it

Low frequency energy cannot rise up the energy ladder and remain low frequency.  Can’t happen.  Period.


May you live in Love and Peace

OM ciraMjIva bhava kAma sukSema


Please feel free to share if you feel this may help someone.


A Neophyte View of Energy. Part 1

NOTE: This post was specifically written for the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Face Book page.

It’s only a little over two years since I Awoke and started on this amazing spiritual journey.  This was the third time Spirit gave me the opportunity to step out and this time nothing was left to chance.  The people and Teachers I needed to encourage this journey, this learning, appeared at exactly the time they were needed and I have grown to a point where I want to pass on some of the things I have been blessed to learn.

As a Neophyte, my level of knowledge is not excessive, but as I gain experience and grow, so do my opinions of various things, change.  At one point in my journey I may believe a certain thing is absolute, only to discover a month or two later that it is a whole lot more complex and requires more in depth thought and study.

One of these things, that has changed tremendously over the two years, is the term and my use of “energy”.  At first I followed along, repeating the Everything is Energy mantra without really giving it a lot of thought.  I read posts and articles, understood the scientific basis that we are built from atoms etc, and thought I had that bit sussed out.

Except I hadn’t made the connection between this knowledge and, for example, my empathic distress, or what I call my “Mummy Gene” which is an incredibly strong, overwhelming need to put things right.  Neither had I  discovered the very practical way I can use this gift of empathy to steer me through life, through discerning what is good and what is possibly dodgy!

Essence Ka tha’ras is the person who has guided that part of my journey.  She teaches through a wonderful way of making you use your brain by pointing you in a direction and letting you run, encouraging interest, and constant repetition.  And reading lists up the wazzoo!  Lol.  My current list will take me about 30 years to get through!  Lol.  Shhhhhh…..I skip a lot!

“Remember”, she says, “its ALL ENERGY, FREQUENCY, VIBRATION”.  And it is.  Truly.  Everything.  There is nothing that is exempt other than The Void.  And even that changes as soon as you get there!  This came home to me a few months back when I was under psychic attack.  I had experienced that before but this time Essence had my back.  It lasted several days and is one of the very great learning experiences of these two years.  It is where I learned absolutely there is no such thing as good energy and bad energy, negative or positive energy.  It’s just energy.  The trick is in how you react to it.  And recognising the frequency that of that energy.  The energy we call “negative” or “low” is simply energy that vibrates at a frequency that is low on the scale.  It’s heavy.  I feel it as “Spikey” or “sharp”.  You can rise above that so easily by recognising it and saying to yourself that you want no part of it.  I hold a mental picture of energy as a ladder.  The lower rungs are the lower, heavier frequencies and the higher up the ladder, the higher and lighter the frequencies.

I’m part way up the ladder.  I turned the tuning dial to where I am comfortable. I know I can climb higher when I’m ready, but I have absolutely no reason to step down the ladder into the murk at the bottom.  That murk is where the energy frequencies of fear, hatred, bigotry live.  And the only way those frequencies can affect me is if I go down the ladder to meet them.  They cannot rise up the ladder whilst remaining low frequency!

And in the last couple of weeks I have had a couple of times where I did slide down that ladder and almost into the murk.  I live in Australia but the events in the US caused me and my Mummy Gene some huge stress, but with the knowledge I have and the aid of my spirit family I very quickly realised what had happened before I was fully immersed.  And I scrambled back up the ladder a whole lot stronger and wiser.

With world events such as Standing Rock and the US election, there is a feeling of fear for the future.  If you slide down the ladder into the murk of those frequencies, then you will possibly panic.  You’ll be fearful, swamped by the hatred.  Especially if you are empathic.  And what happens if you allow yourself to stay there and submerge yourself?  You risk becoming that person , the person who is so fearful they lash out, try to push that fear on to others.  Everyone who hates, does so because they fear.  Everyone who bullies or is a bigot is that way because they fear.  And this is the key to the strength of the Water Protectors of Standing Rock.  They understand that the corporations and people they are fighting have, at the absolute base of everything, fear.  So like angry little children they lash out with all their toys.  Unfortunately these guys have some big toys!

But if you see a child that is afraid, what would you do?  Would you push that fear at them, or give them love and support?  The bully is a being who is fearful.  They may be fearful of your success, of your perceived superiority or it may be that bullying is what they receive elsewhere and don’t know better.  We should not judge them especially when we do not know the choices that brought them to that point.  It’s up to us to show them that their fears are ungrounded.  It’s up to us to show that they can be loved and reassured.   This is the strength of the Water Protectors.  They can give the bully Love because they understand that these are the very people who need it most.  Their strength is prodigious.  And so is yours.

The strength we have is so very much needed right now.  We are known as Lightworkers because we anchor the light – the energy – for future generations.  But mainly we are Energy Workers, and our task is not done.  The anchoring of light/energy was pretty much done just by our being here.  Now, through the hardships and difficulties and experiences of our lives we have the knowledge and the strength to support our fellow Humans.  And this is done with Love.

The main message here is that YOU are strong.  You have NO need to fear low frequency energies.  They can ONLY affect you if you go down the ladder to meet them.  And as Spirit so clearly told me during that psychic attack….  You don’t need “protection” (as I was trying to build a protective bubble around myself), just stay on the higher rungs.


May you live in Love and Peace

OM ciraMjIva bhava kAma sukSema


Please feel free to share this if you think it may help others.


Blue_Wave.pngIn my reading, I have now moved to ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’ a book by Manly P. Hall published in 1926 and find myself fascinated with the concepts of the early philosophers (whom I didn’t get an opportunity to study at school) and and I recognise how similar thinking is re-emerging.  I’m only on page 23 of almost 1200 and have found several ‘gems’ already.

God_1.pngThe thought of God being not like man, but round, a sphere, is something that I have just discovered is a thought within Sacred Geometry.  And this has been known for at least 2,500 years in this cycle!  Sheesh!  Are we re-inventing the wheel?

God_2.pngI’m right at the very edge of bringing Sacred Geometry and Philosophy together.  Probably in an extremely simplistic way, but I can feel the connections. It feels like I’m standing at the edge of a precipice and am about to take an intuitive leap.  I know extremely little about either subject at the moment but am excited.

Who would have thought, when I first awakened 2 years ago that a Spiritual path would involve learning Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and Quantum Physics!

I giggle a little at myself.  Only a few months ago I was declaring that I was more ‘forward thinking’ and totally uninterested in reading about ‘old school’ gurus.  A bit red-faced now!  Lol.

The Minstrel’s Story


Do you know how hard it is to survive when you are a minstrel, and some aggrieved petty lord doesn’t like your song and chops your tongue out?

It took me a while to discover his tale – it’s a bit hard to talk without a tongue!  But we met up as the last days of Autumn fell towards Winter and I managed to get shelter and work for us both at a manor house. You don’t need a tongue to shovel shit.

Most of the young men had been sent to fight and not so many had come home for the winter, so we found food and shelter in exchange for keeping the lord’s stables clean.  I suppose we were lucky in not getting rounded up to fight for Stephen or Matilda, but I’m getting on in years (and can act lame if need be) and some considered the minstrel’s cawing as straight from the Devil himself!

It was, in its way, a good winter,   It’s nice and warm snuggled up in the straw with hot horses keeping you company, and the kitchen didn’t do too badly either with the food!  All in all a good place to pass a few cold months.  We were often called to entertain his lordship and his family over their dinner.  Well, I did the entertaining with my Stories, and the Minstrel played his lute in the background and grunted at the crowds.

It took me all of that winter to get his tale.  Most of it was guesswork and he’d nod or shake his head, but I collect Stories and it made a change from shit shovelling.  I won’t bore you with the blow-by-blow, bit-by-bit way I got to know his story, and there could be areas where I’ve embellished a little (come on, it needs to be entertaining), and if you choose to disbelieve any part well, that’s up to you.

I never did get his name.  He couldn’t write, and even if he could, I can’t read.

So I called him Martin.  That’s as good a name as any, and he seemed pleased with it.  There was nothing wrong with his ears and he turned around anytime anyone yelled Martin so it worked.

From what I could work out – and I am a nosy man, determined to dig to the bottom of any Story – Martin didn’t have a mother or a father, but that’s not unusual.  There’s hundreds of kids starving in the city slums or curled up under a hawthorn bush.  Most don’t make it through the winter, so there’s always less of the brats when spring arrived.  The strong ones survive,  the others don’t.  I was a street brat, I suspect Martin was too.  If you can survive that life, you can survive anything.  Just about.

Somewhere along the way he must have had a bit of luck.  Maybe he stole something, found something, maybe doing a bit more than bundling.  Whatever, he obviously got to pretend to a higher station, bought, was given or (most likely) stole a lute and from there he sang his way into the beds of the wife’s and daughters of the gentry.  Maybe even the gentry too. He was probably a pretty man when he had his tongue.

Obviously I never heard his songs, and without his tongue his voice had no control.  Mainly just noise.  Maybe he had the voice of an angel, or maybe he was clever with putting local gossip into song much as I do with my Stories, but I think he had a good life until he was found to be entertaining a Lady and her husband took exception.  I suppose he was lucky it was his tongue the lord had removed!

But all this is background to the story of how we met, and how we parted.


It was late autumn.  That beautiful time when you can feel the coming cold season and the leaves turn hundred different shades of divine.  Two days earlier I’d spent the night in the pillory in some easily forgotten village and someone had taken advantage of my helplessness and stolen my shoes.  They weren’t very good shoes, but they were mine.  I’d taken them off a dead man and they actually fit me.  So I was not happy that I was barefoot again.  Especially with winter drawing close.

So, there I was hobbling down the lane, muttering and cursing the thief and hoping he would develop gout when suddenly I was sure the devil had come for me at long last!  A bush started to shiver and shake all by itself and the most unearthly wailing came from it.  I almost took to my heels but I’m a nosy man – I’ve told you that – and, not really believing anymore devoutly in God and the devil than I need to (and just then the need was great) I decided to investigate.

Most of the time when you come across a nosy person you get annoyed, then angry.  You wonder why this person is fixated on you, why they won’t leave you alone, what have you done to deserve this.  You just want them to go away and leave you in peace.  I rather suspect that none of these thoughts were Martin’s just then.  Maybe later when I was being annoying in trying to understand his Story, but right then, my nosiness was probably life-saving.

I was missing my shoes.  Martin was missing his clothes.  All of them.  And he was strung up like a sow ready for slaughter.  It’s a wonder he was alive.  He could have frozen, starved or, more quickly, choked on his blood from where they had cut his tongue out.  Except he was upside down so that was unlikely.   More likely to bleed to death.  But he was probably a child of the slums like me.  We are tough.  We have to be.  Survivors.

I cut him down.  There wasn’t much more I could do.  I only had the clothes on my back, no spares, but at least I had some clothes.  So I gave him my coat and went foraging for food.  At that time of year there are lots of berries which is just as well because Martin wouldn’t have been able to eat rabbit if I’d caught one.  Not with his tongue cut out.  So I mashed some berries and he did the best he could.

I’m a nosy man, but I’m also compassionate.  There was no way that I could just carry on walking down the road and leave the poor man.  And my curiosity was roused.  I was about to become my most annoying self!  Hahaha.

We bundled together for warmth that night and the following morning set off down the lane.  I had nowhere in particular to go, but was concerned with the need for shelter for the winter months. I suspect Martin was just glad to be alive.  Maybe.

We passed through a village, stealing some clothes (and shoes for me), living off the land, I snared a rabbit which was all fat and juicy after a good summer.  Martin did the best he could.  And a couple of days later we arrived at the manor house and found our winter lodging.

No-one is going to hire a man who has recently had his tongue removed. It’s pretty obvious that he’d got on the wrong side of someone!  So Martin hid in the trees whilst I found myself a job.  Then, later on when everyone had gone to bed, I bought him in and he shared the straw with me.  The next day he started shovelling with me and everyone thought the Bailiff had hired us both.

And so we passed the early winter months.  Until just after the winter solstice, when the lord of the manor had neighbours visit with him for Christmas Services.  And the neighbours were none other than the cuckolded husband who had relieved Martin of his tongue.  And he had brought his wife.  Who was in the family way!  Expecting a child.  Well.  Every nosy nerve in my entire body went on full alert.

It took a lot of ferreting to discover that the neighbouring lord and lady had been married for many years and never a sign of impending parenthood.  It took a lot less work to realise that Martin was probably the child’s father.  Which made Martin being here a little difficult, and one day the family came to the stables to inspect the horses and the cuckold and Martin came face to face.

What followed next was extremely entertaining – when you weren’t personally involved that is!  Cuckold went very red in the face and started screaming and yelling.  He was very inventive in what he wanted to do to Martin.  Martin went very pale, started flapping his hands and squealing and trying to hide behind the horses.  The horses, of course, were terrified and started pulling on tethers, and kicking out and generally adding to the ruckus.  And into the middle of all this noise and commotion, our lord came into the stables just as his favourite horse kicked out behind him, straight into the cuckold who went flying backwards and landed on the hay fork which speared him through from back to front!

Suddenly it was really quiet except for a bubbling burbling noise as the cuckold struggled for his last breath.

The quiet didn’t last long.  The lady started screaming…..not for her husband, but for Martin!  He was standing in a state of shock, not knowing what to do.  I suspect he was thinking that all inventiveness of the cuckold would be nothing compared to his upcoming reality.  It was all in the hands of our lord.

And so, we now arrive at that part of the tale where Martin and I parted company.  And it wasn’t how you are probably thinking.

It turned out that our lord really detested the cuckold, who was a wife beater and adulterer.  So he struggled a little bit about his Christian Duty, but very soon overcame it and called in some men to remove the body to a wagon for transporting home.

Then he looked at the wife, by now a sobbing mess wrapped up in Martin’s arms, and he understood the situation very quickly.  Our lord is a compassionate man and understood the life the lady had suffered.  He made a decision that she needed to return home and that she needed an escort.  Martin got that job and was told to remain with the lady.

And off they all went.  That was the last I saw of Martin, but three months later, just as I was about to set off down the lane again, a package was brought to me by the local peddler.  It was a pair of shoes.

Raoul Sancere

Storyteller – Manifest your Bliss


The Song of the Troll

I’m here!  The New Storyteller!  Ready to share with you, tales from far and wide.  You’ll love today’s story……so join me in the village square, bring a chair, a tankard of ale and be prepared to be enthralled……

In another Dimension, and another thread of time, in a place not so different from our own, there lived a troll.  Actually there are many trolls, but only this one is of importance here.  Trolls and ogres are commonplace in this dimension, humans are shy folk rarely seen!  Ogres are the Big Guys – the ones that rule, make the laws, print the money, control the food, own the bridges.  They are the ones who live in big houses and drive big cars. They consider themselves The Rulers.

Trolls, on the other hand, are the ones who do all the work.  No life of luxury here!  They work the factories, clean the houses, grow the food.  You get the idea….it’s not much different here on Earth in this time line, in this dimension.  Those who have and those who don’t.

And the lowest job a troll could do, the absolute pits, the job no-one wants is the traditional troll role of living under a bridge and frightening travellers into paying the Troll Toll.  Armpit high in cold muddy water, never getting dry, never getting a good night’s sleep because you always have to be ready to jump out, screaming like a Banshee (and believe me, they can scream!) and scaring the bejeezuz out of anyone who steps onto the bridge.

This was the job our troll has.  I can’t tell you his name – it’s not pronounceable, so I’ll just call him “T”.

T had another problem.  Well, a few problems actually.  Trolls generally are short in the body with long legs.  They need long legs in order to keep as much of their body out the water as possible, but they don’t want to be too tall or they will hit their heads on the underside of the bridge.  T was short.  Vertically challenged.  It made leaping out of the water very difficult.  Troll skin is a sort of dark greeny-brown colour which makes blending in really easy.  And they generally have dark hair.  T is red.  Not the warm brown colour of Native Americans in this dimension, but bright fluro, glow in the dark, red skin and hair! He was a beacon!  He lit up the night!  And absolutely no-one crossed his bridge.  They could see him a mile off!  In fact, the only people he ever saw was the ogres.  They tormented him terribly because he was different.  I’m sure you understand what I mean.  Humans do the same to other humans who are different.  In our case, it’s usually because we fear things and people who are different to us.  In the ogres’ case they thought it was fun.  Actually, my listeners, there are humans like that here in this Dimension too!  Hmmmmm…..

Back to the Story…..

T had a lot of time on his hands. Because he is short he spent his nights and days sitting on a rock so he wouldn’t drown and he would close his eyes and dream of a better place.

Now, much like us, trolls believe in a Greater Power.  The ogres would like trolls to believe that they hold all the power, but trolls know better.  Think about it……there simply HAD to be more to life than working for the ogres.  They know, without any shadow of a doubt that Things Would Change sometime soon.  The problem is that they all had different ideas of what that Change would be.  Some thought that the Greater Power would swap everything around and that trolls would be the bosses and they could treat the ogres in the same appalling way that trolls were being treated.  Some thought that things could be discussed and a better balance achieved based on ability and not genetics.  T just wanted all the horribleness (and especially the bridges) to go away.  And if they wouldn’t go away, then he wanted to be the one to disappear.  And, apart from when he was being tormented, he had a LOT of time to think.

At first he was angry at his lot in life.  Then he was angry about no-one coming to his bridge and the fact that he never met his monthly targets.  He was worried that he would loose his job and even more worried that he would get swept off his rock. He was super angry that his skin was a different colour and that he was short.  That it made him the target of the tormentors.  It would be so easy to lose himself in anger and despair and fear.

There was just one thing that stopped him from giving in completely to this deep, dark fear.  His bridge was near the ocean.  It was only a short walk to the beach where he could watch the sun rise out of the water.  It was his lifeline, his connection to the Greater Power.  He would stand on the beach, glowing a spectacular red in the gentle blessing of the sun’s early morning rays.  So he did this every morning.  He would go to the beach, face the rising sun, close his eyes and receive the Blessing of his Greater Power.  With this daily Blessing it became harder to hold on to his anger and his fear and slowly he began to let them go.  Bit by bit.  And as his fear started to go, he felt himself grow.  Not physically, he’d always be short and red, that couldn’t change, but grow in his confidence, his surety, his appreciation of the world he lived in.  And one day he opened his mouth, drew in a deep breath and Sang.

Now, trolls have awful, horrible, screeching and wailing voices. Remember….they scream to frighten travellers!  But T had another gift – the voice of an Angel.  A voice that allowed his Greater Power to shine.  A voice that drew together the citizens of the town, then the country and eventually, the entire world.  A voice that, as the Singing Troll, brought people to their knees, that gave Hope, expressed Beauty and shared Unconditional Love.

His song told the people, trolls and ogres alike, that there was a way to Change things.  That a New World was going to arrive and that they would have the opportunity to design this New World, to have a say in how it will look, will feel.  This Song sang to the hearts of the people and explained that they simply had to Manifest that reality.  Their thoughts, their dreams, their energy was what would bring this together and into Reality.

But (and there is always a ‘ but’) they MUST work together for a common goal.  They needed to decide exactly how this New World would look, would feel, would function.  The people needed to come together as One.  Together.  One Consciousness.  One plan.  One People.

T travelled the world and every morning he would sing to the rising sun.  And The People would listen and over the next century or two The Plan for the New World was brought into fruition.  All the people worked hard at aiming for the same goals, at making sure that everyone had enough to eat and a place to sleep.  All who heard T’s song, wept, then rejoiced in the Beauty and the Love, and then went on to share that thread of hope and light.  And with each daily rising of the sun, the energy of the planet rose.  The Love was felt by all who knew about it. Of course, there were quite a lot, especially the ogres, who didn’t want to know.  The People left them alone.  They always were given the opportunity to Love, but it was an individual choice.

And one day, when the Energy of the The People had risen high enough, when The Plan for the New World was perfect in every degree and ALL were in alignment…….The People moved to their New World.

In another Dimension, and another thread of time, there is a world of very confused ogres who one day woke up and discovered all their slaves had disappeared.

And now my Good Friends and listeners, I leave you with a thought…….humanity, in this Dimension and this thread of time has the same opportunity.  Except we don’t appear to be trying very hard to manifest the same New Earth.  We all, millions of us, have different ideas.  Some want to manifest more money, a healthier body, a new boyfriend who understands!  You get the idea.  These are self-seeking manifestations.

We need to come together.  Individual consciousnesses forming Group consciousnesses and eventually a Single Group Collective Conscious Mind, where we are all striving for exactly the same Future based in Unconditional Love.

Go forth.  Manifest your Bliss.  Eventually we will come together.

In the words of Essence Ka tha’ras

OM AkArapariNAma Anandaham

The New Storyteller


How to Meditate….

I wrote this a few months ago and yesterday found myself discussing this exact topic with a friend.  Then, just now, I found these words and felt the need to share.

If you are finding it difficult to meditate, if the methods used by others don’t work for you, then please read this.  It may be helpful……


I have probably been unintentionally meditating all my life.  As a child, I was always “off with fairies”.  As an adult fitness instructor, I loved stretch classes and always ended with a deep relaxation where I “wandered off to talk to the elephants.”  So when I Awoke and was advised by a Shaman friend that I should meditate it was simply the next stage. It was where I became more conscious of what I was – and had – been doing all my life.

I go deep.  But without any formal training in meditation, I have followed my own way of doing things.  For example: imagining a beam of light coming through your crown chakra, passing through your body and anchoring you to Mother Earth.  I don’t even think about it.  I AM a part of Mother Earth.  End of story!   I am ALWAYS joined with her.

I was very surprised to find out that when other folk leave their body they imagine rising out of their body, floating up through the roof, attached by a silver chord.  And that this is something that can be hard to master.   No-one told me about this ‘normal’ way so I just followed what felt right.  I go inwards.  Into my third eye and from there I go into something I called The Nowhere.  It just felt right to focus on my third eye and then I would find myself floating in nothingness.  It was so peaceful.  I didn’t have to think.  No worries or stresses.  Just a quietness of soul.

Recently I discovered that what I am doing is passing from the pineal gland (the third eye) through the Cave of Brahma and into the Void. A Google check tells me this can only be achieved after very lengthy meditation, usually with prior fasting and years of work.  That was a surprise too.  And I’ve since found others who travel the same way.

So I had a think about this.  Why do I find it easy and others – throughout centuries – have found it hard?  One answer I have come up with is to do with when I Woke and how I Woke.  When was 20th October 2014.  Not that long ago!  How, was sudden, intense and I became One with Mother Earth.  I turned with her, I watched my grass grow and my leaves wave in the wind.  I lived her pain.  I listened to what I called the Celestial Om and now know was HU. And as a result I don’t need to think about anchoring.  I always am.

And my Energy is new.  New paradigm.  No older energy. The old ways of doing things seem terribly complicated.  I know they were essential paths, but as the First Wave Blue Ray Indigos prepared the way for Indigos and Crystal children, their energy prepared the way for people like me – Late Awakeners – and provided a platform to leap from.  Until recently, the energetic signature of our planet was dense and heavy.  It took a LOT of work to achieve what is now often very simple.  My gratitude to these early light anchors is boundless.

Going deep is easy.  When I am deep I will often do my Work – gather Energy and project it where needed.  My arms levitate, very, very slowly.  I can watch them, feel them, but have absolutely no urge to stop them.  My Shamanic friend once put huge Shiva Lingam in each hand…but they still levitated. A couple of weeks ago I was in the Void and the phrase “I am the Dancer of Peace” came into my mind, and my upper body started to dance.  It was beautiful.

But now I am starting something new to me.  I am working out a way of lighter meditation using Mantra chanting and Mala beads.  Of being more focussed on remaining here, in my body.  It’s interesting.  I think I’m enjoying it.  Certainly it’s easier for a quick, restorative meditation.

And I won’t look so weird – no levitating arms and sit-down belly dancing!


My best advice for people who have difficulty meditating is to throw away all your books and follow your heart.  It will lead you in a way that is right for YOU.  Yes, if you want to, read books, listen to others,meet your teacher……. And discard anything that doesn’t feel absolutely Right.   That’s pretty much the only lesson that is needed.  If you are walking, listening to music, dancing, fishing, swimming or sitting in lotus position – it really doesn’t matter – and you find yourself drifting, just like those final minutes before you fall asleep, where your brain switches off…… Greetings meditator!  You CAN do it.

You Too Are a New Storyteller

Come, gather around, I have a tale to tell

A spin on your Story of heaven and hell

if they exist

Come, gather around, the short and the tall

The thin and the fat – I welcome you all

in Peace

What? You have no Story?  No tale to share?

Isn’t that you, who lives over there?

in that doorway

I see you are a good man, fallen on hard times

After you returned from those far distant front lines

in Pain

People avoid you, they won’t look in your eyes

They are too afraid of seeing the truth of the lies

of this Now

But I see your dreams, how deeply you care

And it’s time to release them if only you dare

share your Love

Tell your tale of bravery, turn the lies around

Share the Love and the Light between sky and ground

breathe deeply

Young man you have stories that are meant for sharing

Of brave deeds, of strength, compassion and daring


Stand up, claim your soul’s beauty and travel the lands

Pick up your staff and your drum in both hands

and summon your Future

I have shown you your Light, my job is done

To continue your Story, you are the One

to shine

Lift your heart high, receive Joy and Peace

From the Great Spirit in waves without cease

and Awaken

With a gleam in my eye I bequeath Adamantine Light

To you New Storyteller, now strive with all your might

to grow

And gather the Story of another man’s fear

Dig deep, Seek the Love and bring that here

to the Light

Work hard Storyteller, manifest your Bliss

Refuse to think of those dark shady mists

that mis-lead

If you find yourself thinking those dark shady thoughts

Seek deeply within for the things you were taught

and Shine your Light

Go forth.  Manifest your Bliss

In the words of Essence Ka tha’ras: 

OM AkArapariNAma Anandaham

A New Storyteller


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