A Great Day

Sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes you can find yourself snapping at everyone around you and some days you just want to pull your head back under the covers and hope the day will go away.

This morning as I opened my computer, my diary also opened, which was interesting because I hadn’t been in there for a few days. What was more interesting was that it opened at a date from October 2016 and I definitely hadn’t been looking that far back! The message from that date was a beautiful reminder that even when life is hard, good things can happen. And if you can push the hard bits to one side – even if it’s only for a short while – you can find joy and peace and re-learn to live in the sparkly aspects of living on this planet at this time.

I share my diary notes in the hope that you too can experience a day like this…

Yesterday was a Great Day. 

“Great Days are those extremely rare (in my case) days where absolutely everything comes together in a way that make you so aware of the good things in the world that it becomes difficult to contain all the Energy.  Your vibration is literally off the scale!

And after many years of not so good days, of worry, stress,  financial difficulties, attacks, descending into my Dark Night of the Soul, lessons and more, the last few weeks, as I’ve clawed my way back, have been transformational.  And yesterday was the icing on the cake.

“Let me share.  My everyday start is beautiful.  We take the dogs to the beach at sunrise, play in the water, romp with a big pack of dogs, breathe in the peace and stand astounded at the depth of the horizon.  Yesterday was exactly that, but there was a special edge to the joy of a doggie romp.  Dogs that are normally shy or wary came for a cuddle and joined in the fun. 

The colour of the water held extra depth, and was so clear and clean. The air too was clean and fresh, holding promise of a beautiful day.  The new-born sun bestowed a blessing.  Peace.  Love.  Joy.

We run a holiday resort and we had been thinking about hiring another cleaner.  The day before, out of the blue and before we’d placed any ads, a lady phoned about a cleaning job.  She came in yesterday to have a trial.  She turned up with two other people, as a team……and they are going to be wonderful.  That means I will rarely be needed to take on the overload.  Our head housekeeper can cut back a bit and pick up some administrative slack.  A great feeling of pressure being lifted.

I asked them what made them think about phoning us, we hadn’t advertised.  And one of the ladies said the thought had just popped into her head – phone  Santalina.  She didn’t even know who we are!  Spirit lead for sure.

Then there was a heap of little things, one after the other.  The bank phoned – they’d been taking too much from us in bank charges and were arranging a refund; an electrician said he could come out that day, an old school friend getting in touch and sharing photos and memories.  And lots of other little things all with feel-good energy.

Six weeks ago I had cataract surgery.  I had to wait this time for everything to settle down and heal.  My vision, all my life, has been pretty awful, and it has been wonderful to be able to get by without glasses.  But I needed them for driving.  Yesterday I went to collect them.  I’m like a kid with a new toy.  This world is BEAUTIFUL.  I have never, ever seen with such clarity.  My excitement went up and up as I looked at leaves, trees, the road, across the Bay at the off shore island I’d only ever seen as a haze on the horizon.  Now I can see its beaches!

And then night time approached.  I’d been looking forward to this – to seeing the moon.  Of course I’ve seen the moon….it’s that big white blurry Chinese lantern.  Most of the time I’ve seen 8 of them, all overlapping and looking like a big white flower.  It’s not long past the New Moon, so there wasn’t much there to see, but she is BEAUTIFUL.  My heart went into overdrive.  I could see Venus!  And then the bats flew overhead.  The first time this season, appearing on the first night I could see clearly.  I almost cried.  I love bats.  They fascinate me.

I have an app on my iPad where you point the iPad at the sky and it shows you which stars you are looking at, which constellations.  I already knew Venus, she’s been in our night sky for a while, but there was Mars and Saturn too!  All in a line!  I looked the other way, towards Uranus and the final joy I the evening…..UFOs.  Three stars suddenly sped apart.  One to the south two to the north.  Then a 4th light started moving across the sky.  Does it get any better?  Yes it does……..it probably wasn’t UFOs as a 5th light shot across the sky – a shooting star!  It was the Draconids meteor shower.  The first night I could possibly see the sky, and this beauty was mine to see, and so special….. I have dragon guides, seeing the Draconids in the night sky, the first time I can really see, was clearly a greeting! 

As I said, I was bouncing off the ceiling.  With every happening my level of Joy increased and with that Joy , my energetic vibration grew.  It was a Day of Gifts.  And with such joyous Gifts my feeling of Gratitude also grew.  I knew I’d never sleep with all this bubbling energy, so I logged into a virtual Healing Circle within the FWBRI FB page and release that energy into the circle. 

And now….another fresh new day to look forward to.  I give my thanks to Universe, to Mother Earth, for the joy and gifts and the knowledge that hard stuff happens, but the beauty and Love is so much stronger.

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Stuck in the Labyrinth with the Minotaur

Animal Medicine

Do you believe in Dragons?  In Fairies?  How about Angels or Extra Terrestrials?

These are all, in many respects, Beings of Power; Mythological Beings wrapped up in stories that can be beneficial or incredibly destructive.

I was certainly surprised when this next creature appeared to me with a message for the Humans of Earth, but as I started to unravel the message, it became obvious that it is not only very appropriate but also rather timely.

There would be very few people who could think of this Being as something beautiful – with the head and tail of a bull, and the body of a man, the Minotaur is a creature that is almost guaranteed to bring nightmares.

And that is not in the least bit surprising as the Minotaur represents our greatest fears.  Mainly, an aspect of a Primal Fear that all humans hold, one that philosophers have frequently discussed, and that is, the Fear of the Unknown.

Fear of the unknown, is considered to be an irrational fear, a fear of something that our imagination dreams up and it feels as if it’s a very real possibility that whatever it is could happen,  yet, the reality is that it may never actually come about.

I have to say though, that whilst this particular fear, the fear of the unknown, is epitomised by the Minotaur, I rather think that if you met him in the supermarket, it would definitely not be considered an irrational fear!!!

The scientific name for this fear of the unknown is xenophobia.   Yes, nowadays, xenophobia is more commonly used to explain a dislike, a fear or prejudice or hatred of other people who are different to us.  The term has a broader scope, it’s not limited to just ‘other people’ and it was more originally used to include a more general fear of the unknown.  It’s easy to see how the two thoughts interact.   If there is someone who is different to you, and you can’t be sure how they will act or what they will do in a situation – it can be scary.

And if you put the Minotaur into that mix – where just looking at it sends that fear sky-rocketing through the roof, there is never any doubt that whatever your fears or imagination has brought to the surface, the fear of what could happen has suddenly jumped from a possibility to a great big whopping probability.

And that is where we, the CCoH, are standing right now.  In the labyrinth with the Minotaur.

There is a good probability that the mythological stories of beasts such as the Minotaur were written as a way to explain things that seemed strange and mystical and frightening.  And in this case, there is an argument that says it’s possible that the story was to explain earthquakes! 

You see, the Minotaur was supposedly trapped in a labyrinth that was built under the island of Crete – where there is a fair amount of destructive seismic activity.  He was supposed to stamp through the labyrinth roaring his anger, shaking the earth and causing buildings to fall.

The message of the Minotaur is to remind us to keep our eyes and ears, mind, heart and intuition open to all possibilities.  The story told isn’t always the reality. Time, and the growth of knowledge are sometimes the only way that rational thought can explain what is, or has, happened.

Right now a large percentage of the people of earth are living in a fear that is a form of xenophobia.  It is a fear that is so widespread and insidious, that most no longer recognise the fear, it’s just a part of what IS right now. 

We have become comfortable being stuck in the labyrinth.  It’s the new normal

It’s well known that negative political movements and mass hysteria can be driven by xenophobia.  Fear is our strongest survival trait and it is a critical driver of our evolution.  When we are in fear we Fight, or we Freeze or we get the heck outta there!

As I look around me, in my local community as well as the wider world as portrayed by media, both mainstream and independent, it is easy to see those who fight and those who fall into the freeze category. There isn’t anywhere for those who want to get out of there. There is no escaping what is going on in the world right now.  Flight isn’t a possibility.  Me? I am a freezer.  My normal reaction to fear is to stick my head in the sand, do what I am told to do, and hope it will all go away.

 But I can also recognise myself under the banner of a different name for a fear of what may happen in the future.  Something called “Anticipatory Anxiety”   This is where your world is filled with “What if’s”

  • What if I get Covid?
  • What if I pass it to someone else?
  • What if I die?
  • What if my family dies?
  • What if I get a reaction to the vaccine?
  • What if I lose my job?
  • What if my mask doesn’t protect me?
  • What if I want to go visit my family overseas?
  • What if I want to go to the gym, or a party, the pub or my niece’s wedding?

The what if’s can be never ending, and they are something I am so very familiar with from my past as I struggled through depression and breakdown and PTSD.

Even now, when I am on top of those things, I will find myself excusing myself as just rehearsing in case the what if’s do happen – even though I know that my imagination is far more active than what is likely to happen in reality.

You can’t separate the physical from the spiritual – and the physical also includes the emotional and mental bodies.  There is a Minotaur in our midst and our fears are so embedded in us that we no longer recognise them.  They are part of who we now are and they drive us to make decisions when our emotions are trapped. When we are in the labyrynth.

This is cognitive dissonance. 

This is anticipatory anxiety. 

This is xenophobia – it is causing the distancing between humans, and possibly could even lead to the eventual destruction of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

Banking on Energy

First, I want to apologise if you came to this episode expecting, from the title, something wonderful about solar energy or money – that’s not what we are here about.   What I am actually here to talk about is the energy that you carry inside you and that occasionally bubbles over.  Energies such as anger, fear, frustration, love, appreciation, beauty, trust, joy.

When I started on this spiritual journey I was, like many newbies, totally swamped with information that just seemed to hit me from every side.  It’s a very confusing time, especially when, like me, you don’t come into this gradually but rather have a single event that catapults you straight into this strange world that so often feels weird and alien. 

What I want to do today is share with you a trick I learned with regard to handling energy.

I’m an extreme empath but until I was catapulted onto my spiritual path, I didn’t know that. I didn’t even know what an empath is.  I just lived a life of fear that I couldn’t understand.  My very first spiritual teacher encouraged me to go along to group meditation classes – and that is where I started to realise that I was reacting a bit differently to everyone else.

In the meditation group, we all sat on the floor in circle, and as we were guided into the meditation, I would feel a build-up of what felt like electricity that swirled from person to person, travelling around the circle in a clock-wise direction, building, becoming chaotic, until I just couldn’t handle it any more and I would start to visibly vibrate.  My hands would start first but very quickly my whole body would join in.  I’ve been told that it looked like I was having a seizure, and I know that some people actually left the group because it was just too weird – I freaked them out.  It didn’t actually worry me – I was just observing this reaction from inside of me.  I was just watching, not connected to it, until the meditation ended and that’s when it would hit me.  I could barely stand, nauseous, over-emotional, over-whelmed and I would stagger out into the street and lie on the grass verge, connecting into Earth letting all that energy sink away from me.  Sometimes I’d even vomit.  Almost always I would be crying. 

You might ask “Why did I keep going?” I actually have no answer to that except a driving need to learn.

The classes were held in a New Age shop and one day I was considering buying a Shiva Lingam stone.  It was big – about 6 inches long and it felt steady, secure and I went into the meditation holding that stone.  At the time, I knew very little about stones and crystals and the way they can assist us, but during the meditation, holding that stone, I realised that I was able to transfer all that swirling energy into the stone.  I didn’t have to absorb it, I could simply let it pass through me and into the stone.

A few months later I met a new teacher, Essence Ka tha’ras, Founder of the International Koalition of Krones (of which I am a Krone).  She became, and still is, my mentor, teacher, and very good friend and she was very instrumental in my learning how to control my empathy.  Out of control empathy is horrible, frightening, overwhelming, painful – but when you hold it in control, it is one of the most amazing gifts that Starseeds bring to this planet.

At the time, Essence ran a Facebook group called First Wave Blue Ray Indigo – the name of the spiritual generation that I belong to and in that group she shared a picture of a Mandala.  That Mandala was for members to meditate on and to share energy – feelings of love, of caring, of healing and we were able to ‘deposit’ energy into that mandala whenever we wanted – a bit like a bank.  The energy was held within that mandala for anyone to use when needed.  When feeling unwell, worried, stressed, anxious, concerned about a loved one, members could draw upon that energy for Self or to re-direct towards loved ones or where disastrous events were happening in the world.

It was the same energy storage that I had been using with my Shiva Lingam.  It was a Duh! Moment though – I hadn’t made the connection that if you keep putting energy into something, you can probably pull it back out when needed!  Just like your bank account!

And this is also where I learned one of the most important things that a newbie or a neophyte must come to understand – that Energy is just that.  Energy.  It’s not good energy or bad energy.  It’s not light or dark, negative or positive.  It is just Energy.  It’s how we use the energy that makes the difference. 

So into my stone would go this chaotic, swirling, overwhelming energy that I was picking up from those around me.  Into the stone went my fears and my angers, my troubles, my doubts, my frustrations.  Into the stone went that amazing energy-emotion of Yugen.  Into that stone went the energy of appreciation and gratitude, of joy and peace.  The stone would sit next to my work-space and when I hit one of those times where everything is just too much and you want to throw something or scream – well, you have something heavy and handy if you must throw something – although I really do not recommend that, but you also have something that you can focus on sending that frustration to.  Then you can take a deep breath; bring yourself to centre; and then draw in energy through your breath imagining it travelling through your body, energising yet calming.

I found this to be a great tool to help me get my empathic side under control.  I haven’t had to use such a tool for quite a few years now, although I do find that if I have something troubling me or am feeling overwhelmed, I reach for a stone to hold.  I prefer big stones that sit heavily in my hand, filling the palm.  I also like plain ordinary stones I found on the beach or in the garden! 

This blog is also recorded as a Podcast and in on my You Tube channel.  In those versions I have included a meditation so you can experience how his works.  There are links at the bottom so you too can go try it out.

You will need to prepare.  You need to find something you can use as a repository for this energy.  It doesn’t have to be anything special – as mentioned, I prefer to use stones that I’ve picked up out of the garden; or perhaps a piece of driftwood; pictures that I find appealing; I’ve used Essence’s Mandala and I’ve made one of my own to use.  As long as it feels right for you – it’s good to go!

So let’s do this. 

Creating Reality, Shelf-life and the Power of Attraction

Starseeds came here to assist humanity. We didn’t come here to fix things. We didn’t understand when the shelf-life of our initial work had expired. We know that we create our reality, but are we taking responsibility for creating this reality?

Nothing lasts forever. Everything has a expiry date. At least, I can only think of one exception to that rule – honey. Apparently that lasts forever.

And that’s what I want to talk about today – how everything has some kind of shelf-life; how everything will come to a time when it no longer serves it’s purpose.

Starseeds came here to assist humanity.  We all know that.  Many of the early arrivals – and I could be considered one of those, I am of the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo generation – came here to simply pave the way.  We didn’t come here to fix things.  The energy was dense when we arrived – too dense for Indigo and subsequent generations to survive, so when those generations finally started to arrive in numbers, our work was done.  Except a lot of us didn’t realise that – and therein, lies a major problem.

We didn’t understand that the shelf-life of our initial work had expired.

We’d completed what we’d originally come here to do, and so we settled down and continued on with all the things that we knew well and had become comfortable with.  Things that nowadays are fairly main-stream such as readings, smudging, crystals and healing, but at the time, they were still considered weird and hippyish. Many of us had grown up in the 60’s.

Everything has a shelf-life.  A time of creation, of birth; of growth and maturity and then it gradually fades away, gets superseded by the next cycle or even implodes on itself.

But we’ve become long-lived in our comfortable and confident in our way of life and we’ve taught the younger ones what we know.  That’s been the way that knowledge has been shared since forever.

Except we now live in a world of high speed.  Where everything can be found, discovered, half-understood, and all at our fingertips.  So many of our youngsters, our Newbie spiritual children, have forsaken the older, tried and tested methods of being taught, which can take many, many years, and they have forsaken them in favour of the immediate gratification of the wonders available on the internet.

And the result is the warping of knowledge.  The twisting of Truths to suit the experience of the Neophyte who then, believing she is a Master, starts to teach the next layer of Newbies. And a Neophyte teaching Neophytes is a dangerous combination.

It’s barely been a decade or two that generations of knowledge has been melted down into words that are most often blindly spoken, with the depths – the Energy behind the words – not perceived.

The Power of Attraction is one such thing.  We know that we create our reality.  But are we taking responsibility for creating THIS reality – the reality timeline we have been living through for the past couple of years – and will, possibly, for the next 13,000+ years? 

In the hands of Neophytes who think they hold all the answers, the Power of Attraction has become simply a method by which you can work toward visualising all your dreams coming true – the home, car, money, perfect partner and other things that many people dream of. But what is forgotten is that it is not just our desires that we attract. Every aspect of our lives are affecting our reality. So why would it be such a stretch to understand that the virus, vaccination, loss of freedom, loss of body autonomy isn’t also a result of our powers as Creators.  Creating doesn’t pick and choose!  You can’t be responsible for only creating the pretty stuff.

I am creating my own reality. 

We say that, envisaging the perfect scenario we want to see in our lives.

I am creating my own reality.

Look about you and recognise what we – Starseed – have created on this planet.  Look at what has been created in just this past two years.

But – I hear you call out – I didn’t create this mess. 

But – I say – yes you did.  And so did I.  Everyone of us has played a part.

Every thought, every word, every deed carries Power.  Every swear word you spoke, every piece of hatred, every finger pointed in judgement, every violent movie you watched, every time you were triggered by fear or took notice of advertisements telling you are not good enough.  Every time you mockingly laughed at someone; walked past a homeless person, or a disabled person or someone who was hurting and turned away, not wanting to get drawn in. 

Every time you had the ability to help someone and didn’t.  Every time you gave Ego full rein.

This is the shelf life that has to go.  We have to let go of our refusal to take responsibility that we, together, created this mess.  We need to own up to it.  And we older Starseed must take the greater responsibility.  We allowed knowledge into the world that the world was not ready to use safely.

So how do we fix this?  To be honest, I don’t know that we can.  But how can we not try?

We Krones have been talking about not being able to separate the physical from the spiritual for one heck of a long time, and whether your focus over the past few years has mainly been the physical or the spiritual realms doesn’t really matter – what we need to do going forward is stop thinking of them as separate things.  We cannot separate the physical from the spiritual. What we do in one realm affects all others.

We know we have power.  We know we are creators of our reality.  What we give focus to is what we use to create our reality.  What we focus on – whether it’s in the Spiritual, emotional or mental realms – will become a part of our physical reality. 

We have to start creating physically, intentionally, beneficently, knowingly and stop just spouting words like Love and Light.  That’s fluffy stuff now.  It’s become so overused, so mundane that the strength and intention in those words have minimised, become negligible.  Phrases like this longer carries the energy it used to.  The path has become harder. 

I’ve to what some would call the future. I’ve travelled down this timeline we are on.  I’ve travelled twice into the linear future of this timeline.  I do not want to go there again.  I do not want my physical descendants to live in those times.  I do not want to reincarnate into those times.  But I will.  And so will you.  That is a given.  If we stay on this path that we appear to have chosen, it will last for over 13,000 years and we will reincarnate into that reality. More than once. There is no ‘going home’, at least not until we clean up our mess.

The shelf-life of the reality we were born into has expired and anew reality is being birthed. It is being born of the thoughts, deeds and actions of every human on this planet. Ever human is a part of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and has a voice in how things move forward.

Starseeds are playing a role, but the future timeline reality we will all travel is not only our responsibility. We are here to guide remember, not fix.

What you can do is show the way. We need to start by understanding our contribution to this birth of a new reality and do everything we can to make sure that beauty, kindness, compassion and respect remain choices that human and starseed can make.

So let’s put a short shelf life on this current reality.  Let’s own up to our part in creating this current reality.  And each of us, individually and collectively, must do whatever we can to change things for the better. 

Let’s help each other.  Support each other.  Let’s not accept this discrimination that is separating us.  Let’s not bow down to fear.

Let’s focus on the beauty in the world.  Let’s add to that beauty where we can.  Let’s stop allowing fear and anger to overwhelm us.  Let’s practice compassion.

Let’s focus on this current reality as having come to the end of its shelf life.   It has taught us many things about ourselves and given us many opportunities to rise above it.  Let’s encourage the cycle to renew in the way that will move us off this timeline reality and onto a better pathway.  Let’s learn the lesson and move forward.

And let us be very wary of what we create in the future!

Remember – Flip the Fear, Find the Bling.

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The Founder of the IKoK, Essence Ka tha’ras, is, amongst many other things, a Master Metatronic Numerologist. If you wish to explore her work, and the work of the IKoK, there are links below.

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Eeeeek! What a Year!

Many years ago, when I first married, someone blessed me with the following:

May you live in interesting times.

I didn’t know it then, but I certainly do now – this is often as much a curse as a blessing, and for me it very definitely was more on the side of being a curse.  I lived a life filled with drama and disasters.

2021 is almost at a close and it certainly has been “interesting”.  In the big picture it most definitely has seemed to be filled with drama and disaster, but despite this, there is still much to make life worthwhile.  There is this beautiful planet we call home; there are our families and our loved ones; our dreams and our desires; our community and our work.

My 2021 has been amazing.  I am fortunate to live in a part of the world where Covid has yet to appear, so there has, in all reality, been very little impact on my personal life, but I am a part of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity of Earth and so I have watched as we all worry about the future we appear to be heading towards. 

Last year, 2020, my dreams and desires for my future appeared to be dashed to the ground as plans crashed with the advent of this pandemic.  This year, for me, was about getting back into a place of equilibrium and planning for a stable future.

There has been a lot of background work on Self, but now, as 2021 draws to a close I look back and see that I’ve not done too badly.  It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but circumstances have led me to move house twice – and now I am in my perfect ‘forever/as long as possible’ home.  I’ve had surgery to fix a problem that has been causing me chronic pain for the past 4 years; my voluntary work within the community has expanded and brings me much joy and I have made a commitment to self, that as I recover from my surgery, I will commence working on improving my physical health. 

Something that has brought me much in the way of knowledge, challenges, inspiration and more is my work with the International Koalition of Krones.  Through that work I am now exploring the world of Podcasts and You Tube videos and, after having my work peer-reviewed, I’ve realised that one of the things in my life that has been missing for a while is consistency.  And that brings me to the way I am currently pointing for next year. 

My plan is to produce a blog every week and, being aware that not everyone loves the written word as much as I do, it will also be published as a podcast on several platforms including Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and more. You’ll also find me on You Tube and Facebook.

My work is mainly with Energy and Spiritual knowledge but as we say in the IKoK: you can’t separate the physical from the spiritual, so I tend to have a fairly practical view of the world and how we can travel through it.  I’m planning to have posts dealing what I see in the world – either in my own community or in the wider world; I’ll post stuff relating to dealing with the stresses that we are all dealing with – after all I am an Holistic Counsellor and qualified to assist in that way.  I’ll be posting meditations – because I am also a qualified Meditation Therapist and I know how beneficial it is to simply stop and breathe; and I will be continuing with Animal Medicine posts – sharing messages that come to me from the animal world to the human world.

What I don’t do, is talk love and light fluffy stuff.

I hope you will join me and travel through 2022 with joy in your heart, learning how YOU can make a difference to this world by making a difference in your own life. 

Djaki Kundu – Genocide happening in Queensland

Photo: Queensland Police throw an Aboriginal Sovereign Elder to the ground.

I’m not indigenous. 
I am, however, an Elder in my society.

As an Elder and as a Krone I expect a level of respect. 

The level of respect given by our First Nations people, here in Australia, to their Elders, is deep. 

Much deeper than that which is given to the Elders of our white societies who are often dismissed as not knowing anything.  Those who fought for the very freedoms that are slowly being eroded in this current ethos of separation are seen as being of little or no value.

I have seen the respect for the life lived, the knowledge gained, the wisdom that our Traditional Owner Elders hold and have found it sad that we white folk cannot seem to learn from these ancient peoples.

And I don’t have words for the way we arrogantly consider ourselves superior.  Simply because we carry skin that hasn’t adapted through millennia to hot, harsh climates.

Over the last few days, I have been watching a tale unfold.  A tale of genocide.  Of oppression.  Of avarice.  Of dis-respect.  A tale that was old when white folk first started travelling the globe, eating up all they found. 

This is the tale of Djaki Kundu. 

Djaki Kundu is an ancient place.  A place on the Seven Sisters Song Line.  A place of healing.   A place where the First Nations of this land we call Australia have met for eons.  And this place, Djaki Kundu, has just been destroyed.  Elders have been arrested, denied medical assistance, imprisoned.  For trespassing on their own land.  Land which has been theirs for longer than white man has existed.  Land to which, even under white man laws, they hold sovereign rights. 

Human Rights have been violated.

Genocide is being enacted.

Their meeting place, Sacred place, place of Ceremony; their Direction Trees which have taken hundreds of years to train to point in a specific direction, Sacred Bunya Trees, ancient artefacts that would throw away the book on what we believe about this land, all gone. 

All gone under the bulldozer.

All gone to further what the Queensland Transport and Main Roads deem far more important than an ancient sacred site – a road.

I mean…  how can it be sacred?  It’s not like Westminster Cathedral, is it? 

Well – it’s much, much older than Westminster Cathedral, or Notre Dame or even the Egyptian Pyramids!  This, on the Seven Sisters Songline goes back in lore to the arrival of humans on this planet.  And it doesn’t matter what your thoughts are on that…  what matters is that it does matter to the Kabi Kabi. 

Even if these things are of no interest to you, I cannot believe that you could sit by and allow, on our very own doorstep, to see police (and without name badges and not willing to give name and badge number) abusing an elderly woman, throwing her to the ground, wrenching her arms behind her back as she cries in pain and shock face down in the dirt. She was still outside the area that TMR have fenced off. She is an older woman and no threat.

I cannot believe that you can condone Aunty Bucky being dragged to her feet, crying in pain, and when asked by another person if she is OK replying that no she is not OK.  I cannot believe that you would think it right that this elderly woman was manhandled into the police vehicle, thrown in belly first and then shoved the rest of the way, on her face, as if she was a sofa being taken to the dump.  And even more, I cannot believe that anyone would condone that the ambulance that was called was not allowed entry.   That the police would not allow entry for medical assistance for injuries they had inflicted on an elderly woman until the other ‘protestors’ who have every right to be on their own land, leave.

Did the protestors leave?  Did they acquiesce to this bullying blackmail.  Yes.  Because right then it was more important that Aunty Bucky get the medical help she needed.

Please share this.

Djaki Kundu is not the only Ancient Sacred place that is being destroyed, defiled, in this way. 

Genocide is not just about people – it is also about the killing off of a way of life. 

Human rights apply regardless of the colour of your skin or your spiritual or religious beliefs.

This is happening in a small town in Queensland, Australia.

Would you stand up if it was your place of worship – your sacred space – that was being defiled in this way. 

It could be.  Your town could be next.

There are links below for more information on this ancient site Djaki Kundu aka Seven Sisters Dreaming aka the Gympie Pyramid.

NOTE: Aunty Bucky was taken to hospital and received treatment for the injuries inflicted on her before being referred to her doctor.

KABI Dreaming

350 OcSu7top7boe6r1 na77ts 8106:r12a24  · Djaki Kundu update 30 October 2021: Waiting outside of Gympie watch house. Tribal Elder and our friend Nikki (Bonji) were assaulted by police at Djaki Kundu and arrested. A nurse who offered to give medical assistance was assaulted by police officers. Nichole’s husband was also assaulted. An ambulance was turned away by police. Dhakkie, Gilburri, Seamus, Zac and Paul have also been arrested, we suspect there may be others. We are unsure of their medical condition at present. We are very concerned for the health and well being of all concerned, and especially for the condition of Aunty Bucky and Nichole. Don’t be silent stand together against human rights abuse. Bona wup’pin.

Aunty Bucky tells why this is important to her in the description on this video of her being abused by police: https://youtu.be/Ub50iU641fw

Police continue to support the Queensland TMR who are continuing to destroy Aboriginal Cultural artefacts and the sacred landscape of Djaki Kundu, in breach of our human rights, which are acknowledged to be upheld in the Queensland Human Rights Act 2019. The rights to continue cultural and spiritual religious practise are also upheld in section 116 of the Commonwealth Constitution.

Police and TMR are both acting in violation of Queensland Laws. The sacred site of Djaki Kundu is situated on land set aside from settlement by the Crown in 1842 with the Bunya Proclamation. The Bunya Proclamation was never lawfully repealed. Always was always will be Kabi Bunya Djha.


My experience visiting the Gympie Pyramid https://aurian.blog/2017/08/01/the-gympie-pyramid/

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The International Koalition of Krones (IKoK) is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective in it’s continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”

The Founder of the IKoK, Essence Ka tha’ras, is, amongst many other things, a Master Metatronic Numerologist. If you wish to explore her work, and the work of the IKoK, there are links below.

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Imagine a tree.  Do you see the trunk, the branches, the leaves? 

Do you see them moving in the wind?

Do you see things in your mind’s eye?  Most people do, some of them very vividly, but about 1% of the population doesn’t see anything in their mind’s eye and I’m one of that 1%.  It’s called Aphantasia.  A lot of people with Aphantasia don’t see anything at all when they close their eyes – just a blank field, although in my case, I do see something – I see Energy.  It’s like a golden swirling mist and over the past few years, coupled with gifts of Clairsentience and Claircognisance, I have come to understand that it holds a beautiful and unique ‘language’.

I have “total aphantasia.” That means that I not only don’t see things in my mind’s eye, but I also am not able to replicate in my mind other senses like sound, taste, touch.  One of the trickiest things is that I don’t have much of an “internal dialogue.”  That one only really came to my attention a few weeks ago when I discovered that most people apparently have this sort-of running conversation going on in their heads.  Unless I specifically want to think of something, my mind is generally quiet.  Which, in many ways, is really good because I am not a person who likes noise!! 

Why is this important?  Well, it’s not, except that it helps me to understand why my brain seems to work differently to other people.  Why I have problems with memory and why one of the skills I love most is my ability to pour words and stories onto my computer seemingly from nowhere and with absolutely no thought.  I’ve always said that I can organise my thoughts better when I’m typing – I type at 90wpm so I’ve assumed that it was simply that hand-writing was too slow.  It also explains why my Spiritual Teacher can give me a question to ponder, and then I will then give absolutely no further thought about that question until I ‘know’ it’s the right time.  Then I sit at my computer and let the words flow.  Much as is happening right now.  I’ve laughed for many years at how when someone asks me to write a reference or to help them with a tricky letter, I can appear to be doing absolutely nothing about it for a few days and then… there it is.  I’ve joked for years that I must be working subliminally – and it seems I may be right.

My teacher asked me a question the other day.  She invited me, when looking at this question, to consider the first thing that pops into my mind and then to move out of my mind and stretch the concept.   The question?  Why are we here?

Now, that is definitely a question that requires thought.  I sat on it for a day.  In my usual way I seemed to be giving it absolutely no consideration, then, under the cover of the running water of my shower I started to think on this in a way (outside of typing) that works for me – I vocalise.  I think out-loud.  I talk to the tiles on my shower wall.  It’s amazing how much clarity you can gain when you do that!

Am I going to tell you what came up for me.  No.  Not yet anyway, other than to say that when, with my Teacher, I went deeper into these thoughts, the conversation became very enlightening both from a personal perspective and for the Collective.

Topics such as this question, Yugen, Wu Wai, Melding Spirituality into physical 3D life and much more could be discussed at our next IKoK Chat on Zoom.  Do you want to miss out???   No?  Then I invite you to join us on Friday, 22nd October at 8.00pm CDT (if you are in the US).  That’s Saturday 23rd October at 11.00am AEST is you are, like me, in Australia, but please, check your local time. 
You can register for this free live event by going to the IKoK Facebook page where you’ll find all the information you need.  There’s a link below for that page.

Hope to see you there
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The International Koalition of Krones (IKoK) is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective in it’s continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”

The Founder of the IKoK, Essence Ka tha’ras, is, amongst many other things, a Master Metatronic Numerologist. If you wish to explore her work, and the work of the IKoK, there are links below.

There are also You Tube and Soundcloud links to the full IKoK Chats if you wish to know more about the work we do.

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Removing Fear

Photo: Auri An

I’ve had lots of drama and obstacles in my life and a couple of years ago I started working with Lord Ganesha – Remover of Obstacles, patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes and authors.  I was truly surprised at first at how the problems in my life started to resolve.  Not always in the way that I thought they should, but ultimately in the way that was best for my growth. 

Working with Lord Ganesha has always been a silent thing for me.  You see, I have been told all my life that I have the most horrible singing voice, and that was reinforced many times.  And so my voice is never used for anything other than talking.  And until recently, I didn’t even do a whole lot of that. 

If I tried to sing – even by myself in the car, I would get a constriction in my throat as if someone had tried to shove a soccer ball down there.  Sometimes I would even find myself barely able to breathe.  The training of my youth hit hard.

Over the years we have worked with Mantra and each time has been more impossible than the last.  Always I’d give it a go and always I would end up simply chanting in my head.  The problem with this is that a big part of the work of Mantra is the vibration that occurs when you repeat the chants aloud.  It is the vibration that causes the healing to happen, that allows the physical body to sink into the energy and the spiritual body to expand.

In our current work (as the IKoK) with the 106 Days to Remove Fear, using various Ganesha Mantra with specific mudra and mindfulness, I have been taking the easy way out.  Just listening to the beautiful tracks that we are using as guides for these Mantra.  And yes, there is a lovely sense of calm and peace that comes from having these playing in the background all day, but that vibration – that oh-so-necessary vibration – is missing.

This morning I was speaking with the Founder of the IKoK (International Koalition of Krones), Essence Ka tha’ras and we started delving into these fears and blockages about my voice.  During our chat I had been finishing up a small mat I had been weaving and decided that the perfect place for it was under my favourite Ganesha statue.  As I placed the statue on the mat, I knew that it was time to start to break down these barriers.  It was as if I had given a gift to Lord Ganesha and he was returning a gift, an opportunity, that was needed by me.

My housemate was out, all the doors and windows were closed, so I hopped onto You Tube, started the Mantra “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha” by Deva Premal, formed my hands into the Abhaya Hridaya Mudra, took my courage into my heart and started to chant.  My throat started to burn.  I mean REALLY burn.  The familiar pressure built up in my throat – that emotional blockage manifesting into my physical body – but I stuck with it.  It expanded to my sinuses, my ears, to my Third Eye Chakra and even my High Heart Chakra.  And then I started to cry.  It was so painful, emotionally and physically.  I had to stop chanting, I could barely breathe but knew it was time to start to work through this, so when the burning eased a little, I joined in again.

I had to work through several more ‘cycles’ of this, and with each cycle, the blockage and the pain and the tears became less.  Towards the end of the track, the music slows down and just at that point the sun shone through a break in the clouds straight through the window and onto me and my statue of Lord Ganesha.  As the music ended, the sun once again disappeared behind the clouds.  It felt like a benediction.

Does this mean that my obstacles have disappeared and I can chant with everyone else?  Nope.  Not yet anyway.  This was just the first step on that Journey, there’s a long road ahead.  What this is, for me on a personal level, was confirmation of my last blog – the one about Impasse.  I was at a point of impasse with my voice and how I use it, and I had been there for a long time. Most of my life.  I had come up against an obstacle when I was a child and was so strongly discouraged from singing, that I had decided to simply sit down, accept the obstacle in front of me and get comfortable – after all, not being able to sing is hardly a life-and-death thing.  Right?

What I did today was start to break down those barriers.  Now, it is up to me to keep the momentum going.  To chant every day, several times a day if I can.  To allow the blockages to dissipate and the tears to flow as they will.  Those tears represent the release of the trauma of being unable to vocally express myself for the last 66 years.  I’ve been listening to my housemate as he sings.  He wears headphones and sings a lot.  He’s happy and that is how he celebrates that joy.  And believe me – his voice is FAR worse than mine!!!  But, without obstacles like mine, he can express himself and his happiness.  That is what I want.  To be able to vocalise my happiness, to feel the healing vibration of voice.

From the perspective of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity – because we must always remember that we are each a microcosm of the macrocosm, a part of the weaving of the entirety of life on this planet and the planet itself – we are being given the gift of being able to work consciously to release fear.  We are each individual aspects of the Collective and the fears we each hold has an effect on the Collective.  If we can each work to release even a small part of our everyday fears, there will be a major energy shift in the Collective.  If we can make that shift happen, it gives us a breathing space.  The equivalent of stepping back from the obstacle in front of us, so we can look at it with fresh eyes and work out a way to get around, over, or under it and get back onto the timeline that I, for one, would prefer to be on.

If you are not already a part of the International Koalition of Krones 106 Days to Release Fear, I invite you to join us.  Let us build this energy together.  There is a link below for how to check us out and see if you want to be a part of this work. It’s not hard work and it allows you to not only personally feel the energetic vibration, but it allows you to transmit that vibration into the world, because if you, as an integral part of the Collective feels the vibrations, so too does the Collective.

For me this releasing of fears allows another energy the room to grow.  The energy of Hope. Hope is what I felt as I completed the Mantra. Hope that this fear of being heard will finally be done with. Hope is the Energy I want with me as we travel through this current timeline, until the time comes that Hope is no longer needed, because we have chosen the timeline reality that will lead us forward into Joy, Love, Peace, Respect, Equality and more.

Gy’ Shé em
Flip the Fear and Shine your Bling

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The International Koalition of Krones (IKoK) is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective in it’s continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”

The Founder of the IKoK, Essence Ka tha’ras, is, amongst many other things, a Master Metatronic Numerologist. If you wish to explore her work, and the work of the IKoK, there are links below.

There are also You Tube and Soundcloud links to the full IKoK Chats if you wish to know more about the work we do.

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The topic I was directed to talk about today is so in alignment with the things that have been happening in my personal life over the last few days, I couldn’t help but laugh.  I cracked up. 

I was directed to pull a card for guidance on the topic that I needed to talk about today, and the deck I used is called Sacred Traveller by Denise Lynn.  The card I pulled is called “Impasse”, and earlier this week I had actually been given personal experience of an impasse situation.

The definition of “Impasse” is a situation where no progress is possible, and in our 3D world, it’s often caused by a dispute of some kind.  An impasse can happen pretty much anywhere, where two or more groups are in disagreement and none of them will give an inch.  They can’t progress.  No-one is going to win.  Everyone stands a chance of losing.  It can happen at work, within the relationships in your life – your family, friends – and it can happen on your spiritual path too.

An Impasse is an obstacle.  And on your Journey through this life, when you come across an obstacle you generally need to make a choice.  Regardless of what the obstacle actually is, it’s like a big high wall that’s stopping you progressing, and nothing is going to happen, nothing is going to change or improve whilst that big wall is in the way.  So you find that you need to make a choice about how you are going to deal with the problem in front of you.  You want to move forward, but there is something stopping you.

You could ignore it.  Hope it’ll go away or that someone else will deal with it.  Settle down on your side of the obstacle, where it’s comfortable, where you understand your side of things and you don’t get to be challenged by other side.  And you stop growing.  You stagnate.

You could get angry and butt-heads with the obstacle. Try to convince the opposition that you are right and they are wrong – and maybe they are doing exactly the same thing.  Or maybe you are throwing yourself against that wall and the other side are just ignoring you.  You don’t count.

So what else can you do?  You could take a step backwards, give yourself a bit of space to review the situation first, and then turn around and walk away from the barrier and find a new pathway. 

In our 3D world, where you can’t separate the physical from the spiritual, there are many forms of impasse that can form that huge high wall preventing us moving into the glorious golden-age future that we dream of.   In our society right now, it can sometime feel as if those walls are just growing higher.  Closing us in, trapping us, encasing us.  Just settling down where you are comfortable isn’t making things better; butting against the obstacle only seem to encourage its growth, so maybe it’s time to look at things from a new perspective. 

A wise person, when faced with a barrier across her path, looks for another route – a way around the barrier.

It’s time to re-direct our energy. 

We have been learning that we are all in this current situation.  No-one really is exempt.  Every human that exists on this planet is affected by the current impasse to our growth.  Yes, some individuals are growing, but when you consider the Collective, nearly 8 billion humans, you could say that we are at an impasse.  We are settling down, getting used to the barriers around us.  Every one of us is a part of this planet, this galaxy, this universe.  We ARE together and we need to start working together to remove what is stopping us from growing.  And so far it seems as if we have either been settling in to where it’s comfortable or bashing ourselves against the ever-growing obstacle.  And we know that neither of those things are going to work.  We need to find a new way to get through or round or over the obstacle so we can re-find our path, or we need to find a new path. 

In my personal experience this week, I chose to walk away from where the other individual was busy bashing against the wall.  It wasn’t easy.  It isn’t easy.  But it was also the right choice.  It gave me space to understand more, it gave me the opportunity to see new pathways, new directions to follow.  Walking away freed me to take the steps I needed to fly over that barrier and lightly walk on into my future. 

This was me.  Auri’An.  One human.  One thread in the weaving of the CCoH.  In this experience I was given the gift to understand how high we could fly if we could only lift each other up over the impasse that we have built. 

But only if we can learn to truly understand that we are all One and because we are all One, we are all on the same side. 

Gy’ Shé em
Flip the Fear and Shine your Bling

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The International Koalition of Krones (IKoK) is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective in it’s continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”

The Founder of the IKoK, Essence Ka tha’ras, is, amongst many other things, a Master Metatronic Numerologist. If you wish to explore her work, and the work of the IKoK, there are links below.

There are also You Tube and Soundcloud links to the full IKoK Chats if you wish to know more about the work we do.

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Releasing the Old….

Those who travel the Spiritual realms say that “We need to release that which no longer serves”, although in our everyday human life we are more likely to say something like “out with the old, make room for the new” but how many of us actually take the time to understand what those words mean and to actually do something about it? 

I’ve often spoken of how we talk-the-talk but don’t understand the energy of the words we use; of how we have fallen into the habit of parroting phrases that sound good to us, but as with many of these so-called “New Age” phrases, we don’t often take the time to dig deep within ourselves to find out what it actually means, on an energetic level, to do those things. 

So, what is it that no longer serves? What does it mean?  I’ve seen and heard it being used by people when they really mean “Shut up about XYZ.  It’s done.  Get over it!”   And although that’s fairly extreme I also find that it can be used as an excuse similar to when you know that you need to clean the fridge but can’t be bothered just yet.  It’s a very wide-ranging term that is open to an almost infinite range of explanations.   

In the physical world for example, it’s likely to mean sorting out your wardrobe and getting rid of stuff that doesn’t fit any more or it could be the dancing Elvis doll you bought on a whim and is now cluttering up your bookshelf – or, yes, cleaning the fridge!  In your emotional world, it could mean leaving an abusive relationship or walking away from a virulent argument.  It could be leaving behind beliefs and memories that replay in your mind causing you to fall back into self-destructive energy.  And it is this last example that is most important to those of us who are working within the Spiritual realms, because these beliefs and memories have a tendency to cycle around and around simply because we haven’t dealt with them.  They are the very things that pull us down and cause it to be hard to maintain the highest energy frequency we can. 

I, like most other people, have things that have adversely affected me my whole life.  Those who have been following me for a while are probably aware that for most of my life I have stumbled from one drama to another and that over the past few years I have been actively working to deal with the energies of these dramas.  As I have worked through various things, I have come to realise that these are the very things that have gifted me with knowledge and wisdom, caring and the desire to be of assistance to the Collective.  I have been discovering that the dramas of my life are the very things that make me into the person I am becoming. 

Here’s an example.  I used to work in the corporate world.  A large company where I held a National Management position.  I left that world over 15 years ago, yet I still feel the anger, frustration and powerlessness of every Board meeting I attended – where the old-school-mates would leave a box of tissues at my place at the table because they knew that it was so very easy to wind me up until I burst into tears.  That they were tears of anger and frustration at being misunderstood in a predominantly male world, compounded by deep disappointment in self that I reacted that way, was no matter – the game was to make me cry.   

Even though I am no longer that person, and the anger and frustration is long gone, the memory remains.  The belief that I react this way to bullies was so ingrained that I didn’t actually think of it as a belief.  It was just me.  I didn’t even realise that the other people were being bullies.   I actually carried the energy of that memory with me over the years without even realising it, because it was such a part of ME that it had become something I rarely thought of – until I released that energy just the other day within a meditation session.  I had carried one perspective of that situation for all these years – that of the emotions I felt during those horribly embarrassing meetings.  In that meditation, I came to see another perspective where I could understand that although the actual hands-on work as that National Manager was right up my street, as a PTSD sufferer, I was ill-equipped for the aspects that involved confrontation.  The “what no longer served me” that I released was not only the memory pain of being bullied, embarrassed and emotional when pushed, but with it came the realisation that at that time in my life I was in a situation that was beyond me.  I forgave my overwhelming work colleagues and, most importantly, I forgave myself. 

A few weeks ago I, and the other Krones, logged off social media for a break from the energies – for “Spiritual Maintenance.” It was a much-needed time to reset beliefs – to release that which no longer serves and to confirm commitments to the work that we do.  I had a lot of difficulty in getting back to my groups and pages – the energies seemed stagnant.  It was time for a good close look at why.  My page, The Path to Ein Teri Y’h was about a long-held dream that seemed about to move from a dream into reality when covid reared its head and so many dreams fell into dust.  I had given that group a new name, tried to stir the energies back into some form of enthusiasm but it became so very obvious that this was one of those things that no longer served.  And so I released that Facebook group and it is being archived on 31st August, and by doing that I have given myself time.  Time to work on my blog, my podcast, the work of the International Koalition of Krones, my Helping You course and more.

When you release those old, long-held beliefs not only does it give you a feeling of dropping a heavy weight, it gives you room to move, to become creative.  To grow.  It gives you space, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to spread your wings, to learn how to fly in a new world.    

Gy’ Shé em
Flip the heaviness and Shine your Bling

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The International Koalition of Krones (IKoK) is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective in it’s continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”

The Founder of the IKoK, Essence Ka tha’ras, is, amongst many other things, a Master Metatronic Numerologist. If you wish to explore her work, and the work of the IKoK, there are links below.

There are also You Tube and Soundcloud links to the full IKoK Chats if you wish to know more about the work we do.

Please feel free to share this blog. I only ask that you share it in it’s entirety and not just snippets. You can also share the memes on the following page: Memes and Other Stuff

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