Truth – Who’s Right?

Truth is relative. It depends on where you are looking from and in today’s society it’s almost impossible to understand what is truth and what has been manipulated. It’s made even harder by so much that is fabrication, containing just enough truth to make it plausible, to even suck people in and send them chasing […]

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Dark Night of the Soul

Humanity is struggling.  You don’t need to be psychic or intuitive to understand this, you only have to look around you.  Even in the very small town that I live in, a place that has not been touched by COVID-19, you can still see this is inexorable slide.  The microcosm representing the macrocosm.  As above, […]

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Helping Ego

Today I want to share a personal story with you.  It’s something that happened a few years back – when I was barely started on my Awakening Journey.  It took me a few years to fully understand what had happened in that situation, but it is something that profoundly affected me and I see the […]

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Cause and Effect

Karma.  The word means Deed or Action.  In today’s society we tend to believe that Karma is a kind of balance sheet, basically if someone does something bad to you Karma will ‘get’ them at some point.  We also talk about Karmic Debt – as if we are owed something, or as if we owe […]

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Throat Re-balancing Meditation

I know many people who have thyroid problems, usually hypothyroidism – including me.  I also have cysts on my thyroid that I am working to reduce.  As an Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Therapist, and with my life experience, I have an absolute belief in the power of the mind.  In meditation, in mind-over-matter, in vibration. […]

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Powerful Words

Do you understand just how Powerful words are? Think about it – words cut, they warm, they raise your spirits and they dash you to the depths.  They let you know you are loved and they are thrown at you in anger.  There are some words that carry the Energy of millennia in them….   For […]

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Today is World Smudge Day

In a time of mass upheaval, pain, fear and anger it makes sense to smudge our planet just as we would smudge our home. After all, Gaia is our home. I live in Australia and a couple of months ago I asked the Tea Trees that I cycle past almost every day if I could […]

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I Want to say Thank You

This has been quite a journey. I’ve not been a very prolific writer, often going months between posts, but this blog has been representative of my Spiritual Journey so far and of my business – Ki’An Healing. About a month ago I received a message from Spirit that Ki’An Healing had served it’s purpose. The […]

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Of Pain and Opportunity

In 1980 I was caught up in racial riots in the UK.  I was afraid for my life in the same way that many people today are afraid.  I lay on that shopping mall floor, on top of my 16 month old baby to protect her, and thought I was going to die.It took over […]

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