Gather Close and Hear a Story


I am a New Storyteller.  You may be too.  So come close and hear my Story of changing patterns and beautiful manifestations for the future.

But first, gather around, and as you settle down, maybe with a coffee or a cup of tea, making yourself comfortable, let me tell you what a New Storyteller does.

Stories, as you know have been told since time began.  Before the first word was ever drawn on the wall of a cave, people gathered and listened.  Stories brought the history of the race to life.  They taught young people how to act in certain situations.  They frightened, enthralled and brought laughter and tears.  The old storytellers told of brave deeds, princesses rescued, dragons slain (although I must say that the dragons I know are beautiful gentle creatures and I would be heart-broken if anyone tried to slay my dragons).  They told of wars, battles won and battles lost; of ogres and giants and trolls under the bridge.  They told tales of seasons, of stars and far distant friends.  They built a picture that was fantastical, filled with Magick and the Knowledge of Ages to show the people who came together to hear.

In today’s world, in this current reality, this “Now,” we rarely gather to hear such tales.  Those gatherings around the fire have morphed into watching TV, Face Book and Google; of being spoon-fed the atrocities of the world we currently live in until we come to believe there is only war, and terrorism; famine and bloodshed; the Haves and the HaveNots.  We are loosing sight of the Beauty, the Mystery of Spirit simply because those who control our current stories understand that Fear drives the market.  And they are in it for money, not for the wellbeing of humanity.  We live in fear.  Fearful of being attacked, abused; loosing our job, our home.  We fear our neighbour, so we no longer look people in the eye preferring to walk on by in case we see our own fear and pain reflected in their eyes.

And these fears drive our current future reality.  What we dwell on is what we manifest.  If we expect the dark and heavy energies to come our way, then they most certainly will appear in your life.

Now, we are on the brink of the New Earth.  Shambahalla.  Our New Reality Now is waiting to be manifested.  We each have decisions to make.  Do we want to carry these fears with us into our future?  Or would we prefer the bright, loving world of our most joyous dreams?

This is where the New Storytellers come in.  This is why Spirit has gifted us with the fire of Adamantine Light.  The bright, shining, sparkly diamond gift of re-telling a Story without the fear.  Of re-birthing the beauty of this world and taking that beauty into our New Earth.  Of sharing, supporting, upholding that which is Right; of aiding, teaching, healing.  Because, and you MUST believe this, every Story CAN be re-written.  We have simply lost the skill.

The New Storyteller will weave your fearful story, seeking and finding the hidden diamond of brightly lit Love and bringing it forward so you can see and hold the beauty that is revealed.  And then the New Storyteller will gift your re-written tale back to you.

In the fairy tales of our youth, the story has an ending.  The prince wakes the princess with a kiss and they live happily ever after.  But “happily ever after” isn’t a new story….it’s a continuation of the first story.  And the characters must make the choice to be happy.  This is the point where YOU have the potential to become the New Storyteller.  You take your new story, your re-written and re-defined Story and lead it into the next chapter.  Where you lead it is up to you………

And now, let’s throw a few more sticks of wood on the fire and I will share a Story to show how we can re-write our Reality…..

It’s an everyday story, based in this Now Reality.  The heroine, Carol, is lucky to have a good job.  She is the main breadwinner in her family and lives with her husband (who has a drink problem), her mother who is getting on in years and off her rocker,  and her daughter.  They all depend on her. Her job isn’t anything special, but she loves it.  Her boss is good and understands that she sometimes has problems at home to deal with.  She does what she has to do to get by.  But last year she nicked her leg when shaving it and an infection set in which put her in the hospital.  She not only nearly lost her leg, but it was touch and go if she would survive.  She had to take heaps of time off work and the debts mounted up.

She went back to work before she was really well enough, simply because she didn’t have a choice.  She had bills to pay.  Everyone was pulling her in all directions.  She struggled, depressed, her leg hurt constantly, her husband didn’t help at all.  Her world became bleak and dark.  Her work suffered.  She was doing a rushed and shabby job.  Her boss seemed to understand even though he called her into the office on a number of times about work that was well below accepted levels.  She was given many chances until one day she was late to work and the boss had stepped in to cover her absence and discovered just how far her standards had fallen.  And there were four letters of complaints arrived that day, from customers, about the standard of her work.  The boss called into the office………

This Current Now Reality story could end here with her loosing her job…..and Carol would take her Story forward into an ever bleaker future.  A downward spiral of anger and fear, straight into the depths of desperation.

Or we can step back in time and with the aid of a New Storyteller, the Story can be re-written….

Once upon a time in a land not too far away, lived Carol.  She isn’t a princess, or anyone special, there isn’t a knight is golden armour going to sweep her off her feet.  Indeed she is fairly ordinary looking, heading towards middle age, plods through her life doing the best she can and most certainly would not consider herself a heroine.  But that’s exactly what she is.  Let me tell you….

Carol’s husband went away to fight for the King who wanted a dragon killed.  It was horrible and he just can’t get the nastiness out of his mind unless he has a drink of beer.  Some days it takes a lot of beers before he can forget how the dragon pleaded that she had only taken the sheep to feed her hungry babies.  Some days the memories are so bad he hides under the table and Carol gets under there with him and just sits with him.  Not saying a word.  Just being there for him.

Carol’s mum lost her marbles years ago!  And needs to be watched carefully so she doesn’t wander off through the town wearing just her nighty and asking the bus driver where she can buy wet fish.  Sometimes she calls the police because she thinks the gypsies have stolen her clothes.  So Carol brought her mum to live with her and her family do that she can keep an eye on her and make sure she eats and bathes and has do robe close by to love her.

When she speaks of her daughter you can see the pride and love she holds for this child who is going to school and learning so much more than she ever had the opportunity to do, and even in her most busy days, she will find time to sit and talk with her daughter about Life and Love and the ways of the world.

She is the only person in her household who is well enough, or old enough, to go to work so the whole family is dependant upon her.  It makes life a bit tough at times, but she keeps cheerful and is happy that her family is together and safe.

I told you she is a heroine!  She is one of many unsung heroes in our world.  She lives her life in Love, but is so bound up in holding it all together that she doesn’t actually recognise her Love any more.  She only feels the constant tiredness.

Then, one day – disaster!  Carol cut her leg and the infection was so bad that the doctors talked about cutting it off!  She was so upset and spoke with the doctors telling them how very important is was for her to keep her leg.  The doctors too are unsung heroes and they worked night and day for three weeks to help Carol keep her leg.  And they did a marvellous job!  All their knowledge and training, their lotions and potions were brought to bear and eventually Carol was allowed to go home.

Now……this is where we REALLY get to know just how amazing our heroine really is.  Even though she could barely walk, she went back to work!  It was very hard, but luckily she had a boss that understood and helped in every way possible.  But even heroines have bad days, and Carol’s bad days got pretty bad.  She kept thinking of the bad stuff, and that meant bad stuff kept happening, until one day it was so bad that her boss decided to let her go……

And that is where the New Storyteller jumped in.  Two aspects of the same tale.  The same Story seen through different eyes.  She took Carol to one side and told her her new Story.  The version Carol hadn’t seen because she was wrapped up in the hard reality she had built.  The New Storyteller showed her how she has some amazing gifts:  of Love, Compassion, kindness.  She was told that she is an incredibly strong person, that she had been tested and stretched almost to breaking point, but she has survived.  She was told how deeply she is connected to Mother Gaia and Spirit, and that her lost Joy would return.  She had simply needed someone to flick the switch and bring her light back.  She was reminded that every thought, every word, every deed manifested her reality.

And the New Storyteller handed over this bright light to Carol and gave her the chance to write her next chapter.  Which would she choose?  Trust in herself, in the gifts she has, would she work at bringing herself into the world she dreams of, or return to the darker path and risk a tumble even further.


And now the fire is cooling, the stars are sparkling in the sky.  Time to go home gathered people, look into your life, soul and re-write your story.  Manifest your Bliss.


In the words of my Teacher

Essence Ka tha’ras

OM Akara parinama Anandaham




The New Storyteller

When I go into a meditative state, I don’t see as a human. I don’t see as if it is with my eyes.  What I do see, with my third eye, is Energy.  Other people can describe scenery and people they meet, flying and climbing mountains.  I see swirls and wormholes, Stargates and sparkles.  Lightening and empty spaces.  And sometimes, this Energy is accompanied by a Knowing.  It makes working out what happened in a meditation, the messages and guidance, sometimes a tad tricky!  

Some energy signatures are easy to recognise.  My two dragon guides, are easy unless they both arrive together and then they kind of meld into one and it’s hard to work out who is who.  My huge matriarchal elephant Emily is another easily recognised energetic signature.  Most of my animal guides are easily recognisable, it’s the humans who can be tricky.  I have friends that I’ve never met in this reality, but I recognise when we meet in meditation.  One is accompanied by the lovely smell of baking cookies, all lemon and vanilla.  Another is a calming green blue…….  

Yesterday, my meditation was filled with swirls of energy, all sparkly.  I went deep and I know that information was given to me, I just can’t remember what it was.  I’ve learned to simply accept these blank memory times, it will be remembered when needed.  When I woke from that meditation I discovered that night had fallen, I’d been ‘away’ for over an hour.  I’ve often found that message hints will appear in the clouds when I return from meditation, so I usually have my iPad nearby.  Tonight there was just one very bright light in the sky, so I took a photo and a video. 


Today I listened to a radio talk show hosted by my friend, mentor and teacher Essence Ka tha’ras and she was talking about information she’d received about The New Storytellers.  The show always  ends with a Spirit-lead meditation and as Essence started to guide us through this meditation, I realised that this was what I’d already experienced the day before.  It was so familiar.  And that the light I’d photographed the previous night was an aspect of the Adamantine Light being centred, anchored into my Third eye.  The Adamantne Light is the vehicle this aspect of self, of the New Storyteller, is bring brought in through.  I think I may have been called to become a New Storyteller. 


The New Storytellers are here to start telling the new story of humanity.  Of Gaia and her children.  Of Everything.   The Story of how things should be and not necessarily of how they are right now.  The New Storytellers are here to teach people how to change their story.  How to see the positive, the Love, in every situation.  How to turn things around so that the focus is not on the hard, the difficult, but  on the sparkle, the high energy that lifts you up , that gives you strength.  I’m still learning.  I have the tools of this craft: the ability to string words together to present a picture; the Spirit-sent experience of hitting the absolute lowest point and surviving with the ability to Love everyone and everything.

Telling stories is nothing knew.  There have been Storytellers for as long as people have gathered.  The New Storytellers take a story, an experience, a knowing, and spin it into a glorious version where everything sparkles with Adamantine brightness.  Where the positive can be experienced and the higher energy can be allowed to bloom.  Where the negative, the low energy,  is not allowed to exist.  The Story may, at first, be so fantastical that it seems like a childhood fairy tale, full of dreams and fantasy, but we are manifesting how our New Earth should be and the dreams and fantasies are a billion times better than the current 3D reality.  Let us grow our new reality in a beautiful, fantastical way.  Where we can freely fly with our dragon guides and live in peace.  Where Joy is everywhere.

The New Storyteller will take a tale of current troubles and find the beauty.  She will show you where to look, point the tale in a direction of growth and Love, and show you the first step into a new way of seeing……. And then she will pass the unfinished story to you to weave your magic through before you too share the new story, and this brighter way of living your story becomes the new reality now.   We are all involved in writing our story.  Let us manifest and share the beautiful New Earth and the story we want for our future.


Am I a New Storyteller…….?

……… That’s the cliff-hanger!  Lol





A Day of Gifts

Dawn.jpgYesterday was a Great Day. 

Great Days are those extremely rare (in my case) days where absolutely everything comes together in a way that make you so aware of the good things in the world that it becomes difficult to contain all the Energy.  Your vibration is literally off the scale!


And after many years of not so good days, of worry, stress,  financial difficulties, attacks, descending into my Dark Night of the Soul, lessons and more, the last few weeks, as I’ve clawed my way back, have been transformational.  And yesterday was the icing on the cake.


Let me share.  My everyday start is beautiful.  We take the dogs to the beach at sunrise, play in the water, romp with a big pack of dogs, breath in the peace and stand astounded at the depth of the horizon.  Yesterday was exactly that, but there was a special edge to the joy of a doggie romp.  Dogs that are normally shy or wary came for a cuddle and joined in the fun.  The colour of the water held extra depth, and was so clear and clean. The air too was clean and fresh, holding promise of a beautiful day.  The new-born sun bestowed a blessing.  Peace.  Love.  Joy.


We run a holiday resort and we had been thinking about hiring another cleaner.  The day before, out of the blue and before we’d placed any ads, a lady phoned about a cleaning job.  She came in yesterday to have a trial.  She turned up with two other people, as a team……and they are going to be wonderful.  That means I will rarely be needed to take on the overload.  Our head housekeeper can cut back a bit and pick up some administrative slack.  A great feeling of pressure being lifted.

I asked them what made them think about phoning us, we hadn’t advertised.  And one of the ladies said the thought had just popped into her head – phone  Santalina.  She didn’t even know who we are!  Spirit lead for sure.


Then there was a heap of little things, one after the other.  The bank phoned – they’d been taking too much from us in bank charges and were arranging a refund; an electrician said he could come out that day, an old school friend getting in touch and sharing photos and memories.  And lots of other little things all with feel-good energy.


Six weeks ago I had cataract surgery.  I had to wait this time for everything to settle down and heal.  My vision, all my life, has been pretty awful, and it has been wonderful to be able to get by without glasses.  But I needed them for driving.  Yesterday I went to collect them.  I’m like a kid with a new toy.  This world is BEAUTIFUL.  I have never, ever seen with such clarity.  My excitement went up and up as I looked at leaves, trees, the road, across the Bay at the off shore island I’d only ever seen as a haze on the horizon.  Now I can see its beaches!


And then night time approached.  I’d been looking forward to this – to seeing the moon.  Of course I’ve seen the moon….it’s that big white blurry Chinese lantern.  Most of the time I’ve seen 8 of them, all overlapping and looking like a big white flower.  It’s not long past the New Moon, so there wasn’t much there to see, but she is BEAUTIFUL.  My heart went into overdrive.  I could see Venus!  And then the bats flew overhead.  The first time this season, appearing on the first night I could see clearly.  I almost cried.  I love bats.  They fascinate me.


I have an app on my iPad where you point the iPad at the sky and it shows you which stars you are looking at, which constellations.  I already knew Venus, she’s been in our night sky for a while, but there was Mars and Saturn too!  All in a line!  I looked the other way, towards Uranus and the final joy I the evening…..UFOs.  Three stars suddenly sped apart.  One to the south two to the north.  Then a 4th light started moving across the sky.  Does it get any better?  Yes it does…… probably wasn’t UFOs as a 5th light shot across the sky – a shooting star!  It was the Draconids meteor shower.  The first night I could possibly see the sky, and this beauty was mine to see, and so special….. I have dragon guides, seeing the Draconids in the night sky, the first time I can really see, was clearly a greeting! 


As I said, I was bouncing off the ceiling.  With every happening my level of Joy increased and with that Joy , my energetic vibration grew.  It was a Day of Gifts.  And with such joyous Gifts my feeling of Gratitude also grew.  I knew I’d never sleep with all this bubbling energy, so I logged into a virtual Healing Circle within the FWBRI FB page and release that energy into the circle. 


And now….another fresh new day to look forward to.  I give my thanks to Universe, to Mother Earth, for the joy and gifts and the knowledge that hard stuff happens, but the beauty and Love is so much stronger.






The_Horizon.jpgThis time around, it started with a number of co-incidences.   You know what I mean – those co-incidences that are anything but.  That are actually pretty hefty nudges from Spirit that here is something you need to look into.


I got my first wake-up call way back in 2008 when the world turned blue.  It was gorgeous, didn’t worry me unduly, lasted a couple of hours and then was pretty much forgotten as I got on with life.  My next wake up call was in 2011 when Spirit dropped the whole story of Kishar and Anshar into my head when I was walking on the beach.  I fell in love with the story, confirmed it on Google, called my belly dance class Raqs Kishar and again, got on with life ignoring the wake up call.


Now, I wonder at my easy acceptance of these happenings! Lol 


Over the last couple of months I’ve been mentally “worrying” about my Almaak Dancer name.  Nothing major, just recognising that I am moving away from that aspect of my journey.  Yes, Almaak is home, I was told when I first travelled there that this was my last re-incarnation on Earth and that I’d be going home after this life. 

But many things have changed since I went through the Lions Gate and ventured into the Dragons Gate in August and discovered that this would no longer be the case.  I’m going to be here a while yet.  I have new tasks to complete.  Almaak Dancer is still me, it’s just not so relevant.


Thinking up a new, more relevant name is an idea that has been tickling the edges of my brain for a while – and then last week the co-incidences started.  A friend asked how you received a Spirit name.  Find your Soul Name quizzes started turning up on FB with almost alarming regularity!  A conversation the other day with my Teacher involved “human” Sue and “multi-dimensional traveller” Sue, and I realised I needed a new “filing system” in my brain so I could keep a handle on everything.  But what to call that m-d traveling aspect of self?


And that was the trigger. 


There’s nothing set in stone yet, I need to do a lot of work to know exactly where this is leading me, but last night I had one of those Eurika moments and the thought popped into my head that the reason the story of Kishar was given to me, and the reason I have ALWAYS found peace and answers on the horizon over water, is because Kishar is me.


For me, that thought is a bit radical.  I know other people are aware of their soul journey – and I too know some of mine – but I’m a contradictory mix of totally accepting some very weird stuff without any evidence of validity whilst also needing to be able to file the proof away in a corner of my brain.  The accepting is usually when it refers to other folk.  The doubts flood in when it’s about me.  So I’m in a position of accepting that Kishar is an aspect of me, but needing to know more.  Confirmation I guess, but this shouldn’t be a time of trying to second guess Spirit.  I was told, and should accept.  I’m just having a little argument with Human Sue aspect of me!


I see some very deep meditation coming up! 

Feather Hunting and a Talking Tree

I went out feather hunting earlier today for a daily “challenge” I am running on the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo FB page, aimed at spreading Love and Joy. It was an awesome experience I’d like to share:

I decided to go talk to a tree that has been calling to me when I walk the dogs.  It’s a Morton Bay Fig, a youngster, probably just a couple of hundred years old.  It grows in a park, close to the Bay and overlooking the water.  It’s at the ‘quiet end’ of town and it’s a good place for feather hunting!

I recently read an article that someone wrote about how to talk to trees.  It mentioned that we should always ask permission to sit near or under a tree.  After all, if they don’t want to talk, they can’t just get up and walk away!  I’ve always done this, it just feels the right thing to do.  So today I approached the tree with respect and asked for permission to sit, which was readily given.

Although I have an ‘Agreement’ with Mother Earth about biting creatures, I checked the area for ant nests, found a place and settled down with my back to the trunk where it joined one of the buttress roots and introduced myself and immediately fell into a light meditative state.

I was able to talk quite easily with this tree, I told him my name is Sue, and almost straight away I had a Knowing of his name:  WaterWatcher.  

Morton Bay Figs are actually monoecious, meaning they have both male and female flowers, but he feels like a “him” so to me that’s what he is!  We chatted about people, birds, roots, his canopy.  I talked through him to Mother Gaia (I have a very deep connection from my Initial Awakening) and re-confirmed my connection.  I received healing and feel very much at Peace.  And almost pain free!

I didn’t stay long, this was our first chat and I didn’t want to be rude and overstay my welcome.  I suspect that it is not easy chatting to short-lived humans!  When I stood up, I found, clearly visible in the leaf litter by my feet, a small chip of quartz crystal.  I hadn’t noticed it when I scanned for ant nests, or whilst I was sitting meditating/chatting – but there it was in plain sight ……

How very blessed I feel right now.  Another tree freely giving me his name, a gift of Quartz and yes…..three feathers.



The Elders.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a sequence of events that is growing more and more interesting. It started with a friend posting a question on the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo Face Book page.  She asked if anyone had met the Elders.  I’d never heard of them, but was very intrigued.

Since Awakening, I have been aware of people watching me in my meditations.  I say ‘people’ but do not mean humans.  I’ve not known who they are, but have never found them threatening.  I connected the two.  These people could possibly be The Elders.

In response to my friend’s question, Essence Ka tha’ras posted an item about the Universal Elders and I knew the Truth of this.  I knew I was involved in some manner.

Just a few days later, I was in meditation and…..

Lulani came. I could see her swimming towards me and I welcomed her. I had wondered how I ‘ride’ her because it certainly doesn’t feel as if I sit on her back. Tonight I received my answer. I  don’t ride her at all – I AM her. We merge together andbecome one. 

Tonight she took me to see the Elders. It was a bit hazy as to how many people I saw. One female for sure and 2 or 3 males. There was some conversation, but I don’t  recall anything except “You are a part of the Seeding” and then a pressure on my third eye. The pressure is like two fingers pushing my forehead. I still feel it even though a good two hours has passed. I described it as like putting your underwear on back to front. Everything is covered but it feels different. A little uncomfortable. Strange.



First published 27/09/2015

How amazing are the ‘co-incidences’ in my life right now!  
I was in the middle of reading an inane fantasy series when i was nudged to re-read The Celestine Prophecy. On my first reading, I was barely started on this spiritual path, and I found the book hard-going. This time, although I still find the one dimensional dialogue a tad annoying, and am only able to read it in small bits, I am more able to recognise the steps I have been through and the levels I am currently working on. 
On the very same day as someone on the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo Face Book page asked for advice regarding a client, I read the Sixth Insight – people’s dramas – and it was obvious that this was the problem our friend was up against. Her client was using a Poor Me drama. I found myself re-reading that bit and then turned to myself to work out my Drama. It was quite shocking to realise that I too had been using Poor Me. I’ve gone through some bad stuff and, as I thought, I was seeking support and sympathy. I don’t believe I am as bad as our friend’s client – I’m not looking for other people to fix my problems – but I was using this drama. As in the book, I looked back at my family to work out why this should be my and it became incredibly obvious when I thought about my parents lives. Now that I am aware, I can start to monitor myself and then shut down the Poor Me drama when it comes up.

We thought that the problems of the last few years that we have been experiencing were over. But on Friday another matter reared it’s ugly head and I just collapsed. I was just starting to recover from a breakdown and I fell over in a major way. I phoned my husband seeking support and love, but he too was up to his eyeballs and was scathingly abrupt with me, even hanging up the phone on me. I fell over big time. Crying, shaking, vomiting. I couldn’t eve control my body.

Several hours later I started to calm down and by time Mal came home I was, starting to come together. A hug would have resolved many things, but Mal was, with his own set of problems and worries, not prepared to even talk civilly with me.

Moving on, we got over our individual issues and the following day, apologised and made up. And then I got to thinking about what had happened from a Spiritual point of view. Something disastrous happened and I needed love and support……..and energy as described in the Celestine Prophecy, my motive for phoning Mal was to take his energy, but Mal wouldn’t supply it. Without that stolen energy, I wasn’t able to deal. Mal’s Drama is Aloof. So that’s what he played when he came home. With both of us having submissive dramas it’s not surprising that we came to a breaking point.

I have some wonderful friends, and we were meeting up that day, yesterday, to dance at a Festival. They knew something was wrong and asked me open-ended questions about what had happened. It was the ideal opportunity to start a Poor Me drama. But I have learned to recognise this, learned in a spectacular fashion. I think I talked things over with my sisters without the Poor Me. Yes, the initial trigger is awful and once again the Universe has dropped us into a hard position. But I do know that these difficulties that keep happening are because we have some very important lessons to learn.

It could be tricky, this Poor Me drama. I think I have been using it all my life without the slightest idea what I was doing. I know I’m not going to immediately be able to stop, but now that I can recognise it, I plan to do my damnedest to stop it and change track.

The trick, I can see, is being able to tell the story without the need to seek pity for the situation I find myself in. All I can do is my absolute best.



Since writing this, almost a year ago, I have come across a number of situations where someone is ‘energy feeding’. It’s very easy to spot once you have recognised it in yourself.  And with that self recognition, I have found it fairly easy to stop!  Like breaking a bad habit.  Takes some determination and self-knowledge but is very achievable.  As for people trying to steal your energy – Ignore them!  Don’t let them feed from you, do not engage, keep your energy neutral.  They will rant and scream….jeep ignoring and staying centered.  It works every time.


Yggdrasil – Part 5

It’s been a while since I re-birthed Yggdrasil, and I thought I would bring you all up to date.  This is one powerful drum!

A few months ago, I helped a friend for a few days working on a Psychic Expo and one of the things I did was give free drum healing.  Except my only previous experience of this was a 15 minute workshop whist on a retreat- in a Tipi – and being shown two ways to do drum healing.  Both of which I forgot!

So, being much practiced in the art of bulls*^t, I made it up as I went along!  Something was good though….because over the next few weeks, my friend kept getting phone calls from people who had experienced my 5 minute freebie and wanted to book a proper session. LOL!

Since then I have practiced on friends and in my meditation circle.  With great results!

There are a lot of things I do in non traditional ways.  I want to do something, and no-one has told how it is expected to be done, so I just go do whatever it is, in my own way!  The drum healing is just one of those things.

The way I move the drum around the body, the beat, the volumn; these are all things that I just make up.  I do however, listen to the tone, I notice the areas of pain, of congestion and can work on those areas.  Mainly though I just be that conduit for Energy – and Allow….

Every breath in…..

Every breath out……


Source Energy – update….

Ive just been reading an older post of mine “Source Energy” and realise how much I have changed.  When I wrote that post, I was very new on this journey, experiencing some wild events, and felt Source Energy only when deeply meditating or during those wild-ride happenings! But how intensely it was felt!  

In those early days (gosh, not even two years ago!) the energy was way too much for me to handle.  It felt too strong, over-powering, so intense it was almost impossible to breathe.  I sizzled, almost exploding out of my skin.  I would visibly vibrate, the intensity was so high.  It also felt addictive, I wanted more, but wasn’t ready for more.  I couldn’t handle what I had!

Since then I have experienced the ups and downs of life; I have been to the pits of despair in my Dark Night of the Soul and have slowly worked my way back, a much wiser and calmer person.  And my perception of Source Energy has totally changed.

My DNOTS has completely changed my view of the world.  I now view everything through Love.  Matt Khan is right:  whatever appears, Love that.

And with that great Love, comes the ability to hold, to conduct, Source Energy indefinitely.  Every breath in, draws in Energy.  Every breath out, projects that loving Energy into your world.  Without cease.  You don’t need to contain a vast reservoir of Energy.  It is all around you, it is within you.  It is you.  Simply breathe.  The ‘high,’ the jitters, the visible vibration, these were because in my inexperience I was trying to hold on to that Energy. To store it up for the times I couldn’t connect.  Now I know that isn’t necessary. 

This difference is profound and leaves me wondering what deep insights, wonders and changes will occur in future years?  But for now….

Every breath in…….

Every breath out…….

Digging Through Ego

I’ve been thinking about Ego.

Like most people, I’ve had my moments of Ego and always, in hindsight I’ve disliked myself in those times.  That feeling of superiority, the whole “I know/have done/have experienced more than you” persona.

It’s usually not pretty.  And so I tend to watch myself fairly closely that my Ego is not colouring my words and emotions.  We’ve all seen and felt the energy of those people who  believe themselves so much better/further along the path…..  but then I also see other folk who project Ego all unknowingly.  And I realise just how insidious it can be.

So why am I thinking about this now?  Because something happened a couple of days ago and I wanted really badly to share it.  So I did, with my friends, people I trust.  These friends are awesome and would take what I said at face value and then celebrate with me.

But my busy brain got in on the picture and asked the question….was there an underlying Ego blast there?  A lot of self-searching later and my answer is No.  No ego, just excitement and a desire to share that experience for what it is.

But what about the possibility that people other than these friends see my talk as Ego?  As a “look what happened to me, you’ve not experienced this!” superiority?  That niggly voice can be very annoying!

This is something that has plagued my life; that has inadvertently led me into heaps of situations that have knocked the stuffing right out of me.  That has undermined my confidence and self-esteem.  The sharing and not feeling any form of ego, but still receiving the accusation; the empathic reaction to another’s problem and the resulting accusation of one-up-manship.  The accusation of needing to be better than everyone else.  These questions had, I thought, been laid to rest – until Ego popped up and said “You don’t get rid of me that easily!”

Ego isn’t all bad though.  It is a part of us that is involved in our consciousness. The etymology of ‘ego’ is “the self; that which feels, acts, or thinks,” from Latin ego “I”.  So your ego is, quite simply YOU.

Digging a little deeper: The “I” or self of any person (ego is Latin for “I”). In psychological terms, the ego is the part of the psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it, coming between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social environment, represented by the superego.

And so, back to Google to check out “superego”:  The superego is the ethical component of the personality and provides the moral standards by which the ego operates. The superego’s criticisms, prohibitions, and inhibitions form a person’s conscience, and its positive aspirations and ideals represent one’s idealized self-image, or “ego ideal.”

And I realise that there is a whole world of wonder regarding Ego.  It is not as simple as someone’s superiority, it is also not something that needs to be squashed right down and removed.  That would be squashing what makes you YOU!  The trick must be, as it is in many other aspects of life, in gaining a balance.  Of being able to yell “look what I experienced” without making other people feel as if they are lacking.

Or is their feeling of lack, something they need to look more deeply into on a personal level?

Sheesh……  This became complicated!

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