Being a Diverse Human

As above – so below. As above – so within.

Here, we are being told that whatever is happening in the greater community, so too does it happen within the smaller community.  It doesn’t matter if the community is a gathering of your friends or the entire cosmos – there will be similarities of form and of action.  We all have access to photos that show that electrons are very similar in form to galaxies.  Researchers know that asking questions of a small sample of the population can give a good idea of what is happening in the rest of the country.

As Above – that could be you as a human being, and So Below: you at the molecular level of your internal infrastructure.  If you, as a human being for example, is suffering trauma, it will reflect at your cellular level. 

It is the fractal nature of life.

For me, as an Aphant, it seems that being able to interpret these things through visualisation could be limiting.  For me – and, of course, you could be different – I feel that being able to see something in my minds eye would be like seeing something that has boundaries, that doesn’t have the limitless depth my personal dark field of mental vision holds.

I may be wrong, because I don’t visualise in my mind, but it appears that through visualisation within the mind, we can only look at a small portion, in the same way as our physical eyes can only focus on a small portion of what is in front of us.  The peripheral vision is hazy.  We focus on the tree, but we don’t fully see the forest even though we are aware of it.

In many circumstances this ability to mentally zoom in on what has caught your attention can be beneficial, but when you don’t have that inner vision, and you are not limited by what you see in your mind, then you have a choice. You can decide that because of your differences, you are dysfunctional and then follow that path, or you can chose to view your aphantasia as a gift that allows you to push all boundaries.

Think about being unlimited by visualisation; about choosing to strengthen your connection to other aspects of your body – your proprioception, for example. Where you are in space. This is our sixth sense. It’s how we know where our nose is when our eyes are closed. It’s how we know whether we are standing upright, or on a slope. It is a sense that gives us immense amounts of information and, unless we really think about it, we are totally, consciously, unaware.

What if we can tap into that, and the other senses of our body. What if we can feel what is around us. What if we could chose to take a snapshot of what our body is experiencing during the times that we know we want to hold onto. If we can’t mentally recall those special times through inner sight – could we possibly learn to utilise our other senses? I know that I already do that – but only with the events in my life that were traumatic. My body recalls the fear.

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I feel that if we could learn how to consciously connect into our Inner Alchemy in order to Feel and to Know, we could have the potential of limitless knowledge.

The message I received today is that we are poised on the threshold of evolutionary potentiality for the human species; that neuro-divergency is a doorway to the future that will guide humans to the next level of being able to reach for the stars.  For humans to continue to evolve, we have to change not only our mind-set, but our internal infrastructure.  We have to stop being held by the boundaries that have guided humans so well for millennia.  The human species needs to catch up with the technology that is going to outstrip us all too soon.  And those with differently-wired brains? We could be the way forward.

Is this something that will happen quickly

No.  Evolution of a species is not something that happens quickly. It could take millennia.

Can we learn to look deeper within in order to better understand the cosmos? 

I think we can – to some extent.  Eventually.  This is one of the potentials that we hold.  There are those who are considered neuro-divergent, whose minds are constantly busy, gathering information and able to laser-focus on to something, even if it’s only for a short time.  There are others who can easily switch off all thoughts and exist in nothingness, in The Void, where everything holds potential.

Daily, it seems, more and more humans are recognising their differences to what has been considered ‘normal’ for our species.  Are these so-called ‘neuro-divergencies’ really something that have risen to the surface over the last 50 years or so, or could it be that we are only now recognising something that has been evolving for just as long as we have been on this planet.  That it is only in the last decade or so that we have had the knowledge, he equipment and the skills to be able to measure these differences. 

Humans have many differences.  We have different colourations in skin and hair, and eyes.  We come in different heights and different body shapes.  We have different personalities, different likes, and different dislikes.  Different features.  We recognise each other by our differences. 

Why should being neuro-divergent, of having different ways of thinking, be any different to having different blood types or hair colour or even leg length?

We are not ‘divergent’.  None of us are special and we are not deficient.  We are part of the wonderful complexity and diversity of humanity.  And humanity is evolving.  The choices that we make, as the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, as to what is acceptable and what is not, will directly affect how humans will evolve. 

Could it be, that by thinking that certain differences in human physiology and neurology are not really acceptable – in trying to make us all fit into one mould – that we limit the very thing that could guide us into the next stage of human evolution?

This is how my neuro-divergent mind works.  Something pops into my head – in this case, ‘As above, so below’ – and I am led on a very interesting train of thought!!!  And all whilst breakfast is cooking!

Thank you for reading this blog. I do hope it gave you something to think about and I welcome any comments you would like to make.
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