When we take our first step on a new path, enthusiasm is high, our desire to succeed is something exciting, and everything looks set for us to achieve something wonderful

I work with people who want to make changes in their lives; who want to understand why they get stuck in certain cycles; and how to deal with the hard things that crop up in every human’s life. These people embark on a Journey of Change. An exploration of Self.

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I’ve been travelling this road for a number of years; a re-writing of my life-story. It’s not been an easy journey, I’ve had to review my beliefs, challenge my way of thinking, and look deep into how I – my mind, body and soul works, but the changes are profound. It’s a Journey that has become one of the richest and most important aspects of my life.

At the beginning of a Journey, be it something in our physical world such as choosing to get fitter, to leave an abusive partner, to study XYZ; or to travel on a journey of discovery through our mental, emotional or spiritual worlds, we start off with a choice.

We have to choose to actually DO whatever it is.  We have to choose to make the commitment to achieve the goals of our task, and have to choose to stick with it, even when it gets hard going. We are starting the process of transforming ourselves into a new story. We are aiming to make something in our lives better than it is now.

Once we make that decision, all things will come to us.  This is a confirmation, a response to the action steps being taken. Such a decision is a Vow to Self (or someone else) and it must be remembered that a Vow is Sacred.  A promise to Self to undertake such a journey is a Vow to Self.  Breaking of a Vow – even if it is just to you and doesn’t affect anyone else, isn’t likely to result in something good.  In other words, the situation about Self that you are wanting to change could get worse, at best, it will not change from where you are now. You’ll still be suck in that situation that you wanted to escape from.

A commitment to do something is a Vow. A Vow to Self. Be very careful about what you Vow. Don’t make a Vow to do something, if you are not prepared to follow through if you don’t want it to turn round and bite you!

Have you made a vow – a commitment to something? Did you follow through or did you drop off the path?

Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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