The other day, I was driving into town and I noticed two Straw-necked Ibis.  The first two arrivals for the cooler months here in the Far North of Queensland, Australia. 

The arrival of the Ibis reminded me of the Journey of Discovery I took a couple of years ago with my Spiritual Sister and Teacher, Essence Ka tha’ras as we travelled through time and dimensions, unravelling the message of Ibis.

As we approach the ending of the pandemic, I share again the journey and the message of June 2020.  With the information we received almost 2 years ago, I’m not really surprised that Ibis has returned to remind us of this message at this time.

IBIS – 20200606

It’s funny how knowledge can come to you.  With all the happenings in the world and falling deep into the emotions that are involved in the Krone Message I have for you this week, I didn’t really even notice that Spirit hadn’t told me which animal had a message for us. 

Then, I was talking to Essence about the beautiful view I have from my computer and I mentioned that the previous night, just on sunset, I’d been sitting at the bottom of the garden right on the edge of the beach just unwinding from the day, and that I realised that I didn’t have an animal message.  At the time, there were hundreds of flying foxes overhead, and I wondered if Bat was our messenger, but I knew that wasn’t right.  Then I mentioned that I had also seen 13 Ibis fly overhead, in echelon.  Essence voiced the knowledge just as I was given the nudge that Ibis is the Animal who is joining us today.

Ibis had a message that contains so many threads, so many messages, that I needed Essence’s knowledge, and wisdom (especially regarding Metatronic Numerology) to be able to unravel this information.

And so, here is the message from Ibis.  I’m quite sure that I will miss something but I’m equally sure that Essence will fill in any gaps!!

Ibis didn’t give me a direct message to pass to you all.  At least not at first.   This time it was about going on a journey of discovery.  Of following the trail, finding the links.  A detective story, and we started, because it’s all about the Energy – the frequency, with the Metatronic Numerology of 13 Ibis who happened to fly over my head on that evening.  

Now, I’m not going to go into all the frequencies – that’s not my forte, but what I will say is that the first information was about Creation and Fertility.  About Communication, Transition and Trust.

Our journey then led us to Australia (which is where I live after all) where native symbolism told us that it might be time to take another path, to change direction.  Both Essence and I laughed at that – we are both in such a situation! Ibis is letting us know that we are able to move forward because we have the support of others behind us. 

We were next led to Ancient Egypt where the Ibis is associated with male energy, with wisdom, knowledge and writing.  With administration and government. Ibis also heralds the flood which was an interesting connection as we also tracked Ibis back to Atlantis where she represents the Priestesshood – the feminine.  It was the Priesthood at the end of the 2nd kingdom of Atlantis that was involved in the manipulation of human DNA and that lead us to today’s world and a direct connection to the cell receptors involved in COVID.

That long, evolving journey following the trail of Ibis, is ultimately telling us that we need to work co-operatively in groups.  That we need the diversity, thoughts and ideas that come by mixing with others.  That we need to expand and explore – building on solid foundations.  We were also told of 20 days of waiting for Ibis lessons to come into play and a further 3-6 weeks for the new developments to really take hold. 

As we continued on this really interesting journey of discovery we found the final pieces of the Ibis puzzle – the frequencies that sang of foundations and cornerstones, and we found the final message.

Right now, Ibis is with us.  You can see Ibis influence almost every major place you look.  She’s there is the beautiful ring of fire currently surrounding Venus as she transitions the Sun.  We have just stepped into the Great Galactic Alignment with the centre of Laniakea – our Universe….  not just our Galaxy… and Ibis is there.    And the recent discovery that the black hole at the centre of our Galaxy is moderated by magnetic forces – especially interesting as we are right at the start of our Galaxy traversing the Magellanic Clouds for the first time since before there was humans on this planet.  If you look at the structure of those magnetic forces at the centre of our galaxy – you see the shape of Ibis’ face.

Ibis is the Most Important Medicine that you need to take away from here and you need to work with.  Ibis will be here to work with us, with the Collective Consciousness of Humanity for at least another 3 months and the work of Ibis is to be of use in helping the Collective to re-balance; and the direct connection to assistance in the re-creating and re-structuring of the Global Society that will come about on the other side of this global pandemic.

Author: Auri'An

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