Powerful Words

Do you understand just how Powerful words are?

Think about it – words cut, they warm, they raise your spirits and they dash you to the depths.  They let you know you are loved and they are thrown at you in anger. 

There are some words that carry the Energy of millennia in them….   For example:  God is one of those words.  This is an obvious one to start with – think about it, what mental pictures does that word provide to you?  What emotions?  In the great picture of such things it should evoke Love, Compassion, Peace.  However you think of that term it is almost impossible to think of it without some kind of reaction.  Now expand it out and think about what has been done, by humans, under the umbrella of that name in the last couple of thousand years.  War, torture, fear, pain, suppression.  Now have another think about what Energy the word “God” holds when you think of all these things that have been done under this name.  Interesting eh?

What about the F-bomb?  Does that make you feel all warm and cosy, protected, cherished?  I doubt it.  So why is it used so much?  The shock value is well gone – to the point where I hear 5 year-olds saying it. 

I first really became aware of the power of words when, as a small child, I used the word “bugger”.  I had no idea what it meant, I was just repeating.  I got a good hiding, mouth washed with soap and a lecture on what exactly that word means.  Nowadays it has so little impact that it’s even been used in an extremely funny TV ad series a few years ago to sell cars here in Australia. 

Words are very interesting to me.  My brain tends to think better when I type things (I type at 90 words per minute, so I can get things down a lot faster than hand-writing).  It’s how I consolidate information, how I work out problems – I type them.  So I have been finding it really interesting to read some of the stuff that is circulating through social media.  Because there is a fair bit that contains words that say one thing and Energy that says the opposite.  Even for me, who loves the power of words and is also pretty skilled at Energy reading, there is a period of confusion.  I have to dig a bit deeper, go research the speaker, learn more of the meaning that he or she is putting into the words – and so often I am seeing a surface meaning that belies the deeper Energy.  Just as I said earlier – some words should say one thing, but dig a bit deeper and you find the history tells you a totally different story.

Words have power.  That is a given.  We are in a time of almost instantaneous manifestation and that means we cannot use words unwisely.  We give power to our thoughts through our use of words.  If you constantly talk of your woes then your woes will grow bigger.  Constantly minimise your personal power with the F-bomb and similar, and your personal power is diminished.  If you talk about how you have “XYZ” health issues – then the issue is very unlikely to heal.  Each time you utter such things you add Energy to them. 

It gets even trickier – and this is one area that Starseeds fall over, it’s an incredibly difficult concept for many people to understand:  you talk about being opposed to “this” or “that” or “the other” and you are still giving Energy to that thing.  You are drawing attention to it.  Feeding it.   A good example is “I fight against the darkness”  or “I work to support the Light”  Are these saying the same thing?  On the surface, yes they are.  Dig into the Energy and no they most definitely are not.  One sentence is heavy the other isn’t. 

For some, it’s a really hard concept.

All I am saying is to be discerning in the words you use.  Look for the Energy of the words you use and read – dig deeper than the surface.  There is often a totally different picture.  Words carry the power of the sword – don’t have your future cut from under you.

Author: Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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