Today is World Smudge Day

In a time of mass upheaval, pain, fear and anger it makes sense to smudge our planet just as we would smudge our home. After all, Gaia is our home.

I live in Australia and a couple of months ago I asked the Tea Trees that I cycle past almost every day if I could take some leaves for smudge. They were happy to give some. They spent several weeks drying naturally in the sun and wind and were then bound into smudge sticks – wrapped not only in cotton thread, but also imbued with Love and Peace. With Harmony.

Get out there and smudge our world. You don’t have to wait for World Smudge Day – treat every day as a day to be living in the best Energies you can – Go Smudge Gaia

Author: Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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