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Throat Re-balancing Meditation

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I know many people who have thyroid problems, usually hypothyroidism – including me.  I also have cysts on my thyroid that I am working to reduce.  As an Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Therapist, and with my life experience, I have an absolute belief in the power of the mind.  In meditation, in mind-over-matter, in vibration.

Today I have a gift for you.  Working with the beautiful Kiera Lea, we have built this relaxation meditation aimed specifically at those who have problems in the throat area.  This can be physically or emotionally or Spiritually.  Often those who have difficulty expressing themselves, who are afraid of public speaking or similar have a blockage in their Throat Chakra.  Running almost subliminally in the background of this track is the Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz which is the frequency best used to aid this area.

Even if you don’t have a throat issues – it’s a lovely relaxing meditation. 

And it seems to be especially good at sending folk to sleep!


Keira’s details are attached to the link if you want to talk with her about crafting audio for you.

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Are You Spiritually Cutting Corners?

I’ve been observing people on this Spiritual path for some time now and there a few things that have become obvious as areas that are being missed by the vast majority of people who consider themselves to be Starseed or Lightworker.  These are the things I want to start with and as you read this, I hope you will start to understand how interconnected they all are.

There’s a reason that we use terminology such as “being on a Journey” or “following a Spiritual Path” and that reason is that you start with a single step, which is taken in Faith because you simply have no idea where you are going at that time.  You have no idea whether you are following the Path correctly or not, nor do you understand that even if you are following the right path, it is likely to be the hardest work you will ever do.  So you keep taking steps, sometimes forward, sometimes backwards; hopefully growing in knowledge and understanding. 

In the past you would have been taught by a Master who understands the Neophyte and where he or she is on that Path. This Master would be able to gently guide the student until he or she is able see where the path is leading, and to have the knowledge and wisdom to be able to step out by themselves.  This is a system that has worked for millennia.  Master guiding Neophyte and making sure that the Neophyte doesn’t get to see the next part of the journey until the current path is completed and fully understood.

Right now there are very few Masters and there are many, many Neophytes.  There are many Neophytes who think they are Teachers or even Masters.  Many of them.  For the Neophytes – and especially for Newbies on the Path – it is utterly confusing.  Who do you trust?  Who do you believe has the correct information?  Inevitably, because the Newbie and the Neophyte lack knowledge, there is a tendency to follow those who are charismatic – but not necessarily a Master.  And there lies Danger.

Nowadays we have social media  It seems to have taken the place of the Master, and the problem with social media and a Spiritual Path is firstly, that very few people get to be taught by a true Master and secondly, you get to see the terrain ahead.  You get to see other people who are on a similar journey. You get to swap ideas and knowledge with people who are, most likely, as untrained as yourself.  You get addicted to some topics – and they may not be the ones you came here to work with.   You take them on board and then you take a running jump to where you think the path is going to go.  Then, because you don’t have a Master to guide you, you cut corners in your spiritual education.  That means you don’t possess the tools to be discerning about certain information.  You can get caught in traps because something feels right but when you dig deep you may find that it is actually set up to ensnare the unwary.  This is happening a lot right now and you don’t have a Master to guide you to understanding where the traps are.

There are a lot of people out there in social media world who believe they are Teachers, Spiritual Leaders, Masters even – when, because of those cut-corners, they are really still at Neophyte level.  They simply do not have the solid knowledge, but their passion and their enthusiasm to share what they do know – which is not necessarily complete or even correct – is very strong.  Ego often steps in here.  I know.   I went through it.

When you cut those corners in your spiritual education, you can get tied-up with something that another Neophyte has told you and which you believe is true.  But that Neophyte may have also been mis-informed or mislead by their teacher who most likely also wasn’t a Master.  You can get side-tracked, mislead, go down rabbit-holes and all because you haven’t got the basic building blocks. 

So – I want to look at some of those building blocks.  Now, when I said that did your eyes roll?  Did you think Oh No – not again.  I know all the basic stuff.  I’m past that.  If you did – even for a moment, however advanced you think you are – then you REALLY need to listen to this because even if you’ve heard it before – you need to re-learn it.  You need to learn to LIVE it. 

First.  We’ve been talking a fair bit about the power of words.  Especially words such as ‘God’ and the Energy that is carried in this word.  This is very important information but it’s highly likely that learning about the Energy of the everyday words you unconsciously use is one of those leaps down the path I spoke of earlier. 

We know that words such as God carry powerful Energy – and not always for the good, but have you looked at the words you use everyday.  Do you consider them on a conscious level from a spiritual perspective?  We Krones tell you that you can’t separate the physical from the spiritual and your everyday word usage is a prime example of that statement and something you should work on from a conscious level from time to time. 

How often do you swear?  How often do you say Shit or OMG or fuck or worse? Yes – we all swear – we are human after all – but do you know how often you say ‘fuck’?  I know lots of people who say it roughly every 3rd or 4th word!!  It’s not uncommon.

And what about the H word?  Hate.  Think about that one. 

  • I hate my wrinkles
  • I hate cauliflower
  • I hate that kid down the street

Can you feel it?  The Energy?  Hardly uplifting is it?  And what about when you add in the F-bomb?

  • I fucking hate my fucking job
  • I hate the fucking rain
  • I hate never having any fucking money

Hmmm….  We all talk about keeping your Energy high; raising your vibration.  But – how does that happen when you keep introducing low frequency energy simply by talking?

What about how we have a habit of personal depreciation.

This one is something I have a habit of.  Yes, I swear occasionally, but self-depreciation?    This was taught to me at my mother’s knee and has been reinforced almost my entire life.  I would have a Master’s Degree in this if I hadn’t recognised it and set to work on it.  Yes.  I fall over.  I’m human.  The difference is that I recognise it.  Some things are so ingrained that it is actually traumatic when I’m faced with it.  And I aim to overcome it because the energy is very destructive. 

  • I’ve got a rotten voice (my main area of self-depreciation)
  • I’m not going to get that job.  What’s the point of even trying?

Think about what terms you use – and how you blend them together. 

  • I look fucking fat in that dress – I really hate it. 
  • Jeez – I’m so thick!

It’s really hard to maintain your vibration when phrases such as this are being said.

You get the idea.  We all do it.  We’ve actually been trained to do things like this – to believe we are less than perfect, that we are inept.  Not worthy.  How have we been trained?  Through advertising.  Since the end of the 2nd World War, there has been a conscious campaign to make us demean ourselves.  To feel that unless we have that so called perfect body, white teeth, a certain brand of shoes that we somehow fail.

The gate has been opened for us to produce low-frequency energy at a constant rate and without our ever being conscious of it.  Once the gate is opened it’s just a matter of feeding more misleading information, false news, conspiracy theories….. the flu.   All the stuff that is being seen in society right now and is causing such fear and anger and confusion – it’s an amazing source of low-frequency Energy.   Those emotions ramp up the energy that can be harvested by those who feed that way.  The Energy Vampires.  The Shadow Side Forces of Light.   I don’t need to tell who they are.

I mentioned that this fear energy was started after the 2nd World War – well, all this fear that our collective is currently swimming in was started even before that.  Now we have Starseed, who are here to help humanity, getting sucked in because there are forces out there, organisations who have built, over many years, very complex structures where you have no idea what is truth and even the most extraordinary lies are believed.  These are the energy vampires I am talking about.  And Starseeds are their energy source of choice. 

ENERGY VAMPIRES…  Now, I’m not going into big details on Energy Vampires right now, but we all know how you deal with them – you cut off their food source.  And Man are we giving them a good food source right now.  So first, have a think about the things you do in your everyday life.  Become conscious of the Energy that you are generating, perhaps without even realising it.  You are Starseed.  You are Lightworker.  Are you providing Energy for those darker forces?

I’ve been fortunate.  In many ways my spiritual journey has been at a full-on sprint.  I’ve run into walls, fallen down rabbit holes, stumbled and scraped my knees, had hissy fits, and more drama than Shakespeare could write about….. but my teacher has lead me through the journey in such a way that I didn’t cut corners, that I didn’t miss those important building blocks.  There have been a few things she has told me – key phrases that I live by and I’ll probably share a post sometime in the next week or so that may help you.  For now though, I’d like each of you to become aware of the Energy you are using in everyday life.

I’d like you to have a good look at the words you use, the posts you read on social media, the books you read, the movies you watch.  Look at those whom you consider to be your teacher.  Look energetically.  Feel for Truth.  Are they Masters and how did they grow to that level?  Ask them.   Could they too be Neophytes?  Many have come to mistaken beliefs because they too have been taught by those who have been mislead or who have cut corners.  I was told that it often takes about 20 years of study and experience to move between being an Neophyte and Teacher.  And then you have many more years of study, years gaining knowledge and wisdom before you could consider yourself a Master. It’s not like a university degree!! 


Don’t stress it too much, don’t get tied up in it – just become more conscious, more discerning about where you focus your Energy.  If you are following a path, you must feel that there is a ring of truth in it – or you wouldn’t be following it.  Just ask,  “Does this path feel heavy?” – and I don’t mean heavy as in a hard lesson being learnt or tough times being lived through.  Feel the Energy.   If it does feel energetically heavy,  you should consider having a good look at what is being taught.

Gy’ Shé em


The above text is a rough transcript of the recording made by the International Koalition of Krones on 22nd June, 2020.
You can watch the full recording by following this link:

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Powerful Words

Do you understand just how Powerful words are?

Think about it – words cut, they warm, they raise your spirits and they dash you to the depths.  They let you know you are loved and they are thrown at you in anger. 

There are some words that carry the Energy of millennia in them….   For example:  God is one of those words.  This is an obvious one to start with – think about it, what mental pictures does that word provide to you?  What emotions?  In the great picture of such things it should evoke Love, Compassion, Peace.  However you think of that term it is almost impossible to think of it without some kind of reaction.  Now expand it out and think about what has been done, by humans, under the umbrella of that name in the last couple of thousand years.  War, torture, fear, pain, suppression.  Now have another think about what Energy the word “God” holds when you think of all these things that have been done under this name.  Interesting eh?

What about the F-bomb?  Does that make you feel all warm and cosy, protected, cherished?  I doubt it.  So why is it used so much?  The shock value is well gone – to the point where I hear 5 year-olds saying it. 

I first really became aware of the power of words when, as a small child, I used the word “bugger”.  I had no idea what it meant, I was just repeating.  I got a good hiding, mouth washed with soap and a lecture on what exactly that word means.  Nowadays it has so little impact that it’s even been used in an extremely funny TV ad series a few years ago to sell cars here in Australia. 

Words are very interesting to me.  My brain tends to think better when I type things (I type at 90 words per minute, so I can get things down a lot faster than hand-writing).  It’s how I consolidate information, how I work out problems – I type them.  So I have been finding it really interesting to read some of the stuff that is circulating through social media.  Because there is a fair bit that contains words that say one thing and Energy that says the opposite.  Even for me, who loves the power of words and is also pretty skilled at Energy reading, there is a period of confusion.  I have to dig a bit deeper, go research the speaker, learn more of the meaning that he or she is putting into the words – and so often I am seeing a surface meaning that belies the deeper Energy.  Just as I said earlier – some words should say one thing, but dig a bit deeper and you find the history tells you a totally different story.

Words have power.  That is a given.  We are in a time of almost instantaneous manifestation and that means we cannot use words unwisely.  We give power to our thoughts through our use of words.  If you constantly talk of your woes then your woes will grow bigger.  Constantly minimise your personal power with the F-bomb and similar, and your personal power is diminished.  If you talk about how you have “XYZ” health issues – then the issue is very unlikely to heal.  Each time you utter such things you add Energy to them. 

It gets even trickier – and this is one area that Starseeds fall over, it’s an incredibly difficult concept for many people to understand:  you talk about being opposed to “this” or “that” or “the other” and you are still giving Energy to that thing.  You are drawing attention to it.  Feeding it.   A good example is “I fight against the darkness”  or “I work to support the Light”  Are these saying the same thing?  On the surface, yes they are.  Dig into the Energy and no they most definitely are not.  One sentence is heavy the other isn’t. 

For some, it’s a really hard concept.

All I am saying is to be discerning in the words you use.  Look for the Energy of the words you use and read – dig deeper than the surface.  There is often a totally different picture.  Words carry the power of the sword – don’t have your future cut from under you.

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Today is World Smudge Day

In a time of mass upheaval, pain, fear and anger it makes sense to smudge our planet just as we would smudge our home. After all, Gaia is our home.

I live in Australia and a couple of months ago I asked the Tea Trees that I cycle past almost every day if I could take some leaves for smudge. They were happy to give some. They spent several weeks drying naturally in the sun and wind and were then bound into smudge sticks – wrapped not only in cotton thread, but also imbued with Love and Peace. With Harmony.

Get out there and smudge our world. You don’t have to wait for World Smudge Day – treat every day as a day to be living in the best Energies you can – Go Smudge Gaia

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I Want to say Thank You

This has been quite a journey.
I’ve not been a very prolific writer, often going months between posts, but this blog has been representative of my Spiritual Journey so far and of my business – Ki’An Healing.

About a month ago I received a message from Spirit that Ki’An Healing had served it’s purpose. The lessons learned – both literally with paper qualifications and spiritually through living life over this period of time – have brought me to this place. A place of change. Of Metamorphosis.

In the last couple of years I have gone through a major accident, lost of home, repossession of business; death of 2 dogs; divorce, moved home about 20 times and so much more. It has been a time of major growth for me as a human being as as me on my Spiritual path.

Now I am stepping out into my next chapter of this life journey. The one I came here to this planet at this time to do – to help the Collective Consciousness of Humanity traverse these times; to hold the Energies of Peace, Love and Compassion as times of fear and anger sweep the world.

This blog will remain – there’s lots of interesting stuff here, but now, as a part of my new journey, I have started a fresh blog. I’m not quite sure where it will lead, but I invite you to hop over and subscribe…..

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Of Pain and Opportunity

In 1980 I was caught up in racial riots in the UK.  I was afraid for my life in the same way that many people today are afraid.  I lay on that shopping mall floor, on top of my 16 month old baby to protect her, and thought I was going to die.
It took over 20 years for the resulting PTSD to be diagnosed.  For most of those 20 years I thought my life, and that of my child, was destroyed and in many respects it was.
My husband was an avid watcher of BBC World News – news filled with all the hatred and fear that one human, or one group of humans, can point towards another. 
In 1982 my mind had had as much as it could cope with and I had a mental breakdown.

My doctor taught me to not watch news.  Not to read of world events.  He told me that just 150 years before, people didn’t have much idea what was happening in the next town, and certainly the majority were unaware of what was happening in other countries.  He asked me if I planned to work in an active role to stop all these happenings.  Was I prepared to lay down my life to help resolve the situations that caused me such distress?   I was mother of a young child, wife, PTSD sufferer with violent panic attacks almost every day.   I was not in a position to give such aid and so my doctor taught me how to live without the daily news, to live in that same manner as the person 150 years prior would have done.  Unaware of distressing events outside my own personal sphere.  It was this advice that helped me keep my sanity.  I could do nothing about the big picture, so I helped those close to me instead.  Those individuals that I could guide and advise because of my personal experiences. 

A month ago Spirit gave me a message.  I was told it was time to stop messing about with the individuals, most of whom were quite comfortable in their pain and misery, and start to work towards the bigger picture.  To move towards working to aid the entire Collective Consciousness of Humanity in their decision regarding which way forward we will go.

I started to close down my business.  My one-on-one healing and counselling sessions, the meditation groups and within a few days an opportunity opened for me to start to step into that bigger picture.  The International Koalition of Krones was formed.  A Krone is a Wise Woman.  She is the Keeper of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom.  She has earned her place in society – it is not just a name, or title, that you can simply use.  Krones have survived and taken that pain and fear and terror and turned it around into something good and wise for those who are prepared to listen.

A week ago I started to become more aware of world events.  Mainly in the USA.  I had to do this consciously because I have not watched TV or listened to news or read a newspaper in almost 40 years.  I had wrapped myself in cottonwool to protect myself from the hurt, pain and fear. 

Three days ago I watched in disbelief the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent upheavals.  I understood that George Floyd is a catalyst for change.  I strongly believe that we choose our path in this reality before we come here; that we have a Sacred Contract with every person we meet to assist us in creating that chosen path – and that includes those who hurt us.  I honour George Floyd and the journey he had here.  And in a way that so many people will never understand, I also honour the person who murdered him and triggered this opportunity for change.  It’s an unfortunate fact that without such triggers, without such pain, humans have a tendency to just plod forward through their lives.  Pain doesn’t have to be a trigger for growth, but it so often is the very thing that opens opportunity for change.

And it IS an opportunity.  It is the opportunity to oust the 10-year old in an old man’s body who has way too much power and way too big an Ego.  And yes, I also believe that he chose this path before he came to this life.

Yesterday I watched and read of the horrendous show of disregard of humanity outside St Johns.  I read of the statement of the Bishop of that diocese; and this morning I read of the treatment of the people who were there to provide aid and support – the religious people of St. Johns who were forced away from their place of worship and the aid they were giving in order for that 10-year-old in an old man’s body to have a photo opportunity.  A picture that is horrifyingly reminiscent of a similar photo of Hitler.

Today, after almost 40 years of hiding.  I step out of my cocoon.  I cannot hide any longer. 

And neither can anyone else.

We have an opportunity. BUT WE MUST DO IT WITHOUT RESORTING TO THE SAME TACTICS OF THAT TEMPER TANTRUM CALLED T-RUMP.  Those elements that stir up violence and anger and fear – we need these to stop or we will never succeed.  I know I come from a position of very little knowledge of the driving forces, but it seems to me that they are a part of the picture – deliberately inserted to keep the more peaceful resolution from happening.  It seems to me that these violent ones are placed to cause as much disruption as they can so that the 10-year-old can play at sending in his toy soldiers so that, in his mind, he can appear the beneficial protector.  I’m sorry – that picture went right out the window as you destroyed lives in order to stand, without prayer, humility, love – or permission – in front of that church holding and demeaning that Sacred Book.

For those who say they follow a Spiritual Path – you know you came here for a reason.  Many of you know that you have worked for many lifetimes to be here right now.  It doesn’t matter if you call yourself Awakened, Lightworkers, Indigo etc.  YOU ARE STARSEED and this, this time, is the reason we are here in so many numbers.  Right here.  Right NOW.

So many Starseeds have lost their way.  Forgotten what they came here to remember.  Fallen down the rabbit-hole of mis-information; distracted by superfluous things such as Twin-Flames and  energy-wave symptoms……  these are little things.  In the big picture they are irrelevant at this time.  Maybe they are your Truth, but right now you don’t need to worry about them.  You need to turn towards the bigger picture.  THIS is the time we need to help humans.  We need to show the power of peaceful Energy.  Of Love.  And that isn’t the sloppy heart-and-roses, so-called twin-flames or even the I-love-coffee /trees/the ocean.  This is the deep, strong, abiding Love that surpasses all boundaries.  The Love of one Human for another.  We say the words that “we are all One” but we don’t live with that Truth.

Now it’s time to do that.  To live that Truth.  When you hurt another.  You hurt me.  And You. 

We ARE all One.  How come you can hurt yourself so much.

Gy’ Shé em

Krone Auri’An

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Relaxing with the 5 Elements

A gentle relaxation / meditation for you connecting you to the beauty and strengths of each of the five elements – Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Spirit

It doesn’t matter if you are not into meditation – this will simply help you to unwind and relax. Just get yourself comfy, where you won’t be disturbed for about half and hour, headphones on – or off, it doesn’t matter, close your eyes and listen………

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First Post

Short and Sweet and simply to say Hi and Welcome

We are setting out on a journey of discovery – wonder where it will lead?

Wherever…. it’s starting from one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

Gy’ Shé em


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I AM Krone Auri’An

When you think of the term “Crone” what do you think?

I’d like to bet that the picture that comes to mind is something in line with the Wicked Witch of the West from “Wizard of Oz”.  You know the one I’m talking about – big hooky nose, wart on the chin, mean temper – maybe not the green skin though!  LOL. 

And even if you go to Wikipedia you find: 

“In folklore, a crone is an old woman who may be disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman. As a character type, the crone shares characteristics with the hag. “

Yes, Wikipedia does acknowledge the Wise Woman, but that almost seems as if it is an afterthought!

This also was found on Google:

 “You might call her a crone, if you’re brave. (But be careful: the term is insulting.) Since the late fourteenth century the word crone has been a term of abuse describing old and bad-tempered women.”

The reality is that Crone is the Wise Woman.  She, traditionally, was the Healer, the Teacher, the Midwife, the Psychologist, the Pharmacist and heaps more.  She is the Holder of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom.  She was a strong woman, the centre of almost any community.  Often strong-willed, dominant, didn’t take sh^t from anyone!  She was respected, revered, honoured and protected for the invaluable treasure she was.  Until the Church and other male-dominated societies decided she was a threat and the witch-hunts and other forms of suppressing the Feminine started. 

When humans followed a Matriarchal line, there were no wars.  That’s not to say the world was fully peaceful – there were simply no major wars as we see now under patriarchal ruling.  From a Crone perspective, there are ALWAYS other ways to solve disputes.

Words have Energy, and the term ‘Crone’ has been held in fear and contempt for so long that on hearing that word or reading it, we immediately think of that introduced archetype – the wicked old woman; hooked nose, wart and all.

Now it is time for the Krone to arise.  To re-stand in today’s society as the powerful woman she is.  To once again take her intended place at the centre of society – to be Wise Woman, Teacher, Healer.  We are being called upon to lead the way in guiding humanity away from the path of fear and anger and towards making the choices needed in bringing the Collective Consciousness of Humanity – and this beautiful planet – back to the knowledge and wisdom that will lead us to a brighter future.

Are you a Krone?

Krone Auri’An

International Koalition of Krones.

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