Food for Thought – What do you share….

I would like to ask you  a question or three about a post that appeared in one of my FB pages.  Or rather, just ask you to consider something. I’ve written on this topic several times in this blog; I give workshops on this topic and frequently (metaphorically) stand on my soap-box and hope I reach at least SOMEONE!

It’s about how the Energy of this type of post works. The particular post that triggered this tirade, was a video of the rubbish that is clogging our oceans and destroying wildlife. You’ve probably seen it yourself – it’s been going around a fair bit. But it could just as easily have been a “trophy” hunter or a picture of animal or child cruelty.

What did you feel when you first saw this post.  Or any other post that shows the cruelty of man or the unthinking pollution of humans. What emotion?  Were you angry? Sad? Frustrated? Fearful? I’d like to bet that you weren’t joyous or happy or filled with love and light.

So when you were feeling these things, these low-frequency emotions, what made you want to pass those feelings – that Energy – on to someone else?

Why did you want to make someone else feel angry, sad, frustrated, fearful?  Consider how many folk read your posts, and now they are all possibly experiencing low frequency emotions too – and spreading them wider as they too hit Share without considering the Energy implications.

Did it make you feel better to share this post? 
Did you feel that you’ve done something positive about the rubbish in the ocean – by spreading those horrible emotions?  Maybe you thought that someone will actually do something if you spread all these negative emotions a bit further? Someone else – not you. See where I’m going here?

Does your spreading this fear and anger and sadness remove a single plastic bag from the oceans?

Does pressing “Share” save the life of a sea-creature?

Sorry – it didn’t.

Some people say, “Well it raises awareness”. Yes it does, but that awareness is only valuable if everyone does something about it.  But did that awareness-raising of the individual who reads this post remove the rubbish from the ocean or did it just sadden another person.  Or make someone else angry, fearful, or indifferent.  Did raising the awareness of this problem of humanity’s making, make any change to you.  Did hitting Post raise up your vibration in a positive way?  It might have stoked your Ego a little ‘”Hey aren’t I good?  I raised the awareness of the mess in the ocean.  Maybe someone else will clean it up.”

How much better would it be if you used that energy in a positive way instead.  If, instead of just hitting Post and feeling as if you have done your bit, you actually got up and spoke with the local supermarket about changing policies on plastic use or lobbied the council to insert those cages inside drains that gather up rubbish before it can reach the sea?  How about if you used a little more energy in a positive way and started to write awareness posts that made people think about their own habits and contributions to the mess of our oceans?  Or shared this? Or just looked after your own back yard and make a decisions to not contribute in any manner that you can avoid, to the mess we, as humans, have made.

Like most other people who share such things, you are lead into believing that you are doing good, but no.  You are actually spreading those low-frequency energies.  We do all know there are such atrocities going on in the world – there is no reason to advertise them.  If you delete such posts, you are not ignoring the problem, you are preventing the pain being passed to more people who, most likely wouldn’t have done anything other than pass that Energy on.  What if you delete such posts and then do something about the problem instead of hoping that someone else will look after the trouble if only enough people know about it – then we will be heading in the right direction.

I know that this will rile a few people up – but that’s OK.  I just want you to think a bit before hitting Share or Post.  What is the Energy of this post I’m about to share?  Is it uplifting, high-frequency, loving?  Or not?

Am I really just spreading low-frequency Energy or am I actually doing something positive about fixing the problem? Whatever your answer, whatever you decide – if you think before hitting Share, you are taking a step in the right direction.

Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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