Message Received. Finally.

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I’ve just had an “Ah-ha” moment.

The two main aspects, for me, in any healing are Love and Strength.  Almost always, these are the first energies I set my intention to and anything else is, pretty much, secondary.

Just before my injury I was meditating on Balance.  I fell off the sea wall and shattered my ankle.

‘Balance’ has been cropping up constantly ever since in many different forms.  Maintaining my balance, or not, as I hop around on my crutches; as words that jump out at me from the page of a book; as the topic of a post on FB etc.  You all know how it works.  You KNOW there is a message but you are just not receiving it!

I’ve just been watching Gregg Bradon on Gaia and he was talking about the Hopi Map of Time which is etched on a rock.  No-one knows how old it is, but it is a message for these times, and that message was taken to the United Nations in 1998 – and I almost missed it.  The Hopi Map of Time shows two lines, two ways of travelling forward.  The top line shows people whose heads are separate from their bodies.  These represent the people who live in a world of comfort, greed and profit.  Those whose personal wealth is measured on the backs and the pain of other people.  That timeline is pretty rocky and comes to an abrupt halt.

The second, lower, timeline shows a smoother path, with food and the representation of people living to an old age.  This timeline shows that it continues beyond the Time of Extremes (where we are now).  One this path are also three times of shaking.  The first is WW1, the second is WW2.  The Map shows that before 1998 it was easy to change between the two paths, but now, that is very difficult.  There is a third ‘shaking’ which may, or may not, be another war.  It could be a time of pretty much anything.  It could be these very times we are travelling through now.  The Hopi have no knowledge of what this shaking is.  Below the second timeline are other symbols that clearly mark and explain those earlier times of shaking.

As Gregg Bradon explained all this, a picture flashed into my mind of a three-legged stool.  I don’t normally visualise, so when it does actually happen I sit up and take notice, and within the picture each leg was named – just as Gregg said the words: “The lower path is based on the qualities of Love, Strength and Balance.  These are the qualities that will carry us beyond our Time of Extremes.”

And the light-bulb flashed on.  Message (finally) received.

Just 20 minutes earlier I had been working on a module for my psychophysiology course and I had been delving quite deeply into the fear currently present in the world.  It was not a pleasant experience and had brought some quite strong physical Fight or Flight responses to me.

The two are linked.

These are the three keystones we need for this time.  The three things needed to carry us forward through these Times of Extremes.  If any one of these ‘stool legs’ is missing, the whole will topple over.

Love, Strength and Balance.  This is where the Work is.





Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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