A Neophyte View of Energy. Part 3

 NOTE:  This post was specifically written for the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Facebook page.

We’ve spoken about how everything is simply energy.  That there is no such thing as positive and negative energy.  It’s just a matter of how far up you are on your energy ladder!  There’s a couple of links below if you’ve missed the last two parts and want to catch up.

This is going to be a little heavy.  It’s going to require you to do a fair bit of looking at yourself…..but I promise, it’s worth it.  If you are not ready to climb further up your energy ladder, then I recommend you save this for another time.  When you are ready.

Here we go……

Today I want to focus on how we keep shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to our individual energy level and in the collective groups we are a part of.  It’s something we all do, but is not seen too often in our Spirit Family here, simply because our admin team are vigilant about keeping our collective energy at a high level.

Consider the Standing Rock protest as an example because it’s something we are all aware of and have strong feelings about.  As empaths we feel very strongly about the atrocities that the Water Protectors are enduring.  We can almost feel with them the strike of the rubber bullets, the freezing cold of the water.  I was coughing for days after watching them breathing tear gas and mace.  We can all feel the hatred and, yes, the glee of the police as they commit these crimes.  We feel the sadness as the ancestor burial sites are desecrated.

Read that paragraph again, but this time feel your own body’s reaction.  Feel the tightness in your chest, your heart racing, the sick feeling in your stomach, the pain in your ribs, the cold or the heat in your hands.  The urge to stop reading this.  As an empath do you recognise that feeling?  It’s exactly the same as fear.  It’s the feeling of adrenalin being released into your system.  The Fight or Flight hormone.  Yep…there is a strong physical reason you feel these things.  Your gift is that you are more sensitive to that experience.

Fight or flight?  Which do you do?  Most empaths choose to hide.  But sometimes we feel so strongly we need to fight back.  And social media is a wonderful place for an introverted empath to fight back.  When you see a post where, let us say, a troll is being disrespectful and it really gets to you – so much that you slam back knowing you are safe, in your safe space at home, feeling all the repressed emotions bubbling about and you just let rip.  You feel better.  You’ve released your anger…..but what about the energy of the collective consciousness of the group you have just fed all that anger into?  Anger is an aspect of fear.  That group was already being energetically pulled down by the troll, and you, by letting rip, have just fed that fear.  Do you see it?  It’s one of those tricky conundrums that are hard to see…in this case, because you feel better for letting your anger go.  But you just passed it elsewhere.

So here’s a hypothetical situation.  Actually it’s the kind of thing you see everywhere on social media.  Someone posts something, let’s say a petition to protect badly treated animals.  There are lots of compassionate people signing and raising the energy by showing their love and need to help this situation.  Then someone makes an inappropriate remark.  How does that make you feel?  Do you get all defensive about the animals’ situation and fire back with another comment, telling the person to get real and wake up?  Do you step back and ignore the whole post, or do you feed loving, calming energy into the post?

And what if a second person starts adding disrespectful and inappropriate comments?  What do you feel then?  Is your annoyance rising?  Do you respond again, tell them to shut up and get a life?  How DO you react?

Let’s have a look at what is happening energetically.  I find it helps to think of it as the energy ladder rungs.  We have a hypothetical post that, because of the content is vibrating fairly low.  The fear is graphically shown.  Let’s put it on the 2nd rung of the energy ladder.  It is, however, posted in good faith in an attempt to aid – the intention is from a high place, so we’ll move it up to the third rung.  Then several people add in good, positive, compassionate vibes – 5th rung.

Now this is where it gets interesting…..  That inappropriate comment is added and each person involved with that post has the choice to respond or not.  The comment has caused a two rung slip in the energy – we are on rung three again.   If the comment is ignored it’s possible to raise the energy again, but if you respond……Whoa….

First, if you respond, you drop the frequency of your energy.

Which means an additional drop for the post because you are letting rip at the idiot who made the inappropriate comment…. 2nd rung on the ladder

And if there are more inappropriate comments that are responded to by more people……well I’m sure you get the picture.  It rapidly becomes filled with anger and falls ever closer to the murky bottom of the ladder.

That’s a very simplistic example, but I find it rather mind blowing, that you can make a public comment, and affect not only your energy, but an entire post.  And in our case, where we are nearly all empathic we feel, and can be affected by that energy drop.

It seriously points out how easy it is to slide down your ladder and bring others with you!  Think about all the situations where similar low frequency energies get to you, and you respond…. The person who queue jumps ahead of you; the guy who drives into the parking slot you were about to reverse into; the argumentative work colleague.  The list is endless.

At a time when we are all trying to “raise our vibration” why shoot yourself in the foot with a comment that is not deeply thought out first.  And if you feel you really must voice your thoughts….think first, is this gong to be beneficial or will it simply add energy to the fear?  Is this the right place to say these things?  We need to be mindful.  Especially in this time of Choosing.  We are currently choosing our future.  It’s super important that we choose the right path.  The one of Love and not the one at the murky bottom of our ladder.

That is what we see in the Water Protectors.  They choose not to respond, or to respond only with love and prayer.  Everything is considered and spoken of in what they term ‘A Good Way”.  All so that they do not lower their energy frequency and do not contribute to lowering the energy of the whole group.  Recently, you may have noticed, the Elders appear to have stepped in and are reminding everyone of the need not to focus on the bad, the who owns what.  We are so busy sharing the live feeds and getting angry about the abuses, that we are inadvertently feeding the low frequencies.  The Elders are telling us to stop,  to recognise this lower frequency of energy and send Love.


Hmmm.  Tough stuff today, but worth thinking about.


Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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