A Neophyte View of Energy. Part 2

NOTE: This post was specifically written for the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Face Book page.

In my last post I talked about everything being Energy, that there is no such thing as negative or positive energy.  I spoke about the energy ladder and the amazing strength of the Standing Rock Water Protectors and much more. Now I want to have a little fun.

But first….

Most First Wave Blue Ray Indigos are empathic.  We feel the pain and fear of others, sometimes we feel their happiness and joy.  The higher frequency energies don’t hurt us, so we barely think about them, but it’s a different story for those lower frequencies.  Sometimes they HURT!  And so we focus on them.  And when we do that, we are stepping down the ladder and into the frequencies of that hurt.  Which feeds them strength.  Your energy joins the party and a horrible cycle starts up.  All empaths have been there.  Probably many times. You feel the pain; you focus on it, unintentionally feeding more energy, strengthening those lower frequencies, which then have the strength to hurt more, and you find yourself curled in a ball by a tree or in the corner of the room totally swamped in pain.

So you go get crystals to protect yourself (I’m not knocking crystals and their ability to help here – they are lifesavers at times), you build a protective bubble around yourself and duly armoured you step gingerly out into the shopping mall.  You are wary, watching other shoppers, prepared to run and hide.  Been there?  I’ll be surprised by any empath who hasn’t done this at some point.  But think about it….all this protection and preparation is drawing your focus onto the very frequency that hurts you!  You are actually feeding that low frequency!  Sheesh….it’s almost impossible to escape!

Except when you FULLY understand that it IS simply energy and that it cannot hurt you unless you drop your energy down to that frequency. Then all you need to do is climb your ladder as high as you can.  Low frequencies cannot rise and remain low.

It sounds too simple.  It IS simple in theory but it takes strength to acknowledge this truth and to then go live it.   I know this, I’ve been there.  PTSD and agoraphobia.  I lived it for 30 years.  I once spent two days under the table hiding and tearing the skin off my hands.  But I am a strong woman.  Like many First Wave Blue Ray Indigos I’ve fought battles in this life and emerged stronger.  This was one of those battles.  When I realised that these fears and panics were mainly not mine, that I was empathic, that was an amazing release and gave me new ways to cope.  Then when I discovered it is all simply Energy, not negative, not bad, just energy with a frequency that rings low on the scale and which I am particularly sensitive to recognising; and I started to view these fears through that knowledge……. Wow!

And that leads me to the focus of this post…. When you understand the fears of being an empath, and are able to stay half way up your energy ladder, they simply no longer bother you.  You can, from your higher rung, observe but not be drawn down.  You know who is hurting, that’s reasonably easy to work out when you can see it’s not your pain.  You no longer need to build protective bubbles around yourself, because you are too high up the ladder for low frequencies to reach you!

It’s like a mantra for empaths….low frequency energy cannot rise up to meet you and remain low frequency!  Repeat 108 times!  Lol.

Suddenly you have the most amazing and valuable gift at your disposal.  This skill that you have feared, that has caused you untold anguish, becomes the sense you rely on the most!  It is the sense we were given for this life – to read and understand energy frequency.  I call it my 7th Sense!

It is the gift that allows you to feel the energy in a room and to change it if it reads low.  It is the ability to look at a FB post and know it is filled with fear, so you can avoid getting pulled in.  It is being able to deeply appreciate the joy of good news.  And it is the gift of giving high frequency energy to others.

So here is the first part of our game.  Go to the Healing Circle post on the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Face Book page. Put your hand over the Mandala on your device and feel the energy.  For me feels like my hand is filled with blood – warm, tingly.  Hot even, if the energy is very strong.  Then lift your hand as high as you can over your device, close your eyes and move your hand slowly back towards your device until you feel that energy again.  You can feel auras in the same way.  You may already know how to do this, but from comments I’ve seen, there’s a few folk who’ve not tried it.  As I write this I feel that energy is about 10 inches out!  It fluctuates depending on the number of folk seeking healing.  I test it every couple of days and channel energy into it when it drops lower.  If you can feel this (and are a member of that page), please feel free to do the same.

Then look at the Mandala.  Focus and then allow yourself to draw the energy to you for healing, and as you do, watch the pattern.  Then start to draw energy from Source and conduct it through you and into the Mandala, for healing purposes, and as you do, watch the picture.  It changes.  The energy level within that circle is so high there is a reaction your eyes can pick up!

If you see that change, comment what you see.  It will be interesting to find out if we all see the same thing.

For me, at this time, empathy is no more than the ability to read the energy of other beings; understand what it is telling you and knowing where it is on the ladder.


To sum up…..

Empathy is the most Wondrous gift and tool for change once you learn not to allow your fear to overcome you

Fear is a low frequency energy that lives in the murk at the bottom of your energy ladder

Low frequency energy cannot affect you unless you go down the ladder to meet it

Low frequency energy cannot rise up the energy ladder and remain low frequency.  Can’t happen.  Period.


May you live in Love and Peace

OM ciraMjIva bhava kAma sukSema


Please feel free to share if you feel this may help someone.


Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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