A Neophyte View of Energy. Part 1

NOTE: This post was specifically written for the First Wave Blue Ray Indigo and Indigo Home Face Book page.

It’s only a little over two years since I Awoke and started on this amazing spiritual journey.  This was the third time Spirit gave me the opportunity to step out and this time nothing was left to chance.  The people and Teachers I needed to encourage this journey, this learning, appeared at exactly the time they were needed and I have grown to a point where I want to pass on some of the things I have been blessed to learn.

As a Neophyte, my level of knowledge is not excessive, but as I gain experience and grow, so do my opinions of various things, change.  At one point in my journey I may believe a certain thing is absolute, only to discover a month or two later that it is a whole lot more complex and requires more in depth thought and study.

One of these things, that has changed tremendously over the two years, is the term and my use of “energy”.  At first I followed along, repeating the Everything is Energy mantra without really giving it a lot of thought.  I read posts and articles, understood the scientific basis that we are built from atoms etc, and thought I had that bit sussed out.

Except I hadn’t made the connection between this knowledge and, for example, my empathic distress, or what I call my “Mummy Gene” which is an incredibly strong, overwhelming need to put things right.  Neither had I  discovered the very practical way I can use this gift of empathy to steer me through life, through discerning what is good and what is possibly dodgy!

Essence Ka tha’ras is the person who has guided that part of my journey.  She teaches through a wonderful way of making you use your brain by pointing you in a direction and letting you run, encouraging interest, and constant repetition.  And reading lists up the wazzoo!  Lol.  My current list will take me about 30 years to get through!  Lol.  Shhhhhh…..I skip a lot!

“Remember”, she says, “its ALL ENERGY, FREQUENCY, VIBRATION”.  And it is.  Truly.  Everything.  There is nothing that is exempt other than The Void.  And even that changes as soon as you get there!  This came home to me a few months back when I was under psychic attack.  I had experienced that before but this time Essence had my back.  It lasted several days and is one of the very great learning experiences of these two years.  It is where I learned absolutely there is no such thing as good energy and bad energy, negative or positive energy.  It’s just energy.  The trick is in how you react to it.  And recognising the frequency that of that energy.  The energy we call “negative” or “low” is simply energy that vibrates at a frequency that is low on the scale.  It’s heavy.  I feel it as “Spikey” or “sharp”.  You can rise above that so easily by recognising it and saying to yourself that you want no part of it.  I hold a mental picture of energy as a ladder.  The lower rungs are the lower, heavier frequencies and the higher up the ladder, the higher and lighter the frequencies.

I’m part way up the ladder.  I turned the tuning dial to where I am comfortable. I know I can climb higher when I’m ready, but I have absolutely no reason to step down the ladder into the murk at the bottom.  That murk is where the energy frequencies of fear, hatred, bigotry live.  And the only way those frequencies can affect me is if I go down the ladder to meet them.  They cannot rise up the ladder whilst remaining low frequency!

And in the last couple of weeks I have had a couple of times where I did slide down that ladder and almost into the murk.  I live in Australia but the events in the US caused me and my Mummy Gene some huge stress, but with the knowledge I have and the aid of my spirit family I very quickly realised what had happened before I was fully immersed.  And I scrambled back up the ladder a whole lot stronger and wiser.

With world events such as Standing Rock and the US election, there is a feeling of fear for the future.  If you slide down the ladder into the murk of those frequencies, then you will possibly panic.  You’ll be fearful, swamped by the hatred.  Especially if you are empathic.  And what happens if you allow yourself to stay there and submerge yourself?  You risk becoming that person , the person who is so fearful they lash out, try to push that fear on to others.  Everyone who hates, does so because they fear.  Everyone who bullies or is a bigot is that way because they fear.  And this is the key to the strength of the Water Protectors of Standing Rock.  They understand that the corporations and people they are fighting have, at the absolute base of everything, fear.  So like angry little children they lash out with all their toys.  Unfortunately these guys have some big toys!

But if you see a child that is afraid, what would you do?  Would you push that fear at them, or give them love and support?  The bully is a being who is fearful.  They may be fearful of your success, of your perceived superiority or it may be that bullying is what they receive elsewhere and don’t know better.  We should not judge them especially when we do not know the choices that brought them to that point.  It’s up to us to show them that their fears are ungrounded.  It’s up to us to show that they can be loved and reassured.   This is the strength of the Water Protectors.  They can give the bully Love because they understand that these are the very people who need it most.  Their strength is prodigious.  And so is yours.

The strength we have is so very much needed right now.  We are known as Lightworkers because we anchor the light – the energy – for future generations.  But mainly we are Energy Workers, and our task is not done.  The anchoring of light/energy was pretty much done just by our being here.  Now, through the hardships and difficulties and experiences of our lives we have the knowledge and the strength to support our fellow Humans.  And this is done with Love.

The main message here is that YOU are strong.  You have NO need to fear low frequency energies.  They can ONLY affect you if you go down the ladder to meet them.  And as Spirit so clearly told me during that psychic attack….  You don’t need “protection” (as I was trying to build a protective bubble around myself), just stay on the higher rungs.


May you live in Love and Peace

OM ciraMjIva bhava kAma sukSema


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Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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