The Song of the Troll

I’m here!  The New Storyteller!  Ready to share with you, tales from far and wide.  You’ll love today’s story……so join me in the village square, bring a chair, a tankard of ale and be prepared to be enthralled……

In another Dimension, and another thread of time, in a place not so different from our own, there lived a troll.  Actually there are many trolls, but only this one is of importance here.  Trolls and ogres are commonplace in this dimension, humans are shy folk rarely seen!  Ogres are the Big Guys – the ones that rule, make the laws, print the money, control the food, own the bridges.  They are the ones who live in big houses and drive big cars. They consider themselves The Rulers.

Trolls, on the other hand, are the ones who do all the work.  No life of luxury here!  They work the factories, clean the houses, grow the food.  You get the idea….it’s not much different here on Earth in this time line, in this dimension.  Those who have and those who don’t.

And the lowest job a troll could do, the absolute pits, the job no-one wants is the traditional troll role of living under a bridge and frightening travellers into paying the Troll Toll.  Armpit high in cold muddy water, never getting dry, never getting a good night’s sleep because you always have to be ready to jump out, screaming like a Banshee (and believe me, they can scream!) and scaring the bejeezuz out of anyone who steps onto the bridge.

This was the job our troll has.  I can’t tell you his name – it’s not pronounceable, so I’ll just call him “T”.

T had another problem.  Well, a few problems actually.  Trolls generally are short in the body with long legs.  They need long legs in order to keep as much of their body out the water as possible, but they don’t want to be too tall or they will hit their heads on the underside of the bridge.  T was short.  Vertically challenged.  It made leaping out of the water very difficult.  Troll skin is a sort of dark greeny-brown colour which makes blending in really easy.  And they generally have dark hair.  T is red.  Not the warm brown colour of Native Americans in this dimension, but bright fluro, glow in the dark, red skin and hair! He was a beacon!  He lit up the night!  And absolutely no-one crossed his bridge.  They could see him a mile off!  In fact, the only people he ever saw was the ogres.  They tormented him terribly because he was different.  I’m sure you understand what I mean.  Humans do the same to other humans who are different.  In our case, it’s usually because we fear things and people who are different to us.  In the ogres’ case they thought it was fun.  Actually, my listeners, there are humans like that here in this Dimension too!  Hmmmmm…..

Back to the Story…..

T had a lot of time on his hands. Because he is short he spent his nights and days sitting on a rock so he wouldn’t drown and he would close his eyes and dream of a better place.

Now, much like us, trolls believe in a Greater Power.  The ogres would like trolls to believe that they hold all the power, but trolls know better.  Think about it……there simply HAD to be more to life than working for the ogres.  They know, without any shadow of a doubt that Things Would Change sometime soon.  The problem is that they all had different ideas of what that Change would be.  Some thought that the Greater Power would swap everything around and that trolls would be the bosses and they could treat the ogres in the same appalling way that trolls were being treated.  Some thought that things could be discussed and a better balance achieved based on ability and not genetics.  T just wanted all the horribleness (and especially the bridges) to go away.  And if they wouldn’t go away, then he wanted to be the one to disappear.  And, apart from when he was being tormented, he had a LOT of time to think.

At first he was angry at his lot in life.  Then he was angry about no-one coming to his bridge and the fact that he never met his monthly targets.  He was worried that he would loose his job and even more worried that he would get swept off his rock. He was super angry that his skin was a different colour and that he was short.  That it made him the target of the tormentors.  It would be so easy to lose himself in anger and despair and fear.

There was just one thing that stopped him from giving in completely to this deep, dark fear.  His bridge was near the ocean.  It was only a short walk to the beach where he could watch the sun rise out of the water.  It was his lifeline, his connection to the Greater Power.  He would stand on the beach, glowing a spectacular red in the gentle blessing of the sun’s early morning rays.  So he did this every morning.  He would go to the beach, face the rising sun, close his eyes and receive the Blessing of his Greater Power.  With this daily Blessing it became harder to hold on to his anger and his fear and slowly he began to let them go.  Bit by bit.  And as his fear started to go, he felt himself grow.  Not physically, he’d always be short and red, that couldn’t change, but grow in his confidence, his surety, his appreciation of the world he lived in.  And one day he opened his mouth, drew in a deep breath and Sang.

Now, trolls have awful, horrible, screeching and wailing voices. Remember….they scream to frighten travellers!  But T had another gift – the voice of an Angel.  A voice that allowed his Greater Power to shine.  A voice that drew together the citizens of the town, then the country and eventually, the entire world.  A voice that, as the Singing Troll, brought people to their knees, that gave Hope, expressed Beauty and shared Unconditional Love.

His song told the people, trolls and ogres alike, that there was a way to Change things.  That a New World was going to arrive and that they would have the opportunity to design this New World, to have a say in how it will look, will feel.  This Song sang to the hearts of the people and explained that they simply had to Manifest that reality.  Their thoughts, their dreams, their energy was what would bring this together and into Reality.

But (and there is always a ‘ but’) they MUST work together for a common goal.  They needed to decide exactly how this New World would look, would feel, would function.  The people needed to come together as One.  Together.  One Consciousness.  One plan.  One People.

T travelled the world and every morning he would sing to the rising sun.  And The People would listen and over the next century or two The Plan for the New World was brought into fruition.  All the people worked hard at aiming for the same goals, at making sure that everyone had enough to eat and a place to sleep.  All who heard T’s song, wept, then rejoiced in the Beauty and the Love, and then went on to share that thread of hope and light.  And with each daily rising of the sun, the energy of the planet rose.  The Love was felt by all who knew about it. Of course, there were quite a lot, especially the ogres, who didn’t want to know.  The People left them alone.  They always were given the opportunity to Love, but it was an individual choice.

And one day, when the Energy of the The People had risen high enough, when The Plan for the New World was perfect in every degree and ALL were in alignment…….The People moved to their New World.

In another Dimension, and another thread of time, there is a world of very confused ogres who one day woke up and discovered all their slaves had disappeared.

And now my Good Friends and listeners, I leave you with a thought…….humanity, in this Dimension and this thread of time has the same opportunity.  Except we don’t appear to be trying very hard to manifest the same New Earth.  We all, millions of us, have different ideas.  Some want to manifest more money, a healthier body, a new boyfriend who understands!  You get the idea.  These are self-seeking manifestations.

We need to come together.  Individual consciousnesses forming Group consciousnesses and eventually a Single Group Collective Conscious Mind, where we are all striving for exactly the same Future based in Unconditional Love.

Go forth.  Manifest your Bliss.  Eventually we will come together.

In the words of Essence Ka tha’ras

OM AkArapariNAma Anandaham

The New Storyteller


Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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