The New Storyteller

When I go into a meditative state, I don’t see as a human. I don’t see as if it is with my eyes.  What I do see, with my third eye, is Energy.  Other people can describe scenery and people they meet, flying and climbing mountains.  I see swirls and wormholes, Stargates and sparkles.  Lightening and empty spaces.  And sometimes, this Energy is accompanied by a Knowing.  It makes working out what happened in a meditation, the messages and guidance, sometimes a tad tricky!  

Some energy signatures are easy to recognise.  My two dragon guides, are easy unless they both arrive together and then they kind of meld into one and it’s hard to work out who is who.  My huge matriarchal elephant Emily is another easily recognised energetic signature.  Most of my animal guides are easily recognisable, it’s the humans who can be tricky.  I have friends that I’ve never met in this reality, but I recognise when we meet in meditation.  One is accompanied by the lovely smell of baking cookies, all lemon and vanilla.  Another is a calming green blue…….  

Yesterday, my meditation was filled with swirls of energy, all sparkly.  I went deep and I know that information was given to me, I just can’t remember what it was.  I’ve learned to simply accept these blank memory times, it will be remembered when needed.  When I woke from that meditation I discovered that night had fallen, I’d been ‘away’ for over an hour.  I’ve often found that message hints will appear in the clouds when I return from meditation, so I usually have my iPad nearby.  Tonight there was just one very bright light in the sky, so I took a photo and a video. 


Today I listened to a radio talk show hosted by my friend, mentor and teacher Essence Ka tha’ras and she was talking about information she’d received about The New Storytellers.  The show always  ends with a Spirit-lead meditation and as Essence started to guide us through this meditation, I realised that this was what I’d already experienced the day before.  It was so familiar.  And that the light I’d photographed the previous night was an aspect of the Adamantine Light being centred, anchored into my Third eye.  The Adamantne Light is the vehicle this aspect of self, of the New Storyteller, is bring brought in through.  I think I may have been called to become a New Storyteller. 


The New Storytellers are here to start telling the new story of humanity.  Of Gaia and her children.  Of Everything.   The Story of how things should be and not necessarily of how they are right now.  The New Storytellers are here to teach people how to change their story.  How to see the positive, the Love, in every situation.  How to turn things around so that the focus is not on the hard, the difficult, but  on the sparkle, the high energy that lifts you up , that gives you strength.  I’m still learning.  I have the tools of this craft: the ability to string words together to present a picture; the Spirit-sent experience of hitting the absolute lowest point and surviving with the ability to Love everyone and everything.

Telling stories is nothing knew.  There have been Storytellers for as long as people have gathered.  The New Storytellers take a story, an experience, a knowing, and spin it into a glorious version where everything sparkles with Adamantine brightness.  Where the positive can be experienced and the higher energy can be allowed to bloom.  Where the negative, the low energy,  is not allowed to exist.  The Story may, at first, be so fantastical that it seems like a childhood fairy tale, full of dreams and fantasy, but we are manifesting how our New Earth should be and the dreams and fantasies are a billion times better than the current 3D reality.  Let us grow our new reality in a beautiful, fantastical way.  Where we can freely fly with our dragon guides and live in peace.  Where Joy is everywhere.

The New Storyteller will take a tale of current troubles and find the beauty.  She will show you where to look, point the tale in a direction of growth and Love, and show you the first step into a new way of seeing……. And then she will pass the unfinished story to you to weave your magic through before you too share the new story, and this brighter way of living your story becomes the new reality now.   We are all involved in writing our story.  Let us manifest and share the beautiful New Earth and the story we want for our future.


Am I a New Storyteller…….?

……… That’s the cliff-hanger!  Lol





Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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