A Day of Gifts

Dawn.jpgYesterday was a Great Day. 

Great Days are those extremely rare (in my case) days where absolutely everything comes together in a way that make you so aware of the good things in the world that it becomes difficult to contain all the Energy.  Your vibration is literally off the scale!


And after many years of not so good days, of worry, stress,  financial difficulties, attacks, descending into my Dark Night of the Soul, lessons and more, the last few weeks, as I’ve clawed my way back, have been transformational.  And yesterday was the icing on the cake.


Let me share.  My everyday start is beautiful.  We take the dogs to the beach at sunrise, play in the water, romp with a big pack of dogs, breath in the peace and stand astounded at the depth of the horizon.  Yesterday was exactly that, but there was a special edge to the joy of a doggie romp.  Dogs that are normally shy or wary came for a cuddle and joined in the fun.  The colour of the water held extra depth, and was so clear and clean. The air too was clean and fresh, holding promise of a beautiful day.  The new-born sun bestowed a blessing.  Peace.  Love.  Joy.


We run a holiday resort and we had been thinking about hiring another cleaner.  The day before, out of the blue and before we’d placed any ads, a lady phoned about a cleaning job.  She came in yesterday to have a trial.  She turned up with two other people, as a team……and they are going to be wonderful.  That means I will rarely be needed to take on the overload.  Our head housekeeper can cut back a bit and pick up some administrative slack.  A great feeling of pressure being lifted.

I asked them what made them think about phoning us, we hadn’t advertised.  And one of the ladies said the thought had just popped into her head – phone  Santalina.  She didn’t even know who we are!  Spirit lead for sure.


Then there was a heap of little things, one after the other.  The bank phoned – they’d been taking too much from us in bank charges and were arranging a refund; an electrician said he could come out that day, an old school friend getting in touch and sharing photos and memories.  And lots of other little things all with feel-good energy.


Six weeks ago I had cataract surgery.  I had to wait this time for everything to settle down and heal.  My vision, all my life, has been pretty awful, and it has been wonderful to be able to get by without glasses.  But I needed them for driving.  Yesterday I went to collect them.  I’m like a kid with a new toy.  This world is BEAUTIFUL.  I have never, ever seen with such clarity.  My excitement went up and up as I looked at leaves, trees, the road, across the Bay at the off shore island I’d only ever seen as a haze on the horizon.  Now I can see its beaches!


And then night time approached.  I’d been looking forward to this – to seeing the moon.  Of course I’ve seen the moon….it’s that big white blurry Chinese lantern.  Most of the time I’ve seen 8 of them, all overlapping and looking like a big white flower.  It’s not long past the New Moon, so there wasn’t much there to see, but she is BEAUTIFUL.  My heart went into overdrive.  I could see Venus!  And then the bats flew overhead.  The first time this season, appearing on the first night I could see clearly.  I almost cried.  I love bats.  They fascinate me.


I have an app on my iPad where you point the iPad at the sky and it shows you which stars you are looking at, which constellations.  I already knew Venus, she’s been in our night sky for a while, but there was Mars and Saturn too!  All in a line!  I looked the other way, towards Uranus and the final joy I the evening…..UFOs.  Three stars suddenly sped apart.  One to the south two to the north.  Then a 4th light started moving across the sky.  Does it get any better?  Yes it does……..it probably wasn’t UFOs as a 5th light shot across the sky – a shooting star!  It was the Draconids meteor shower.  The first night I could possibly see the sky, and this beauty was mine to see, and so special….. I have dragon guides, seeing the Draconids in the night sky, the first time I can really see, was clearly a greeting! 


As I said, I was bouncing off the ceiling.  With every happening my level of Joy increased and with that Joy , my energetic vibration grew.  It was a Day of Gifts.  And with such joyous Gifts my feeling of Gratitude also grew.  I knew I’d never sleep with all this bubbling energy, so I logged into a virtual Healing Circle within the FWBRI FB page and release that energy into the circle. 


And now….another fresh new day to look forward to.  I give my thanks to Universe, to Mother Earth, for the joy and gifts and the knowledge that hard stuff happens, but the beauty and Love is so much stronger.





Author: Krone Auri'An

Flip the Fear, Find the Bling

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