International Koalition of Krones

The IKoK is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective Consciousness of Humanity of Earth in its continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”. Our aim is to assist and inspire each other through these challenging times as the Collective Consciousness of Humanity of Earth continues its journey of Consciousness Expansion and we begin Awakening more and more into becoming Conscious and Intentional Galactic Beings.

Auri’An is one of the Krones together with the Founder – Essence Ka tha’ras and Krone  Kō B’a Jā

You can find our work on Facebook:
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We are also able to be found on You Tube by clicking on this link and exploring all our videos: or by following the individual links on the right. (Just click on the blue-coloured title, it’ll take you through to the video)

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