International Koalition of Krones

The IKoK is an international group of Spiritually Awakened Wise Women whose goal is to assist the Collective Consciousness of Humanity of Earth in its continued Spiritual Awakening & Consciousness Expansion Journey during this time on Earth referred to as “The Great Awakening”. Our aim is to assist and inspire each other through these challenging times as the Collective Consciousness of Humanity of Earth continues its journey of Consciousness Expansion and we begin Awakening more and more into becoming Conscious and Intentional Galactic Beings.

Auri’An is one of the Krones together with the Founder – Essence Ka tha’ras and Krone  Kō B’a Jā

You can find our work on Facebook:
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We are also able to be found on You Tube by clicking on this link and exploring all our videos: or by following the individual links on the right. (Just click on the blue-coloured title, it’ll take you through to the video)

The work of Founder Krone Essence Ka tha’ras can be found at

IKoK Bi-Monthly Zoom Chats

22nd September 2020. First Activation of the Emerald Core

11th September 2020. Planetary Soul Star Chakra Activation

7th September 2020. Planetary Earth Star Chakra Activation

21st August 2020. Dragon’s Gate

6th August 2020. Draconis Gnosis & Collective Dark Night of the Soul

24th July 2020. Where Do We Go From Here? Manifesting Reality Post COVID

7th July 2020. Creating Unity in a Realm of Duality

22nd June 2020. Starseed What is your Relationship to Humanity?

5th June 2020. IKoK Chat

22nd May 2020. Magnificent Chaos

7th May 2020. The Inaugural Zoom Chat

IKoK Animal Medicine

Not all Animal Medicine messages are here. Some are a part of the main IKoK Bi-monthly Zoom Chat.

17th August 2020. Cicada

3rd August 2020. Buffalo

20th July 2020. Crow

13th July 2020. Giraffe

6th July 2020. Manta Ray

29th June 2020. Turtle

IKoK card reading

17th – 23rd August.